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„Why I Love You” Heart Pillows

Heart shaped homemade pillow

The idea is to make enough to give one a day until a special day arrives – building up to it. Since our anniversary is the 23rd of February, I made 10 of these to build up „10 days of love.”

First, I wrote down 10 different reasons why I loved my lover, then added a somewhat simple illustration (stick people work – it did for me). Have the illustrations go with the reasons you came up with.

Then I bought 1 yard each of red and white fabric (any material you like) and a variety of different colors of fabric paint. You will also need cotton stuffing, the kind you would use for stuffed animals (it can be found in any craft section or store).

Make up a heart pattern/template that you will use to make all the heart cutouts, (plain white paper works for this: fold it in half first, trace out half a heart on the fold line and then cut it out, you will get a nice, symmetrical heart).

Pin or trace your pattern onto the material and cut out an equal number of hearts from each fabric color (I did 10 of each color for a total of 20 hearts). Each finished heart with be white on one side, red on the other. On all of the red hearts, use white fabric paint to write out a reason why you love your lover. On all of the white hearts, use the colored fabric paints to draw the illustration to go with it.

Once they have all dried, place the corresponding reason why you love your lover with the illustration face to face (so that the blank sides of the fabric are facing outwards) hand sew or use a sewing machine to sew all around the edges. Don’t forget to leave a small opening to turn the heart inside out and for stuffing in the cotton.

Once they have been turned inside out, stuff them and then hand stitch the small opening shut. Once they were finished, every day for the 10 days leading up to our anniversary, I gave him one of the pillows until he got all 10.
submitted by Monica

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