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„The Presentation” Proposal

Presentation in conference

My girlfriend thought that on Saturday we were going to a black-tie event for my company. I told her about the event a month ahead of time. I also told her that I was giving a presentation along with my boss. She believed it. I make up invitations and print them up.

We arrived an hour early to meet my boss and go through the presentation before we gave it. When we got there, I pretended to call him to tell him we had arrived. I had my girlfriend next to me as this next part of the plan took place: he proceeded to chew me out. He was saying that I sent him the wrong presentation without the changes we made on Friday.

I began to freak out and say „I have the disk in my car, do you have your laptop?” etc. While this was going on I had a paper copy of the PowerPoint presentation in my hand and I was flipping through as he was supposedly pointing out the mistakes via cell phone. I said to him to come on down so we can meet. At that point I turned to her and said „Can you believe I messed this up so badly?” and began to show her the slides that were messed up.

One of them read „Tina, will you Marry Me?” She had this puzzled look on her face as she read it because she was so thrown off by all of the shenanigans leading up to it that she was simply shocked. Then I got on my knee and pulled out the ring and asked her, “Will you marry me?”

What made it so nice was I had my best friend hiding out with my camcorder recording the whole thing so we have this recorded memory to hopefully show our grandkids. Everyone knew except her.

So when she would call and say, „Hey! I am engaged,” they would respond with, „Yeah, we know, Jason told us it would be today.” It was sweet because she is the type of person who has to know everything and for her to have something this major happen without her even picking up on it was worth the trouble of planning and pulling it off.

To top off the evening, we went downtown and had dinner at a nice restaurant.
submitted by James

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