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Archiwa tagu: Sensual

  • Cup of tea and candles

    Romantic Evening Ideas: Goodbye Modern World!

    Turn the T.V. off, no lights (electricity doesn’t work tonight!), no computer, no phone… Have a quiet evening together by candlelight and enjoy talking, playing games, and cuddling! submitted by Anonymous

  • envelope with a kiss

    LDR Relationship Ideas: Keeping The Sparks Flying

    In a long distance relationship, like I have been for some time now, and by the way, the love is still as strong as in the beginning, it is important to keep the sparks flying. Sending enticing, provocative, and sensual e-mails on a whim is sure to keep your loved one anticipating what’s to come. […]

  • For His Eyes Only

    Gift Ideas For Him: For His Eyes Only

    Use a Polaroid camera with a trusted friend, or a time-delay camera yourself and take a dozen or so naughty but nice pictures of you in a variety of poses and barely-there-outfits. Put them all together in a small album that he can easily tuck into his drawer. Decorate it with corresponding ribbon, etc. submitted […]

  • Rose petals and candles in bathroom

    Sensual Long Distance Relationship Ideas: Hotel Surprise

    My boyfriend and I have a long distance relationship. One year, I decided to do something really special for him. He was coming to visit me at school for the night so I got my roommates to give him a small note as soon as he got there that told him to go to the […]

  • Sex Shop neon

    Romantic Ideas for Couples: Erotic Night for 2

    My husband and I have been married for almost 4 years now, and it seemed that we were kind of living past each other with the busy lives we have balancing work and other activities. I had to make a plan. Even though I was shy, I asked a friend to accompany me to the […]

  • Billard pool

    Romantic Ideas: Dirty Pool

    If you have access to a private pool/snooker table try a game of Dirty Pool. The rules are the same as for a normal game with one exception – each player is required to put the other player off their shot. This can include making suggestive comments, kissing your partner, fondling – I’ll leave the […]

  • Office romance couple

    Sensual Date Idea: Office Interlude

    I was supposed to meet my love at a small office after work. I knew no one else would be there, so I thought of an exciting way to spice things up on an otherwise ordinary Tuesday. I sent him a sexy email about a „hypothetical” scene involving me wearing a skirt and meeting him […]

  • Chocolate & Honey

    Sensual Romantic Idea: Body Paint Alternative

    Pudding cups in various flavors work as a great alternative to commercial body paints; each person gets one cup of each flavor. Use the pudding to finger-paint your lover. When you’re finished painting, you have to lick off your artwork. Then it’s their turn to do the same … or you can try painting each […]

  • Bath accessories

    After long day’s work

    My boyfriend works daily 9-12 hours usually so when he comes home has worn out. One day I had a steaming bath ready for him and I bathed him. Then I fed him the dinner I had cooked earlier. After that took him to our bedroom and gave him a FULL BODY massage that lasted […]

  • Croissant and coffee breakfast bed

    Day for your love

    When both you and your partner work, it gets to a point where you miss spending time together. Offer to spend the day with him/her to do all the things that are being forgotten during the middle of the week. Start off with breakfast in bed offering to hand feed them and then go to […]

  • Orchid garden

    Little Time Together

    My husband used to work the evening shift and didn’t get off till midnight and I go to bed at eleven. We hardly ever got to see each other and we had only been married six months. He was under so much stress and we were both missing each other terribly. One night I decided […]

  • Poker full house

    Romantic Combination

    After reading ideas4love.com I combined three ideas with a little twist involved. I started evening with a game consisted of little notes placed all through my house that led her back to me to. So she find out how the evening would start, but I wanted to do it with a little twist. I read […]

  • Romantic dinner place for Valentine's Day

    Great End To The Day

    My husband had been working some pretty hard hours the following months after the birth of our son. So to show him how much he was appreciated I told him he could spend the day however he wanted, knowing him, he wouldn’t be home till late, which worked perfectly for my plans. I asked assistance […]