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Archiwa tagu: Nature

  • Bay boat at sunset

    Prom Date Ideas: Special Night

    My girlfriend and I went to the prom, and after the prom I took her to the sailboat docks. She was surprised when I pulled out a rose and two wine glasses from behind he seat. I took out a bottle of wine out of the tool box of my truck and played soft music […]

  • Firework Proposal

    Proposal Ideas: Fantasy Firework Proposal

    I believe that I had a completely traditional, „every girl’s fantasy” proposal. My husband and I had only been dating a month. We were completely in love and knew we wanted to be together forever, but marriage was never even discussed…it didn’t have to be. On the 4th of July, we, along with 5 of […]

  • Outdoor Proposal Idea: Fairy Tale Proposal

    Outdoor Proposal Idea: Fairy Tale Proposal

    My boyfriend and I had been going out for 1 year. One Summer night in July, after we had just finished up at a family picnic he suggested that we do something different, assuming that „different” was just a night at the mall or maybe a movie. My premonition looked to be right-on when we […]

  • Heart shaped sand with rose petals in a beautiful beach

    Outdoor Proposal Inspiration: Beach Hearts Proposal

    My incredibly sweet fiancee and I have been dating for 4 and a half years. Last year when I had finished university, he took me away for a weekend to a bed and breakfast on the beachfront. He had been planning to take me away for months and he used the excuse of wanting to […]

  • Sunset on the background of the field

    LDR Outdoor Date Idea: Do the Unexpected!

    I’ve been in a LDR for the last 3½ years now, and I only get to see my boyfriend twice a year, if I’m lucky. I went down to California to see him for a couple weeks and because he was working most of the time, we didn’t really get to go anywhere. He knew […]

  • Couple drinking champagne on the beach

    Weekend getaways: Beach Romance

    Find a secluded area at the beach or lake before the sun goes down. Place something to use as a fire pit. Then dig a hole 3 ft wide by 1 ft deep. Fill with plastic bags of ice, and place a bottle of champagne or your favorite beverage and 2 long stem wine glasses. […]

  • Marry me field

    Proposal Ideas: Above The World

    This is how my boyfriend propose to me lat year. He took me in to a flight in a four-seated plane. The airport was in Akron, Ohio where we took off and my boyfriend works in Akron so I thought we would fly over his work to get an aerial picture for his boss who […]

  • Couple at the top of mountain

    Walk To Remember

    I like to run, and my then girlfriend and I take walks from time to time. One of those times, she came to visit me at my folk’s house. We went to a local park with some nice hiking trails that go up to the highest point in the county. We decided we would walk […]

  • Take out chinese noodles

    A Small Ritual

    My husband and I, for the first five years of our marriage, would get together every Wednesday that the weather was nice, and buy Chinese food to eat in the park. The park was just a ways down from our house and the Chinese restaurant was in-between. The total trip was right around $10 every […]

  • Many candles

    200 Candle Proposal

    My girlfriend knew I was bound to pop the question sooner or later, so the surprise factor was not on my side. However I still wanted to blow her away with a proposal she would always remember. My idea was fairly inexpensive, but does require the help of a few friends. What I Used: 1 […]

  • Proposal icon

    Ruined Proposal

    When I was planning my proposal everything was set and ready to go. I had the ring, the flowers and the location. I found out that the element of surprise was gone when my future mother-in-law called me to tell me that my girlfriend knew that I was going to propose because she had accidentally […]

  • Will you marry me office

    Proposal that Lasts Forever

    For a proposal, take a picture of each letter in WILL YOU MARRY ME from different signs or whatever. Each letter individually on different pictures (14 in all). They can be placed in a small photo album, one per page so that she will have to flip through them as she reads the letters when […]

  • Handcuffs

    First date idea: Surprise kidnapping!

    My first date idea was to showed up at his work and told him he was being kidnapped (we had planned to go to a dance club). I said „Get in the car, keep your eyes forward and don’t ask questions”. I drove him to a floating dock by the side of a river where I […]

  • Young woman covering her eyes

    Romantic Hike!

    I love to hike, and my boyfriend and I would find the places that had big rocks to climb up onto. We play hide and seek in the rocky terrain, and I pack a lunch for us. One day he surprised me and brought champagne. We toasted to a sunset while sitting on the rocks and overlooking […]

  • Pickup at the sunset

    A Night Under The Stars Date

    This one only works with a truck . Find a nice field of lost country road. Load the back of the truck up with a few pillows and a ice thick blanket and stay out under the stars. It was one of the best nights of my life. submitted by Jimmy

  • sailing boat

    Sailing Date

    Being the owner of a sailboat I can tell you that asking a girl out for a day of sailing is always a sure bet. Sailing small boats is very easy and a few tips from an instructor will bring impressive results. It’s a great day on the water, your both learning new skills and […]