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Archiwa tagu: Long Distance

  • custom comic book cover

    Cute Gift For Summer Vacation Separation

    Every year my family goes to Myrtle Beach for a summer vacation. I wasn’t too happy about leaving my boyfriend for the week… The morning before we left, he came over to say goodbye and promise to keep in touch. He surprised me with a paper bag full of all my favorite snack foods, drinks, […]

  • Loving call

    Romantic Ideas for Couples: Feeling Loved

    When she calls me to say how happy she is to have me, that always makes me feel loved. Such a simple gesture that means the world to me. submitted by Bruce

  • Anniversary Gift Ideas: Engraved In My Heart

    For our one-year anniversary, my boyfriend that lives in another country got me a necklace with a heart pendent. On the heart he got the date we started going out engraved. I love it, and I wear it every day. submitted by Chelsey

  • House made by school chalk

    Everyday Romance Inspiration: Code for I Love You

    You may not always be in the best place or time to announce your desire or love for your partner. My boyfriend and I have come up with code words that express the feeling without broadcasting it. For example when he’s surrounded by people at work and cannot say „I love and miss you like […]

  • Smartphone calling

    Long Distance Everyday Romance: Beep Their Phone

    Throughout the day, show him that never forget him by miss calling him. It’s cheap, and every time he looks at his phone and sees your name just to beep his phone, he’ll smile knowing you were thinking of him. submitted by Cailin

  • Long Distance Gift Ideas: Beary Special

    My boyfriend is in the Marines. He left for Iraq 3 weeks after we had gotten together. I knew I would miss him and he would miss me. He called me every day and told me how much he misses hearing my voice whenever he wants and how much he misses holding me. So, I […]

  • John Travolta General's Daughter movie poster

    Cheap Date Idea: First Date All Over Again

    The first time my boyfriend and I met was 2 years ago. He invited me over his house to hang out and watch a movie. I remember the very first thing we ate together was Dijorno pizza and the very first movie we watched was the Generals Daughter. So, for a cheap date idea, it […]

  • Indoor empty pool

    Boating Date

    I sent an invitation to my husband saying that he had been invited for the christening of the yacht „Eternity” and that I would know all the details just be ready to go at a certain time and date. We dressed up and had a candle light dinner by ourselves in the kitchen. Then I […]

  • Steel round box

    Bad Day Mood Booster

    My boyfriend and I live about 7 hours apart; we’re both in university and see each other for about one weekend every two months. I came up with an idea to make him a „Bad Day Box.” I just took a cardboard box, filled it with a new, comfy t-shirt, a favorite book, a movie […]

  • Bunch of letters

    A Letter A Day From My Guy

    My boyfriend was going to be gone in Europe for 36 days last July, which was going to be so hard because I was used to seeing him every day. We have this little journal that we keep, and he wasn’t returning it to me, which made me slightly annoyed. He would just say, „I […]

  • White CD

    CD of Him

    My boyfriend and I have a long distance relationship! It’s very hard, but we are both working very hard to keep it this amazing! I once called him, in tears, to say I couldn’t stand it anymore not being with him, not being able to hear his voice. We talked and talked, and the next […]

  • Alphabet Letters

    Anticipation of the Day

    My other half is presently 500 km away in school and we see each other every 3-4 weeks so we try to make the most of it. I wanted to try something a little different when visiting him this time. I planned a day of events that would blow his mind: rock climbing, horseback riding […]