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Archiwa tagu: Inexpensive

  • Two teddy bears holding hands

    LDR Valentine Gift: Bearly Gone

    My boyfriend and I met the first day of college, and it was love at first site. We had spent everyday with each other and were absolutely crazy for one another. After our first semester he decided to go to a different school. We no longer would be able to see each other on a […]

  • Absolut Vodka

    DIY Valentine’s Day Gift: Absolutely in Love

    For Valentine’s Day I wanted to give my boyfriend special gift but I didn’t have any money, so i decided to do it myself. I found an empty bottle of Absolut vodka in my house that was left from a party my dad had days before. I took that bottle and with a scissors I erased […]

  • Books in bookstore

    First date ideas: Book Lovers Romance

    The girl I had asked out on a first date is quite a bookworm. Reading is one of her favorite activities and she is especially fond of the classics (Jane Austen, Victor Hugo, etc.). I am not quite as versed in the classics as she is but I also enjoy reading. So, for our first […]

  • Courier with packages

    Valentines Gift Ideas: Mail Call

    For Valentine’s Day gift, or any day for that matter, send your sweetie a package in the mail or through UPS. Who doesn’t enjoy getting a package in the mail; that alone will make their day! Filling the box will be half the fun for you! You can fill it with a variety of different […]

  • Holding little white gift box

    Long Distance Relationship Anniversary Gift: Care Package

    I was going to school in Florida and met my boyfriend early my senior year. We started living together after a few months and by the end of the summer I had to move back home.In our long distance relationship we tried to celebrate every monthly anniversary and since it was going to be our […]

  • Traces of paint

    An Art Date Night

    I love my boyfriend so much and I love to surprise him with fun dates. One evening when he got off work I told him instead of picking me up to go to his house. He should take a shower and meet me at a local coffee shop. When he arrived I had blank canvas […]

  • Bath accessories

    After long day’s work

    My boyfriend works daily 9-12 hours usually so when he comes home has worn out. One day I had a steaming bath ready for him and I bathed him. Then I fed him the dinner I had cooked earlier. After that took him to our bedroom and gave him a FULL BODY massage that lasted […]

  • Scrapbook love

    Year Of Reminders

    When my boyfriend and I first started dating I would write down everything we did after our dates. On our 1-year anniversary I presented him with a scrapbook that listed all of the dates we went on and exactly what we did every time we saw each other during the year. It included pictures, movie […]

  • Pen writing letter

    True Expression of Love

    I’ve always seemed to have a problem with trusting people and telling them how I feel. My boyfriend of 4 years was starting to go crazy. I knew what was going on, and I was trying so hard to fix it. I like to write a lot, so I thought, „If I can’t say these […]

  • Couple in love drawing

    Long Distance Relationship Tip: Abscence Makes The Heart Grow

    My boyfriend is in the Army and I go to military school. We don’t get to see or talk to each other all that much. On top of that our homes are along way from each other – I am in South Florida and he is in New Jersey. We write a lot but it’s […]

  • Paper stars

    LDR DIY Gift: Thousand Stars

    I was on vacation with my family, and I was really missing my boyfriend back home. I started folding sheets of paper into stars to pass the time. When I got back, I asked him if he knew how to fold a paper star. He didn’t, so I showed him and then pulled out the […]

  • Empty photo album

    Romantic Photo Album

    I did this for my boyfriend for his birthday last year, and he loved it. I went out and bought an inexpensive photo album (the kind with magnetic pages) and put together an album of just us. I started with pictures of just me, and then pictures of just him, then pictures of us together. […]

  • What's your story?

    LDR ideas: Story About Us

    I did this for my guy, and it was truly enlightening! It always helps if you have some theme, for example: you have gone to the snow together. You make a collage of pictures, notes, emails, etc. Then write a story to them about it. It really shows how much it meant, and it’s creative! […]

  • Finger Eleven Life Turns Electric

    Long Distance Relationship Christmas Gift: Song For Everyday

    My boyfriend and I had been dating for four months when our relationship became a long distance one. He went to college in Arizona and I went to college in New York. That Christmas, we couldn’t be together, but I came up with a really awesome idea for a present. I picked out 25 songs […]

  • Pac man look a like board

    An Arcade Romance

    Last year for Valentine’s Day my husband took me to an arcade in our area. „Oh yeah this will be fun,” I thought sarcastically as we pulled up into the parking lot. But actually it ended by being one of the greatest dates we have ever had. So great that I will never forget it. […]

  • Take out chinese noodles

    A Small Ritual

    My husband and I, for the first five years of our marriage, would get together every Wednesday that the weather was nice, and buy Chinese food to eat in the park. The park was just a ways down from our house and the Chinese restaurant was in-between. The total trip was right around $10 every […]

  • Heart Shaped Book Pages

    An Essay for Your Love

    My boyfriend and I are both busy University students, especially when it comes time for midterms and papers. One day to show him that I was thinking of him I drafted a short essay called „Why I Have the Best Boyfriend in the World”. I printed it out (page numbers, student number, due date, title […]

  • Steel round box

    Bad Day Mood Booster

    My boyfriend and I live about 7 hours apart; we’re both in university and see each other for about one weekend every two months. I came up with an idea to make him a „Bad Day Box.” I just took a cardboard box, filled it with a new, comfy t-shirt, a favorite book, a movie […]

  • Cutting one dollar


    For Valentine’s Day, the guy I just started dating, sent me a card and half of a two dollar bill with the note: „I gave you a half of a $2 bill. I will have the other half in my wallet with me at all times. When we are together my half and your half will […]

  • Two pieces of chocolate cake

    1st Valentine’s Surprise

    I really wanted to do something little on last valentines for my man, though we were not into celebrating it usually. With all the tight schedules we had, what we both always needed were some good time together, specially to feel the care and warmth of each other and to keep some time to hold […]

  • Four chefs in kitchen

    5 Guys in the Kitchen

    Valentine’s Day is not just for couples alone. It can be for more than 1 couple. We are in an our 3rd year of “5 Guys in the Kitchen.” Year 1: 5 couples get together for a fun dinner. Guys make the babysitting arrangements and cook the dinner. We made up a menu for the […]

  • Heart shaped homemade pillow

    „Why I Love You” Heart Pillows

    The idea is to make enough to give one a day until a special day arrives – building up to it. Since our anniversary is the 23rd of February, I made 10 of these to build up „10 days of love.” First, I wrote down 10 different reasons why I loved my lover, then added […]

  • Disposable camera

    Photographed Weekend

    My boyfriend and I were living 10 hours away from each other during our summer break from college. We only got to see each other once a month due to our work schedules. One weekend when we got to see each other, we wanted to do activities we have never really done before using the […]

  • Teddy bear with balloons

    Hug and Kiss

    My boyfriend was away at boot camp on our 2-year anniversary, so his family gave me all of my presents. I got cards all day and when I got home, I received balloons with a teddy bear. It was holding Hershey’s Hugs and Kisses. Since I wouldn’t see him for 37 days, there was a […]

  • Plastic water bottle

    Message In A Bottle

    My girlfriend and I currently live apart from each other. I wanted to send her a special note in the mail, so I came up with this idea. I got a clear plastic soda bottle, and took all the wrapping off it. I typed up a note to her and printed it on some paper […]

  • 99

    99 Kisses of Love

    Currently my boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship. So, giving him little gifts isn’t always as convenient and easy to do if you’re sending it across the country. One day when I was particularly missing him I went to Wal-Mart and bought two packs of Hershey’s kisses. I then bought a little […]

  • Girl taking picture

    A Day in the Life

    My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship. And when I say long, I mean long. I’m in Canada, he’s in the States. We’re 3479 km apart, or 2330 miles. And it’s difficult to see each other because we’re both in school. I start to miss him a lot if I haven’t heard […]

  • Bunch of letters

    A Letter a Day

    My boyfriend had to go out of state for work for a month and it was going to be our first time away from each other. He surprised me a few hours before he left by giving me a stack of 30 different colored envelopes tied together with a ribbon. Each envelope contained a letter […]

  • Laptop video watching

    „Date Night”

    My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 2 years now and only see each other for a week every 3 to 5 months. While we are away we like to have what we call a „date night”. What we do is both go and either rent or buy the same movie and call […]

  • Bunch of letters

    A Letter A Day From My Guy

    My boyfriend was going to be gone in Europe for 36 days last July, which was going to be so hard because I was used to seeing him every day. We have this little journal that we keep, and he wasn’t returning it to me, which made me slightly annoyed. He would just say, „I […]

  • Heart Shaped bottle

    Million Words

    I went to a craft store like Michaels and bought a heart shaped glass bottle. I also bought some dragon tears (glass ovals), some acrylic paint pens, and a cork. On each dragon tear, I wrote a word that described him. Then I put them all in the bottle and put the cork in the […]

  • Business man at the airport

    New Years Eve to Remember Forever

    My boyfriend and I both live in New York City and work very different schedules. Over Christmas, we were both traveling a lot to see our families that live in different states and we were apart for a few weeks. Luckily, I had a layover in NYC on New Year’s before heading to my next […]

  • Oldschool boombox

    #1 On My Hit List

    My boyfriend turned 21 on the 18th of October last year, and I was really stuck for gift ideas. After a few days of trying to think of a great idea, a really good one came to me. I checked the Internet for the song hits that fell on his birthday for the past 21 […]

  • Christmas cookies

    12 Days of Christmas

    I started a list of things to get my boyfriend for Christmas but it became very long and I wanted to do something really special. I thought of the 12 Days of Christmas song and how on the first day there is 1 gift and on the second day 2 gifts and so on. So […]

  • Orchid garden

    Little Time Together

    My husband used to work the evening shift and didn’t get off till midnight and I go to bed at eleven. We hardly ever got to see each other and we had only been married six months. He was under so much stress and we were both missing each other terribly. One night I decided […]

  • Lipstick kiss

    Love Loan

    For our 1-month anniversary, the day before my boyfriend had been denied a loan, and I had no ideas on what to give him or if to give him anything at all. So I thought of taking my papers for my loan and making him a love loan, I even made him a check for […]

  • Five colorful roses

    Memorable Valentine’s Day

    For Valentine’s Day one year, my fiancé and I took time off together and had the house to ourselves. After making love, he told me he had a surprise for me, but that I couldn’t have it until he left. After 20 minutes of me trying to guess, he told me to walk him to […]

  • Hershey Kisses

    Morning Trail Of Kisses

    My husband works early in the morning sometimes, and I am most often still asleep when he comes home. One morning I woke up to loud pounding on the door. It wasn’t quite seven o’clock yet so I knew it couldn’t be anyone else but him – but why was he knocking on the door? […]

  • Circus

    Date At The Circus

    A date to remember would be to take your date out to dinner and talk over an enjoyable meal. Then go the circus and enjoy the show and sitting next to each other. On the ride back home, talk about all the funny and enjoyable parts of the show. Things like this may seem kiddy […]

  • Empty swings on playground

    Night at the park

    When weather is nice we often go over to the park around in the evening, when no one is there. In park we swing on the swings and play basketball, later we grab a blanket and watch the stars talking and holding each other. It’s our most favorite thing now. submitted by Laura

  • Young woman covering her eyes

    Romantic Hike!

    I love to hike, and my boyfriend and I would find the places that had big rocks to climb up onto. We play hide and seek in the rocky terrain, and I pack a lunch for us. One day he surprised me and brought champagne. We toasted to a sunset while sitting on the rocks and overlooking […]

  • Three marshmallows

    My 2nd date idea

    My 2nd date idea is to go out and do something like bowling or roller skating. Then go to his house get a big bon fire started and roast marshmallows. Snuggle up in his arms and talk about yourselves. submitted by Kate

  • Restaurant at the beach

    Surprise Date Night

    One night I took my girlfriend out. I told her I had a surprise date night planned. So we’re driving and we pull up to a Mexican restaurant where I knew that she liked the cheese dip so we go in and I told her I would order and I ordered two drinks and cheese […]

  • Pickup at the sunset

    A Night Under The Stars Date

    This one only works with a truck . Find a nice field of lost country road. Load the back of the truck up with a few pillows and a ice thick blanket and stay out under the stars. It was one of the best nights of my life. submitted by Jimmy

  • Chuck e Cheese

    Acting Like A Kid

    One day I wanted to cheer up my boyfriend because he was so upset. So i decided to took him to Chuck E. Cheese’s. We do all the things playing games eating pizza and simply acting like a kid. It came out even better than I thought and lifted my boyfriend’s spirits immediately. submitted by Anonymous