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Archiwa tagu: Get-Away

  • Harley-Davidson

    Romantic Ideas: For the Love of History

    My girlfriend and I enjoy riding on my Harley. During the course of our rides, we make special stops at all the historical markers that we find. We stop, get off of the bike, stand and hold each other and take turns reading the historical markers. We are always on the lookout for markers we […]

  • airplane model flying

    Engagement Ideas: Airplane Engagement

    This is how a friends of mine got engaged: He is of European descent and often visits „home” to fly his planes in the mountains of Austria. He always wanted to take his girlfriend home, but unfortunately it never worked out because of time and money. Finally, he was able to secretly clear her schedule […]

  • Camera recording road

    Long Distance Relationship Tip: Because I Couldn’t Be There

    I have been working overseas and my boyfriend is back in the states. He just moved and he got to take a cross-country trip. We had always talked of doing this together and I was sad to talk to him as he was making his trip alone. Well, about two weeks later, he flew out […]

  • Blindfolded woman

    Kidnapping Surprise

    I have been having trouble being able to spend one whole night alone with my Italian (Neapolitan) girlfriend because of her family. So, I came up with the idea of reserving a room in a 4-star hotel and made reservations for 2 days after her birthday. Her birthday is March 16th on which her family […]

  • Champagne pouring in two glasses

    Memorable Toast

    My fiancé and I went to a 25th wedding anniversary a few days ago. I sneaked up to the bar while he was in the bathroom and got 2 glasses of the champagne the couple toasted each other with (the bartender was quite generous about it when I told him what I intended to do […]

  • Couple lying in flowers field

    Little Escape

    My boyfriend had been really stressed, and it seemed like everything I did or said only made things worse. We even had „the world’s dumbest argument”. So, I sent him an email and told him, „Let me help you escape your problems; give me 5 ways I can make this weekend relaxing. There is only […]

  • Amusement park

    Amusement Park Date

    If you’re looking for a date idea go to amusement park! I was never on a rollercoaster before, so I was extremely scared when I went with my boyfriend, but he reassured me. We had a lot of fun together, and made beautiful romantic memories. submitted by Anonymous  

  • Pickup at the sunset

    A Night Under The Stars Date

    This one only works with a truck . Find a nice field of lost country road. Load the back of the truck up with a few pillows and a ice thick blanket and stay out under the stars. It was one of the best nights of my life. submitted by Jimmy

  • sailing boat

    Sailing Date

    Being the owner of a sailboat I can tell you that asking a girl out for a day of sailing is always a sure bet. Sailing small boats is very easy and a few tips from an instructor will bring impressive results. It’s a great day on the water, your both learning new skills and […]