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Archiwa tagu: Everyday Romance

  • Leather wallet

    Gift Ideas: How To Give A Wallet

    Say your man needs a new wallet. Wow! How boring! Well, you can make it caring, interesting and a very thoughtful gift by dressing it up a bit. First get different gift cards from various places and place them in the wallet like credit cards. Then, get a picture of the two of you together […]

  • DIY Gift Idea: Hidden Message Jar

    Recently, I’ve read through the gift ideas on this site and thought of one of my own. I went to the glass store and bought a glass jar, along with a bag of beads (blue, which happened to be my sweetheart’s favorite color), and a bag of letters, which you can buy at any craft […]

  • For His Eyes Only

    Gift Ideas For Him: For His Eyes Only

    Use a Polaroid camera with a trusted friend, or a time-delay camera yourself and take a dozen or so naughty but nice pictures of you in a variety of poses and barely-there-outfits. Put them all together in a small album that he can easily tuck into his drawer. Decorate it with corresponding ribbon, etc. submitted […]

  • For Gift Ideas - Just Listen

    Gift Ideas: For Gift Ideas – Just Listen

    At sometime during a conversation with my boyfriend, I mentioned how I still remembered my mom throwing out a big fuzzy doll when I was little, and how it had broken my little, 6-year-old heart. A month or so later, when he was just coming round for a normal dinner, he rang the doorbell. When […]

  • Old book

    Long Distance Relationship Ideas: His And Her Picture books

    My boyfriend and I live far apart. We recently spent a whole week together in the Black Hills and took lots of pictures. Before he came I bought two blank books with metal covers and had them engraved with our nicknames for each other on the fronts. At the end of the week we put […]

  • DIY Gift Ideas: Chinese, Anyone?

    Just for no reason at all, I surprised my boyfriend with a few things. First, I made a tape of love songs. Then, I typed up and printed the titles of the songs. After that, I cut them up to look like the fortune papers inside of the fortune cookies and put them in a […]

  • Colorful shopping bags

    Gifts For Men: Cheer Up Theme Gift Bags

    My boyfriend of 2 years was having a rough week at his new job. He was really tired and his check wasn’t as big as it was supposed to be so I wanted to get him something to cheer him up. I got 4 little gift bags in his favorite color (yellow) and 4 thank-you […]

  • Smartphone texting

    DIY Digital Gift Idea: Bundle of Love

    I decided to give my girlfriend a special gift. It wasn’t a special occasion; it was just to tell her how much I love her. I wasn’t sure what to get her, but then it came to me. Earlier that month I saw an old man give his wife a bundle containing all of their […]

  • Teddy bears couple

    DIY Gift Ideas: Beary Cute

    I’m planning to do this with my boyfriend! I was shopping around in a craft store when I saw that you could dress up stuffed bears! The idea is this: Buy two bears, dress them up as a couple, and sew the hands together! submitted by Kristen

  • Baby Bracelets

    DIY Gift Inspirations: Baby Bracelets

    My baby and I made for each other elastic bracelets similar to those that hospitals provide for their babies. We made them from lettered beads, heart beads, and plain beads (pink for her, blue for me) strung on elastic and all available at your local WallyWorld (Wal-Mart). We wear them when we are able to meet, […]

  • Just married wedding car

    Dinner Adventure

    It take some pre-planning, but is well worth the effort. Visit the best restaurant in your town and ask the manager for help with a special event. Select your table, pre-order your food and drinks, request special music and pay for everything in advance. This way all your attention will be on her. Choose a small table so […]