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Archiwa tagu: DIY

  • Inexpensive Gift Idea: Blanket Full Of Hugs

    First you’re going to need about $20 dollars depending on the store you go to. Buy an inexpensive twin blanket that has a relatively smooth weave in your love’s favorite color. Next you’re going to have to go to the Fabric store. Buy a lot of complementary ribbon that will show up on the blanket […]

  • Crime scene chalk outline

    How to become exclusive in a romantic way

    This is how my boyfriend asked me to be his girlfriend: we had been dating for a while and one night I asked him if we could be exclusive and he told me he wasn’t ready yet. I cried myself to sleep that night and the next morning was all depressed when I went to […]

  • Private island icon

    Birthday date ideas: His Private Island

    My boyfriend’s birthday was coming up, and I wanted to do something really special. I remembered he had told me that he wanted his own private island, complete with personal chef and masseuse so I though about cool date idea. Well, I looked all over Missouri for an island that was owned by the state, […]

  • Inexpensive Valentines Idea: Breakfast in Bed Tray

    My boyfriend and I have been together for almost five years now, so I wanted to do something extra special for this Valentine’s Day. Every year I make breakfast for him, but this year I decided to add something new. I went to the local craft store and bought a wooden breakfast tray. I painted […]

  • Old school soda fountain shop

    Old school date ideas: Back In Time

    Here’s a classical flame that’s just as hot today, as back in the 50’s and 60’s. Take your mate to a soda fountain (small shop that sells Italian sodas) and order 1 soda, and 2 straws for two people. You’ll likely be looking into each other’s eyes, you’ll be close, and if your feeling in […]

  • Scrapbook

    Valentine’s Day scrapbook gift: Book of Reasons

    I’m really into scrapbooking and wanted to make something crafty for my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. He’s always asking me why I would choose him. So, I bought a small 6×6 scrapbook and on the 1st page put „101 Reasons Why.” I printed out 101 different reasons why I love him and put them in […]

  • Homemade charming bracelet

    Long distance gifts: Charming Reminders

    I’ve been in a long-distance relationship for the past 15 months. My girlfriend and I try to see each other every two months, but money to fly is becoming as issue. When we do get to be together, we try to create lots of memories. I also started buying little charms to remember important things […]

  • Muffins

    Romantic ideas: Baking for Two

    When it’s cold and rainy outside, get together with your sweetheart and bake some sweet treats together. Bake a cake, muffins, cookies or anything fun and simple. For a romantic surprise, decorate a treat especially for your other half and eat it while watching your favorite movie! submitted by Anonymous

  • Volunteers

    Unique date ideas: Volunteer

    Volunteer for your favorite charities together. Spend a Saturday building homes for Habitat for Humanity or cleaning up the city you live in. If you both love a hobby together ask a local Boy or Girl Scout group if you can do a demonstration or activity with all the kids. Doing things for others while […]

  • Red blanket fabric

    1-year anniversary ideas: Blanket of Memories

    Our 1-year anniversary was coming up and I wanted to do something crafty. First, I bought black and red fleece, his favorite colors. Then I gathered about 14 pictures of us, our friends, homecoming, his favorite people, and stupid moments. I printed each one on a separate piece of iron-on printer paper. Next I ironed […]

  • Empty Fishbowl

    Date Ideas: Fishbowl Romance

    I’ve used this with almost every boyfriend and it works wonderfully! Any time you have a cute or romantic idea, maybe a fun date you’d like to go on or something, write it on a little slip of paper and put in a fishbowl, (I call mine, “The Bowl of Luv”). Then, if you’re ever […]

  • Red baloon

    DIY Valentines Day Ideas: Big Kiss of Love

    On Valentines Day my boyfriend and I decided to make each other gifts instead of buying something. He came up with the best idea! He gave me a huge homemade Hershey’s Kiss. He filled a big balloon with scented rose petals and tons of little notes of what he loves about me. This balloon was […]

  • Empty red box

    Six-month anniversary gift: Box Filled with Memories

    My boyfriend and I are 5 hours apart. I am in college and he is working full time. For our six-month anniversary I made him a box filled with our memories. I took a tennis-shoe box and covered it in red paper. Then put our picture on top and glued valentine conversation candy on top. Then […]

  • autumn gift basket

    Halloween Gift Baskets: Autumn Basket of Love

    For Halloween this year, I wanted to do something sweet for my amazing boyfriend. So, I bought a wicker basket from the craft store, along with fake autumn colored leaves. I filled the basket with all of the leaves, wrapped orange and black ribbon around the handle, and tied it with a bow. On the […]

  • Woman with traveling suitcase

    Everyday Romantic Ideas: Away From Home

    My guy was going to be away for a few days and I wanted to stay close to him. So when he went to work, I packed his bag for him. In his suitcase I put my perfume, some of my undies and a love note. He called me that night when he got in […]

  • Honey in jar

    Valentines Day Gifts Ideas: Jar Of Honey

    If you’re looking for valentine’s day gifts idea give your honey simply a jar of honey! Pick up one of those honey bears from grocery store and attach a tag that says „bee mine.” A variation can be to get a cut chunk of honeycomb from a specialty shop or health food. It may seem kind […]

  • Feet under blanket

    Anniversary Ideas: Blanket Party

    My boyfriend and I are currently in an online relationship. He lives thousand miles away so we see each other once every couple of months. October 3rd was our one year anniversary of our first date. That night we had were on a birthday party of friend of ours so we weren’t able to celebrate, […]

  • CD gift

    DIY Anniversary Gift Ideas: Romantic CD

    On our anniversary, I had to go out of town but my boyfriend prepare for me most amazing gift. He left a dozen roses and a CD in my car. I popped the CD in on the way to the airport, and it was truly amazing! He used microphone on his computer to record 2 type […]

  • Couple sitting on tree

    Date Ideas: Climbing Trees

    One summer day a bunch of my friends, my boyfriend, and I all went to a conservation park. My boyfriend and I were able to steal away for a romantic walk. We found a really big tree, perfect for climbing. Since he is an excellent climber, he was up there in seconds and helped me […]

  • Book gift

    Anniversary Gift: Anniversary Book

    For our first month anniversary I wanted to prepare unique gift so, I made for my husband an Anniversary Book. I bought hardcover blank journal and decorated it with different anniversary celebrating stickers. Inside- not forgetting to add a mock copyright page I made title page with instructions to the book. Every month we would […]

  • Camera recording road

    Long Distance Relationship Tip: Because I Couldn’t Be There

    I have been working overseas and my boyfriend is back in the states. He just moved and he got to take a cross-country trip. We had always talked of doing this together and I was sad to talk to him as he was making his trip alone. Well, about two weeks later, he flew out […]

  • Rainbow over field

    Date Ideas: Chasing Rainbows

    Often a sunny sunday drive isn’t bad for a date, but on a rainy day there is still something interesting to do. Here is my date idea: grab a camera, and on that rainy day, go for a casual drive. If the sun is in the east, search for where the rain will be on […]

  • Wooden heart

    Anniversary Gift Ideas: Love Frame

    On our first year anniversary, I had practically no money to buy a great gift. So, I went out and bought a cheapie picture frame, and some wooden plain hearts on sale. I painted the frame a shade of red, and the hearts two other shades of red. On the sides of the frame I […]

  • Couple calendar

    Valentines Day Gifts: Personalized Calendar

    My husband I and temporarily live in different cities, so for Valentines Day I decided to make him for a gift a personalized calendar. I made it on my computer, and at the top of each month I put a picture of one of his loved ones and a little note from me tell him […]

  • Absolut Vodka

    DIY Valentine’s Day Gift: Absolutely in Love

    For Valentine’s Day I wanted to give my boyfriend special gift but I didn’t have any money, so i decided to do it myself. I found an empty bottle of Absolut vodka in my house that was left from a party my dad had days before. I took that bottle and with a scissors I erased […]

  • Books in bookstore

    First date ideas: Book Lovers Romance

    The girl I had asked out on a first date is quite a bookworm. Reading is one of her favorite activities and she is especially fond of the classics (Jane Austen, Victor Hugo, etc.). I am not quite as versed in the classics as she is but I also enjoy reading. So, for our first […]

  • Rose petals on the stairs

    Romantic Surprise Idea: Always There For You

    I was having a super bad day at school and in general with life. I was sad and I felt really bad about myself. It was a typical Friday night and my boyfriend and I usually hang out on Friday nights. We had plans already for going out to eat at a fancy restaurant. When […]

  • Courier with packages

    Valentines Gift Ideas: Mail Call

    For Valentine’s Day gift, or any day for that matter, send your sweetie a package in the mail or through UPS. Who doesn’t enjoy getting a package in the mail; that alone will make their day! Filling the box will be half the fun for you! You can fill it with a variety of different […]

  • Hershey Kisses

    Valentine’s day ideas: A Year of Kisses

    Last year was our first Valentine’s day together. I wanted it to be special. I went to a candy store and bought 365 Hershey kisses (about 3 big bags). I got one bag of regular, one bag of strawberry and cream and one bag of caramel filled. I went to a craft store and bought […]

  • Holding little white gift box

    Long Distance Relationship Anniversary Gift: Care Package

    I was going to school in Florida and met my boyfriend early my senior year. We started living together after a few months and by the end of the summer I had to move back home.In our long distance relationship we tried to celebrate every monthly anniversary and since it was going to be our […]

  • Traces of paint

    An Art Date Night

    I love my boyfriend so much and I love to surprise him with fun dates. One evening when he got off work I told him instead of picking me up to go to his house. He should take a shower and meet me at a local coffee shop. When he arrived I had blank canvas […]

  • Bath accessories

    After long day’s work

    My boyfriend works daily 9-12 hours usually so when he comes home has worn out. One day I had a steaming bath ready for him and I bathed him. Then I fed him the dinner I had cooked earlier. After that took him to our bedroom and gave him a FULL BODY massage that lasted […]

  • Scrapbook love

    Year Of Reminders

    When my boyfriend and I first started dating I would write down everything we did after our dates. On our 1-year anniversary I presented him with a scrapbook that listed all of the dates we went on and exactly what we did every time we saw each other during the year. It included pictures, movie […]

  • Gift box roses candles

    Year before Valentine’s Day

    My boyfriend and I have been going out for three years now, and I want to do something extraordinary for him for Valentine’s Day, next year. After this Valentine’s Day, I will construct a big Valentine’s Goodie Box and from then on, I will fill it up with love notes and poems, pictures of us […]

  • Pen writing letter

    True Expression of Love

    I’ve always seemed to have a problem with trusting people and telling them how I feel. My boyfriend of 4 years was starting to go crazy. I knew what was going on, and I was trying so hard to fix it. I like to write a lot, so I thought, „If I can’t say these […]

  • Wall calendar

    Year Full of Love

    I don’t have a job, so when it comes to getting gifts for my boyfriend I tend to have to make him something. For Valentine’s Day this year I decided I was going to make him a calendar. I used the card program on my home computer and created a calendar. Then I marked all […]

  • Engagement ring in a box

    Valentines Day Promise

    It was the day before Valentine’s Day. My boyfriend and I were 1 month shy of our 3 year anniversary. He was supposed to come over and hang out for a while, but something came up and he had to be late. Nothing was going the way I wanted it to, and I started to […]

  • Couple in love drawing

    Long Distance Relationship Tip: Abscence Makes The Heart Grow

    My boyfriend is in the Army and I go to military school. We don’t get to see or talk to each other all that much. On top of that our homes are along way from each other – I am in South Florida and he is in New Jersey. We write a lot but it’s […]

  • Paper stars

    LDR DIY Gift: Thousand Stars

    I was on vacation with my family, and I was really missing my boyfriend back home. I started folding sheets of paper into stars to pass the time. When I got back, I asked him if he knew how to fold a paper star. He didn’t, so I showed him and then pulled out the […]

  • Empty photo album

    Romantic Photo Album

    I did this for my boyfriend for his birthday last year, and he loved it. I went out and bought an inexpensive photo album (the kind with magnetic pages) and put together an album of just us. I started with pictures of just me, and then pictures of just him, then pictures of us together. […]

  • Lunch bag

    Sweet For You

    My boyfriend and I live quite a ways away from each other. We weren’t able to be together for Valentine’s Day this year. So, I remembered when I was a child we learned to make boxes for our classmates to put our cards in. I took a regular lunch bag and found little foam letters. […]

  • What's your story?

    LDR ideas: Story About Us

    I did this for my guy, and it was truly enlightening! It always helps if you have some theme, for example: you have gone to the snow together. You make a collage of pictures, notes, emails, etc. Then write a story to them about it. It really shows how much it meant, and it’s creative! […]

  • Elegant gift box

    Romantic Bouquet of „Roses” for Him

    A while back, I created and hosted „Husband Appreciation” night at our home. After inviting several couples, I asked the wives to keep the night’s theme a secret from the husbands. I then informed each wife that she would have to „tell” her husband why he was appreciated and then „show” him by presenting him […]

  • Mailbox Filled With Love

    Mailbox Filled With Love

    Since this was our first Valentine’s Day apart, I wanted to do something very special for him! I made a „mailbox”, like in elementary school when you colored a box for all of your valentines to go into. Well, I got an ordinary box and sponge painted it with letters, and stencils to make it […]

  • Finger Eleven Life Turns Electric

    Long Distance Relationship Christmas Gift: Song For Everyday

    My boyfriend and I had been dating for four months when our relationship became a long distance one. He went to college in Arizona and I went to college in New York. That Christmas, we couldn’t be together, but I came up with a really awesome idea for a present. I picked out 25 songs […]

  • Pac man look a like board

    An Arcade Romance

    Last year for Valentine’s Day my husband took me to an arcade in our area. „Oh yeah this will be fun,” I thought sarcastically as we pulled up into the parking lot. But actually it ended by being one of the greatest dates we have ever had. So great that I will never forget it. […]

  • Heart bubbles coming from bucket

    Everyday Romantic: Bucket Of Love 2

    My boyfriend and I work opposite hours…he works at night and I work during the day so being romantic is hard sometimes. From reading this site and all of the wonderful ideas everyone has I have put together a „bucket of love” in this „bucket” I have massage oils, candles, mints, chocolate & a mood […]

  • Heart Shaped Book Pages

    An Essay for Your Love

    My boyfriend and I are both busy University students, especially when it comes time for midterms and papers. One day to show him that I was thinking of him I drafted a short essay called „Why I Have the Best Boyfriend in the World”. I printed it out (page numbers, student number, due date, title […]

  • Steel round box

    Bad Day Mood Booster

    My boyfriend and I live about 7 hours apart; we’re both in university and see each other for about one weekend every two months. I came up with an idea to make him a „Bad Day Box.” I just took a cardboard box, filled it with a new, comfy t-shirt, a favorite book, a movie […]

  • paris symbols

    5-Destination Dinner

    My wife and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary last year and being the romantic man I am I wanted to make it special. After much thought, I came up with the idea of taking her on a trip…sort of!! I picked 5 places I thought might be romantic to her and I had a […]

  • White footprint

    A Big Valentine’s Day Surprise

    For my first Valentine’s Day with my current husband I decided to go all out. He had expressed to me how in relationships he was always the one to put out all the effort. So, it being our first Valentine’s Day together, I wanted to do something special. I purchased some rose petals, Hershey’s kisses […]

  • Cutting one dollar


    For Valentine’s Day, the guy I just started dating, sent me a card and half of a two dollar bill with the note: „I gave you a half of a $2 bill. I will have the other half in my wallet with me at all times. When we are together my half and your half will […]

  • Heart on handle

    10 Reasons Why

    For Valentine’s Day, I cut out several hearts that led my boyfriend from the front door to the bedroom. He opened the door to a room full of balloons that covered the ground completely, with some balloons overlapping. In the middle of the room, on a chair, there was a stuffed black dog with boxing […]