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Archiwa tagu: DIY

  • Empty conference room

    Date Ideas: Private Conference

    My fiancé works long hours and is always on the road. I decided to plan a surprise romantic evening for the two of us to help him relax and spend some quality time together. I arranged with one of my friends who worked at a hotel to reserve one of their conference rooms. I then […]

  • DIY Valentines Gifts: Heart Shaped Guitar Picks

    My boyfriend and I had only been dating a short while before Valentine’s Day, so I didn’t really want to get something super expensive. I just wanted to do something little and meaningful. He plays guitar, so I went out and bought 12 guitar picks (red, white, and black, his favorite colors and white added […]

  • LDR DIY Gifts: Heart Calendar

    My boyfriend was leaving so he wanted to do something special for me before he left. He got a piece of foam poster board and cut it into heart shape. Then he got a heart stencil and another piece of silver poster paper. He stenciled hearts on the silver paper. Then he took a razor […]

  • Gift Ideas: Cross-Stitch From the Heart

    Make a cross-stitch for your loved ones! You can scan your photo and download software to change them to a cross-stitchable image or anything. Stitch angels, names … be creative! submitted by Anonymous

  • Couple camping at sunset near fire

    Outdoor Date Ideas: Pitch A Tent

    Some of the best times I had with my husband is when we would go camping. It’s exciting to get lost in a tent. There is little room and no distractions. It’s exciting to know that there are other campers around you wondering what’s going on in your tent!! The smaller the tent the better […]

  • DIY Valentines Ideas: Heart Puzzle

    I loved this idea and figured I would try it on my boyfriend. Glue some red paper to cardboard (ideally red or pink cardboard/poster board, draw the outline of a heart and puzzle piece shapes within the heart. Write the name of your sweetheart on the very middle piece, and then cut it all apart. […]

  • Long Distance Relationship Visit: Guess Who’s In Town!

    My boyfriend and I have been together a year and a half and we live about 2 1/2 hours apart. The first time I went to his house I decided to go a day early. Since he was working when I got there, his parents let me in and I decorated his room with poems, […]

  • Gift Ideas: Corresponding Gifts

    Find gifts corresponding to the letters in your lover’s first name. Avoid cliche presents like roses or chocolates, if possible. For example, TOM could be tomatoes(for his cheeks), oranges (his sunny personality) and marmalade (his sweetness) submitted by Anonymous

  • Lots of tourism photos caleidoscope

    Date Ideas: Photo Safari

    We live in a small town, so after my boyfriend and I had been dating for a while, we pretty much ran out of new things to do. So, we decided to take my digital camera and go on a „photo safari.” We drove/walked around town, taking pictures of places where we shared fond memories, […]

  • Heart Expressions

    Valentines Gift Ideas: Heart Expressions

    For one Valentine’s Day, my husband got red, pink & white paper and made 60 hearts. On each heart he wrote a memory that reminded him of me or a „love” coupon for many various things. I could pick one a day. He also put them in a vase with sweet-tart hearts, my favorite candy. […]

  • Long Distance Relationship Valentines Day: Golfer’s Valentine’s Gift

    My boyfriend and I have a long distance relationship (4 hours away) and I have to work on Valentine’s Day. But what I have planned for him is a heart shaped candy box without the candy. I have plastic golf balls in the place of the candy with love notes painted on them, (he loves […]

  • Gift Ideas: Commuter Valentine’s Gift

    My husband used to leave at 5 a.m. every morning to commute to work while I was going to college. One Valentine’s Day, I place a few commuter comfort items in his car the night before. I had gotten a good deal on a heated massaging seat cover, I bought him a CD of his […]

  • Visiting Aquarium

    Date Ideas: Personalized Aquarium Date

    I wanted to do something special for my boyfriend. It was our first special occasion together and our six month anniversary had just passed. I had smaller gifts to give him, but I wanted something extra special. I searched websites for places we could go on a date. I finally decided on taking him to […]

  • Romantic Ideas: Handed Down Three Generations of Men

    Take a ping pong ball and cut a slot in it. On a thin piece of paper the width of the slit cut into the ball, write a love message and slide it into the ping pong ball, leaving a little bit of the message hanging out (so she gets the idea there is a […]

  • Long Distance Relationship Ideas: Give Me A Hand

    I met my husband through the net, just before, we had a long distance relationship, we kept on sending sms to each other everyday, aside from phone calls, chatting and emailing since we were living apart in 2 different continents. One time I sent him a snail mail with which I made a drawing or […]

  • DIY Gift Ideas: Chinese, Anyone?

    Just for no reason at all, I surprised my boyfriend with a few things. First, I made a tape of love songs. Then, I typed up and printed the titles of the songs. After that, I cut them up to look like the fortune papers inside of the fortune cookies and put them in a […]

  • Sketch of paris symbols

    Romantic Ideas For Couples: Daily Art Journal

    My girlfriend and I have been together for a while now. She has been quite busy lately, so she hasn’t been able to spend as much time with me. Since her and I are both really into art, I went out and bought a sketch book. I drew a little introduction on the first page […]

  • Radio in the car

    Date Ideas: Personal Drive-In Movie

    My boyfriend has a TV and DVD player in his car and sometimes just for fun he will rent a new DVD, pick up Chinese food and we will go park somewhere and watch a movie, while eating and snuggling together in the car. It is fun, you get to pick the spot, and you […]

  • Valentines Gifts For Him: Guitar Pick Rose Bouquet

    My boyfriend is the bass player in the Long Island rock band. For our first Valentine’s Day together, we both agreed to not make a big deal out of it. Still wanting to do something cute for my little musician. I went to his equipment store and picked up some red guitar picks. Using some […]

  • DIY Proposal Ideas: Build-a-Bear Proposal

    Ok, well this hasn’t happened yet, but this is how I am planning on proposing to my girlfriend. I am going to go to a Build-a-Bear workshop and make a koala bear. (Her pet name for me is koala.) Then, I’ll dress it like I would usually dress, in jeans and a black t-shirt maybe. […]

  • LDR Gifts For Him: Get Creative!

    My boyfriend and I had been together for 8 months when it became time for him to leave for college 2 whole states away! I wanted to give him something to show him how much I truly love him and wanted to stay together. I’ve always been very artistic (I’m now an art major) so […]

  • Colorful shopping bags

    Gifts For Men: Cheer Up Theme Gift Bags

    My boyfriend of 2 years was having a rough week at his new job. He was really tired and his check wasn’t as big as it was supposed to be so I wanted to get him something to cheer him up. I got 4 little gift bags in his favorite color (yellow) and 4 thank-you […]

  • Lake at the evening

    Outdoors Date Ideas: Dinner And A Movie

    My boyfriend at the time, now my husband, did a very unique thing for Valentine’s day one year. He told me to get all dressed up, but he wouldn’t tell me what we were doing or where we were going. So, I did what he said. He came to pick me up and made me […]

  • Do It Yourself Valentines Gifts: For The Love of Art

    I’m an artist, so for my first Valentine’s Day with the woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with, I wanted to make her something that would last. I took a picture of her and I created a digital art piece on the computer incorporating her image with the art piece. […]

  • Dinner with candles

    Anniversary Gift Idea: Champagne Keepsake

    My husband is very romantic. He’s also a very good glass engraver and artist. On our 13th wedding annivarsary he cooked a very nice candle lit dinner. The table was set beautifully with crystal glasses and candlesticks. After dinner we got cozy in the livingroom. The living room was dimly lit with soft candlelight. We […]

  • Outdoor billboard with heart

    Do It Yourself Valentines Idea: Enormous Valentine Card

    Being a single mother, Valentine’s Day has to be a romantic, yet an inexpensive event. Thus, I came up with the following: You need several pieces of poster board (any color), A package of construction paper (assorted colors or all pastel), six binder rings, scissors, markers (metallic if using black poster board), glue or rubber […]

  • Old pirate map

    Creative Anniversary Gift Idea: Celebration of Love and Family

    My boyfriend and I will be celebrating our one year anniversary soon. It’s been a difficult year for him, going through a divorce and raising two children. To celebrate our anniversary I took a number of ideas from ideas4love.com and also created a few of my own. Our day is going to start with having […]

  • Office romance couple

    Sensual Date Idea: Office Interlude

    I was supposed to meet my love at a small office after work. I knew no one else would be there, so I thought of an exciting way to spice things up on an otherwise ordinary Tuesday. I sent him a sexy email about a „hypothetical” scene involving me wearing a skirt and meeting him […]

  • Loving breakfast

    DIY Valentine Gift: Eat My Words

    Buy a box of Alphabets cereal. Then find a good clean surface, like a table or counter top. Using the WHOLE box, spell out the words to write a love letter. If you have any leftover letters that you can’t make words with, use them to make heart shapes. For fun you can offer a […]

  • Empty CD with envelope

    Digital Birthday Gift Idea: CD Backup Of The Relationship

    This is a great idea to try if you have a lot of time on your hands. My love’s birthday was coming up and I didn’t know what to get him. I was surfing through the net and bumped into a couple of flash and E-card sites. Some of the sites were really cute and […]

  • Plenty of empty sticky notes

    Everyday Romance Inspirations: Clue Hunts

    I take index cards, and write clues on each one and hide them somewhere in the house. My husband finds the first one and reads the clue, and this gives him hints to find the next clue. This can go one for a rew minutes or through out the day. And the final card always […]

  • Roller skates

    Date Idea: Movie and Skating

    My boyfriend took me to a movie and then we decided to go rollerblading. It was really cute and romantic because we went to the college campus in our town and since school was out no one was there so it was just the two of us and we had a blast skating!! It was […]

  • Empty white cards

    Valentine Gift: Daily Card Countdown

    My anniversary is on Valentine’s Day. So, starting on February 1st, I make a card each day listing reasons why I love my wife. On the 1st I give one reason, on the 2nd I give two, and it goes on like that until the 28th, when we have a big celebration for Valentine’s and […]

  • Smartphone texting

    DIY Digital Gift Idea: Bundle of Love

    I decided to give my girlfriend a special gift. It wasn’t a special occasion; it was just to tell her how much I love her. I wasn’t sure what to get her, but then it came to me. Earlier that month I saw an old man give his wife a bundle containing all of their […]

  • Vintage Car Model

    Inexpensive Date Ideas: Moonlight Picnic

    Last January I asked my boyfriend to come pick me up at home, and drive us to a scenic spot near our my home. I instructed him to just drive and not ask any questions at all. When we got there, it was almost sunset, so we parked his car in this nice park and […]

  • Colorful crayons

    Cheap Valentines Gifts: Crayon Messages

    I had no idea what to get my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day this year, so after a long while thinking I thought of a cute CHEAP idea. I bought a box of 64 (or other sizes) Crayola Crayons. On each crayon I wrote one reason why I loved him, or a memory of something we […]

  • Decorative envelope

    Long Distance Relationship Summer: Decorative Envelopes

    The first couple of summers my fiancé & I were dating, we happened to be apart. To make the distance shorter, we sent each other cards every week. We would each decorate the outside of the envelopes with meaningful or funny symbols of our relationship. To find different ideas took a lot of thought, but […]

  • Minivan Picnic trip

    Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Date: Mini Van Picnic

    For Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend did the sweetest thing. It was very inexpensive, but super romantic. He took showed up in his Mom’s minivan (weird I know, but just wait) on Valentine’s Day evening. He told me to get in the car and look forward. He then proceeded to give me an appetizer (strawberries and […]

  • DIY Valentine’s Day Gift: Couples Photo Album Book

    For Valentine’s Day, I made my boyfriend a book all about us. It was just a simple photo album, but each page held something different about us and our relationship. Some of the pages included: the first time we met, our first kiss, the day we started going out, our first vacation together, a personality […]

  • Long Distance Relationship Date: In Box Response

    I loved this idea, thank you! I was getting ready to send off some homemade muffins anyway. Now I’ll add tea bags and one of my hankies with my perfume scent. A romantic movie that I own and wanted to share „The Notebook” as I know he can relate from family history.(And even though he […]

  • Boyfriend Birthday Ideas: Box Of Goodies

    My boyfriend’s 17th birthday, and our 3 month anniversary were only days apart and I wanted to do something really special. So, using a variety of ideas from this site, I made a whole box of things for him. I bought a big plastic box, and decorated it. Then I made 2 CDs, which I […]

  • Memory Lane road sign

    Getaway Date Idea: Memory Lane

    My fiancé did the sweetest thing for me the other night. He drove me to where he grew up and took me for a tour of the little town. He showed me the house he lived in, the park he played in, even the laundromat he could remember going to with his mom. He shared […]

  • Write your own story

    DIY Valentines Gift Idea: Choose Your Own Adventure

    This would be a great gift idea for those 20-something year olds that grew up with the books Choose Your Own Adventure and want to make a creative love journal. Basically, the books gave you choices and depending on your choices you would flip to different pages. They were especially fun to read because you […]

  • Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas: Cross-Stitched With Love

    My online love and I lived in 2 different countries, I sewed a cross-stitch for him with an eagle’s eye, wrapped it nicely with ribbon and sent it to him along with a nice card. He absolutely loved my work, he even framed it by himself and now it’s hanging on his bedroom wall. I […]

  • Sixth Month Anniversary Gift: Bottle of Love

    For our sixth month anniversary, I gave my boyfriend a clear, heart-shaped bottle. It had one heart bead in it for every day we had been together. I gave him a box of extra beads, and told him that we could put one more in at the end of every day. They were millifori, so […]

  • On bulb

    Inexpensive Home Romantic Idea: Black Light Notes

    I did this last night, I’ve yet to show my boyfriend, though I’m sure he’ll love it. You take the darker yellow post it notes and write on them with a highlighter (it won’t show up in regular light). Then you get an old lamp without a shade and a black light bulb (~$3-4.00 at […]

  • Stars at night kaleidoscope

    Valentine’s Day date ideas: I’d Give You the Stars

    My boyfriend and I hadn’t been together for very long on Valentine’s Day this year, but he managed to come up with the most romantic thing that has ever happened to me. We both love the outdoors and the simpler things in life and have wanted to go stargazing for quite some time. However, it […]

  • DIY Valentines Gift: Card of Memories

    On Valentine’s Day last year I was having a hard time coming up with a gift idea, but an idea finally came to me. I got one of those huge over-sized cards. Then I picked through over 12 yrs of our pictures together. I selected pictures that showed different times in our life together, from […]

  • Long Distance Relationship Gift: Countdown

    My boyfriend is in the Air Force, so we didn’t get to see each other very often. Once we knew when we were going to see each other, I would make him a countdown. I would cut out hearts on different colored papers and write, “I Love You” or something sweet on it, along with […]

  • Inexpensive Anniversary Gift Ideas: Blanket Of Love

    My boyfriend is one of the hardest people in the world to buy gifts for, so for our one year anniversary I was at a loss for what to possibly get him. So while looking for ideas on this website I came up with this great way to show him how I feel and to […]

  • Horsedrawn Carriage Ride icon

    Date night ideas: Horsedrawn Carriage Ride

    My boyfriend knows that I absolutely love horses. After one of our dates, we were driving home when he took a road that went in the opposite direction. I asked him where we were going, but he told me it was a secret. We pulled up to this farm and he got out and walked […]

  • DIY Valentine Idea: Candle Messages

    I wanted to do something for my boyfriend that would remind him of me. He loves candles and is always burning them. So, I bought one that smells like apple cinnamon without any decals on the outside of it. It was just a red candle in a plain jar. Then, I got some stickers letters. […]

  • Long Distance Relationship Gift: Coloring Book Make-Up

    My boyfriend of 6 months lived 2 1/2 hours away. He had done something to upset me, so to make it up to me he colored pictures in a coloring book, ripped them out, and sent them to me with a little „I’m Sorry” message in the mail. He scored major “smooth” points with that, […]