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Archiwa tagu: Digital

  • Food Delivery Man

    Long Distance Relationship Ideas: Food Delivery

    My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 5 months now. I live in Texas and he left recently to go to school in Idaho. I think about him often and I always think of ways to show it to him. Well, tonight, I looked up on Google places in his town that deliver […]

  • envelope with a kiss

    LDR Relationship Ideas: Keeping The Sparks Flying

    In a long distance relationship, like I have been for some time now, and by the way, the love is still as strong as in the beginning, it is important to keep the sparks flying. Sending enticing, provocative, and sensual e-mails on a whim is sure to keep your loved one anticipating what’s to come. […]

  • Gift Ideas: Cross-Stitch From the Heart

    Make a cross-stitch for your loved ones! You can scan your photo and download software to change them to a cross-stitchable image or anything. Stitch angels, names … be creative! submitted by Anonymous

  • Long Distance Relationship Ideas: Give Me A Hand

    I met my husband through the net, just before, we had a long distance relationship, we kept on sending sms to each other everyday, aside from phone calls, chatting and emailing since we were living apart in 2 different continents. One time I sent him a snail mail with which I made a drawing or […]

  • Delivery man with roses

    Long Distance Relationship Digital Gift: Far Away Flowers

    My boyfriend lives 6,000 miles away. I met him while he was a foreign exchange student at my school. Everyone told me it wasn’t going to work, but it has so far. Anyway, I found on the Internet where I could send flowers and a stuffed animal to him. I know flowers and stuffed animals […]

  • Gif icon

    LDR Digital Birthday Celebration: E-mail Birthday Celebration

    My boyfriend was in India on work and was meant to be there for a only a month. But things weren’t turning out well, and he ended up staying there for about four months. During this time it was his 33rd birthday. I had to re-plan my previous ideas of a romantic day out for […]

  • Empty CD with envelope

    Digital Birthday Gift Idea: CD Backup Of The Relationship

    This is a great idea to try if you have a lot of time on your hands. My love’s birthday was coming up and I didn’t know what to get him. I was surfing through the net and bumped into a couple of flash and E-card sites. Some of the sites were really cute and […]

  • Smartphone texting

    DIY Digital Gift Idea: Bundle of Love

    I decided to give my girlfriend a special gift. It wasn’t a special occasion; it was just to tell her how much I love her. I wasn’t sure what to get her, but then it came to me. Earlier that month I saw an old man give his wife a bundle containing all of their […]

  • White CD

    CD of Him

    My boyfriend and I have a long distance relationship! It’s very hard, but we are both working very hard to keep it this amazing! I once called him, in tears, to say I couldn’t stand it anymore not being with him, not being able to hear his voice. We talked and talked, and the next […]

  • Couple lying in flowers field

    Little Escape

    My boyfriend had been really stressed, and it seemed like everything I did or said only made things worse. We even had „the world’s dumbest argument”. So, I sent him an email and told him, „Let me help you escape your problems; give me 5 ways I can make this weekend relaxing. There is only […]