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Archiwa tagu: Birthday

  • Microwave Popcorn Box

    Cheap Gift Idea: Going Overboard

    Here’s a good idea for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries etc.: Choose something your mate can’t get enough of, and go way overboard! My husband is a microwave popcorn-o-holic … for Christmas, I bought him cases and cases of microwave popcorn, stacked on top of each other, and wrapped up as one gift! He loved it! submitted […]

  • Gifts Of Love

    Boyfriend Birthday Ideas: 10 Gifts Of Love

    When I was dating my boyfriend. For his birthday, which was on the 10th, I gave him a small gift each day until the day of his birthday,and then I gave him, his big gift. He loved it he said no one had ever done anything special for him like that before. submitted by Kim

  • Elmo Loves You!

    Boyfriend Birthday Gift Ideas: Elmo Loves You!

    I was trying to think of something I could get my boyfriend for his birthday that would show him how much I loved him. I found a children’s book at the store titled, „Elmo Loves You!” I thought it was the cutest thing. The book is a poem about how much Elmo loves you. Everywhere […]

  • Compass and map

    Long Distance Relationship Gift: Find Your Way Back To My Heart

    My boyfriend attends the United States Military Academy at West Point and he is the most difficult person to buy things for. He is outside during the summer doing things. One year, for his birthday, I bought him a compass and engraved the initials C.S. Baker on the back of it. Then I wrote a […]

  • Gif icon

    LDR Digital Birthday Celebration: E-mail Birthday Celebration

    My boyfriend was in India on work and was meant to be there for a only a month. But things weren’t turning out well, and he ended up staying there for about four months. During this time it was his 33rd birthday. I had to re-plan my previous ideas of a romantic day out for […]

  • Empty CD with envelope

    Digital Birthday Gift Idea: CD Backup Of The Relationship

    This is a great idea to try if you have a lot of time on your hands. My love’s birthday was coming up and I didn’t know what to get him. I was surfing through the net and bumped into a couple of flash and E-card sites. Some of the sites were really cute and […]

  • Boyfriend Birthday Ideas: Box Of Goodies

    My boyfriend’s 17th birthday, and our 3 month anniversary were only days apart and I wanted to do something really special. So, using a variety of ideas from this site, I made a whole box of things for him. I bought a big plastic box, and decorated it. Then I made 2 CDs, which I […]

  • Empty photo album

    Romantic Photo Album

    I did this for my boyfriend for his birthday last year, and he loved it. I went out and bought an inexpensive photo album (the kind with magnetic pages) and put together an album of just us. I started with pictures of just me, and then pictures of just him, then pictures of us together. […]

  • Red baloon

    Our’ Birthday

    It was my birthday but by the end of the night it seemed like it was his. I planned this for a while to surprise him even though it was my birthday and not his. It was an evening at home and I did the usual champagne, candles and snacks, etc. What I also did […]

  • Blindfolded woman

    Kidnapping Surprise

    I have been having trouble being able to spend one whole night alone with my Italian (Neapolitan) girlfriend because of her family. So, I came up with the idea of reserving a room in a 4-star hotel and made reservations for 2 days after her birthday. Her birthday is March 16th on which her family […]

  • Oldschool boombox

    #1 On My Hit List

    My boyfriend turned 21 on the 18th of October last year, and I was really stuck for gift ideas. After a few days of trying to think of a great idea, a really good one came to me. I checked the Internet for the song hits that fell on his birthday for the past 21 […]