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Archiwa tagu: Anniversary

  • Anniversary Gift Ideas: From Head to Toes

    For our 6-month anniversary, my boyfriend invited me over to his house for my gift. When I got there he had a bag sitting out on the table that said „I love you from your head to your toes.” Inside were 6 little packages: a toothbrush, lip gloss, eye shadow, skin lotion, hair things, and […]

  • Anniversary Gift Ideas: Engraved In My Heart

    For our one-year anniversary, my boyfriend that lives in another country got me a necklace with a heart pendent. On the heart he got the date we started going out engraved. I love it, and I wear it every day. submitted by Chelsey

  • Old pirate map

    Creative Anniversary Gift Idea: Celebration of Love and Family

    My boyfriend and I will be celebrating our one year anniversary soon. It’s been a difficult year for him, going through a divorce and raising two children. To celebrate our anniversary I took a number of ideas from ideas4love.com and also created a few of my own. Our day is going to start with having […]

  • Inexpensive Gift: Bucket of Love

    I always struggle for gift ideas for my honey. He is so important to me, and I always want to do something special for him. This year we decided to exchange gifts for our anniversary with a $30.00 spending limit each. I went to Home Depot and bought a metal bucket. I filled it with […]

  • Sixth Month Anniversary Gift: Bottle of Love

    For our sixth month anniversary, I gave my boyfriend a clear, heart-shaped bottle. It had one heart bead in it for every day we had been together. I gave him a box of extra beads, and told him that we could put one more in at the end of every day. They were millifori, so […]

  • Inexpensive Anniversary Gift Ideas: Blanket Of Love

    My boyfriend is one of the hardest people in the world to buy gifts for, so for our one year anniversary I was at a loss for what to possibly get him. So while looking for ideas on this website I came up with this great way to show him how I feel and to […]

  • Yellow Rose on a wood

    Proposal Ideas: Anniversary Proposal

    My boyfriend and I had been together 4 years. On the day of our anniversary he sent me a yellow rose (my favorite color); he sent me a rose a day (at my work) over the next 3 days, 4 in total. On the last day he included a card with the rose that said […]

  • Empty red box

    Six-month anniversary gift: Box Filled with Memories

    My boyfriend and I are 5 hours apart. I am in college and he is working full time. For our six-month anniversary I made him a box filled with our memories. I took a tennis-shoe box and covered it in red paper. Then put our picture on top and glued valentine conversation candy on top. Then […]

  • CD gift

    DIY Anniversary Gift Ideas: Romantic CD

    On our anniversary, I had to go out of town but my boyfriend prepare for me most amazing gift. He left a dozen roses and a CD in my car. I popped the CD in on the way to the airport, and it was truly amazing! He used microphone on his computer to record 2 type […]

  • Pink flowers bouquet

    Everyday Romantic Ideas: Anniversary Awakening

    Well, I was really disappointed because for my 5-month anniversary with my boyfriend, I wasn’t going to see him all day. Every other anniversary we had spent the day together, but this time he had a marching band competition. Well I was extremely disappointed and so was he… at least I thought. Well, on the […]

  • Book gift

    Anniversary Gift: Anniversary Book

    For our first month anniversary I wanted to prepare unique gift so, I made for my husband an Anniversary Book. I bought hardcover blank journal and decorated it with different anniversary celebrating stickers. Inside- not forgetting to add a mock copyright page I made title page with instructions to the book. Every month we would […]

  • Holding little white gift box

    Long Distance Relationship Anniversary Gift: Care Package

    I was going to school in Florida and met my boyfriend early my senior year. We started living together after a few months and by the end of the summer I had to move back home.In our long distance relationship we tried to celebrate every monthly anniversary and since it was going to be our […]

  • Scrapbook love

    Year Of Reminders

    When my boyfriend and I first started dating I would write down everything we did after our dates. On our 1-year anniversary I presented him with a scrapbook that listed all of the dates we went on and exactly what we did every time we saw each other during the year. It included pictures, movie […]

  • Silver wedding rings

    Token Of My Affection

    After about almost 10 months together, one day while chatting on the phone, I mentioned about rings and before I knew it, after 2 weeks, he presented me with a silver ring, and there carved his name. And, he was wearing a similar ring, with my name carved on it. Although,it’s simple yet it’s really […]

  • Elegant gift box

    Romantic Bouquet of „Roses” for Him

    A while back, I created and hosted „Husband Appreciation” night at our home. After inviting several couples, I asked the wives to keep the night’s theme a secret from the husbands. I then informed each wife that she would have to „tell” her husband why he was appreciated and then „show” him by presenting him […]

  • Empty picture frames

    Favorite Picture

    My boyfriend and I took some pictures some time back when we first got together and we just got them recently turned in to get developed. So, when the pictures are ready, we both decided to buy a frame to frame our picture up. I suggested this for our 3rd month anniversary present for each […]

  • Empty engagement ring box

    Box Of Memories

    For our 6-month anniversary my boyfriend made dinner for me. When we were pretty much done, he pulled out a box that would hold a ring in it. He had told me a month or two before he wanted to get me a promise ring, but couldn’t afford it. The day came and he handed […]

  • Champagne pouring in two glasses

    Memorable Toast

    My fiancé and I went to a 25th wedding anniversary a few days ago. I sneaked up to the bar while he was in the bathroom and got 2 glasses of the champagne the couple toasted each other with (the bartender was quite generous about it when I told him what I intended to do […]

  • Lipstick kiss

    Love Loan

    For our 1-month anniversary, the day before my boyfriend had been denied a loan, and I had no ideas on what to give him or if to give him anything at all. So I thought of taking my papers for my loan and making him a love loan, I even made him a check for […]

  • Two pink roses

    Fantasy Remembered

    For our 3-month anniversary I had to work all day and was really bummed that I couldn’t be with my boyfriend. When I got off work I called him and he said that he was tired and that we could see each other tomorrow. I was really disappointed but I was too tired to care. […]

  • Singing gondolier

    An Italian Day Date

    My guy is very creative and romantic… and he loves all things old or Italian (go figure)! For our one-year dating anniversary, he surprised me with dinner at an Italian restaurant in Dana Point, Ca., and then after dinner we drove to an oddly built dock. We got out and walked down a ramp where […]