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Sensual Date Idea: Office Interlude

Office romance couple

I was supposed to meet my love at a small office after work. I knew no one else would be there, so I thought of an exciting way to spice things up on an otherwise ordinary Tuesday.

I sent him a sexy email about a „hypothetical” scene involving me wearing a skirt and meeting him at the office. Then I left him an envelope where he would find it before leaving to come to the office, but told him not to open it until I told him to.

In the envelope was a menu that I created. The front cover said, „On the menu this evening…” The first page said, „Appetizer: They say chocolate is an aphrodisiac. How about you start with this,” and I taped a piece of dark chocolate to the page. The second page said, „Main Course: Your main course will be arriving shortly. Why don’t you think about how you want it until it arrives,” and I taped a picture of me on the page. The last page said, „Dessert: I think you’ll know what to do with this,” and I taped a chocolate flavored condom on the page.

When I was getting close, I sent him a text message telling him he should open the envelope. The rest you can probably guess.

It was nice because it was unexpected and for no other reason than wanting to show him how much I love him – and how attracted to him I am.
submitted by Silvia

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