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Ruined Proposal

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When I was planning my proposal everything was set and ready to go. I had the ring, the flowers and the location. I found out that the element of surprise was gone when my future mother-in-law called me to tell me that my girlfriend knew that I was going to propose because she had accidentally let it slip. I needed to take some action.

I went out to a cheap jewelry shop and bought a cheap fake diamond ring. I broke off two of the arms that were holding the diamond in place so that the diamond came out. I then took it and placed in a beautiful felt box and got ready for the proposal.

I picked my girlfriend up and drove her to Central Park in NYC. I took her to a bench and told her how much I loved her and that she meant so much to me. Now as I am saying this I am opening the felt box in front of her. We both looked down and saw the ring, broken in the box.

I started to act upset, saying things like how could this happen, and I couldn’t believe this. She tried to calm me down telling me it would be ok, and we could get it fixed. That’s when I sprung it on her. I told her that I knew she knew that I was proposing that day and that the ring was fake and that in fact I was not going to propose today. At this point she was confused and started getting upset saying that her mom invited all these people to celebrate our engagement and that she bought all this food for it.

I told her to calm down and we would call her soon, but for now let’s just go for a walk in the park. As we turned a corner in the park, there on a half circle stone bench, were rose pedals, wine, candles, flowers, and stuffed animals. As she looked at it she said to me, “Oh that’s so sweet! What do you think is going on here?” I looked her in the eye in a way that told her exactly what was going on here.

I got down on one knee, and in front of 40 tourists that stopped to look, asked her to marry me with the real ring that was in my other pocket. I have been happily married for one year now.
submitted by Andy

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