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Romantic Proposal

Old pirate map

My Boyfriend had „reserved me” for the days of June 3rd and 4th, so I knew that he had something planned, but I had no idea what.

He asked me to come over to his house on Monday afternoon, and when I went out to my car to leave my house, on my hood was a cluster of lilacs and a little film canister. I opened up the canister and read: „Today we are going on a scavenger hunt. I have chosen 9 special places to symbolize the 9 months that we’ve been dating and you have to find each place by the clues I’m leaving you.”

And he left me the first clue. The first spot was his house. Then while I was there I had to find the next clue and so on. It was so much fun because we visited all of our romantic spots like where he asked me out and where we had our first kiss.

The 4th spot we visited was along side of the St. Anthony Falls in Minneapolis. That’s where we had been on our first date and several times since then. In this spot there was no next clue … instead he handed me a rolled piece of paper on which he had written me the most romantic letter I’ve ever read, talking about how much I mean to him and how much he loves me.

It was so sweet, and when I was done I gave him a big hug. While we were hugging I heard a ringing noise from the woods next to us. After a few rings Bill told me to go figure out what it was.

So I walked down the little path to find a huge pile of golf balls at the bottom of the path. I wasn’t really sure what was going on and asked Bill what he wanted me to do with them all. He said, „Kick them off!” So I did.
Underneath the golf balls was a heart-shaped stepping stone (which he had made) that read: “ON THIS SPOT, BILL (his full name) WAS ENGAGED TO CAILYNN (my full name). MY FIRST LOVE, MY TRUE LOVE, MY SOULMATE FOREVER. JUNE 3rd, 2015.”

I was like, „engaged?” I turned around and Brian was down on one knee holding a ring for me. It was the most incredible proposal I could have ever imagined!
submitted by Cailynn

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