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Romantic Proposal Ideas: Memorable Evening

White rose

I was having super bad day at work, when my boyfriend call me and said to be ready at 8. He picked me up and asked if I wanted a quiet or a fun night! I choose to have a fun night, because the mood I was in was not good!

We went to a sports bar with a huge fireplace and order one hamburger and fries to share. When I placed my hand on the hamburger to cut it in half, he placed his hand on mine and said „We are whole, with two separate souls!” I didn’t really understand, but after we ate.

The waitress came up to the table and gave me a white rose with a note saying „The night is not yet over”. We went to striking lanes and raced on the motorcycles. Just being close to him, was enough for me and lift my mood immediately!

When we played pinball, each time I beat him, I received another white rose with the first saying „I don’t believe this”, the second saying „You have all the moves” and the third „You are one lovely lady”. My eyes watered and I wanted to leave!

As he held the door open and I got in, he reached over to put my seatbelt on and kissed me very tenderly! As we left the parking lot, I thought we were going home and he said „One more stop to complete the night!”

As we pulled into a parking lot, there was a neon sign flashing „Memories” and below it „I LOVE YOU”! They played our song every half hour!

Each time we danced there was a red rose at our table and each one had a little saying on it! After 6 red roses and the notes put together, they spelled out „Will you be mine forever”.

We have been married for 3 years and our love grows stronger each day! I will never forget that night!
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