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Romantic Combination

Poker full house

After reading ideas4love.com I combined three ideas with a little twist involved.

I started evening with a game consisted of little notes placed all through my house that led her back to me to. So she find out how the evening would start, but I wanted to do it with a little twist. I read here that some people leave a trail of Hershey’s Kisses but instead I left notes on where to find the main note that sent her back to me. With each note I laid a white rose. At the end, where the final note was, I laid three pink roses tipped with red. When she came to her final destination which was me J she was all smiles.

I asked her to choose a number from one to ten she chose six so I gave her six kisses all on different places of her body.
After that I revealed six cards, with the word, “eats” on one side and on the other, listing a restaurant. After choosing her card, we went to eat.

I brought with me another set of cards for our trip. They included, „at this very moment give him a passionate kiss “, along with others such as, ” at each redlight kiss him”. Well, I received that card and commenced to pull over on the highway, stop, and lay one on her that she’d never forget.
The cards also included, „tell him something sensual about yourself or tell him something you think is sexy about them or tell him something that you have yet to reveal about your past and so on.

Not all cards referred to sensual stuff but there were questions that weren’t normally asked on a date e.g. regarding past, just something to get to know them better.
At the restaurant, there was another set of cards to establish what we will be doing after dinner. Card were such as: romantic walk at the beach, watching a live band, massage, and so on.

Evening went wonderful and she was very  impressed to say the least!

submitted by Kevin

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