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Proposal Ideas: Code Proposal Puzzle

Code Proposal Puzzle

I fell madly in love with a girl I was dating, so I proposed to her this way: a few days before the proposal, I made a puzzle box wherein she had to look for specific words pertaining to our relationship – words that had special meaning to us – but these words where arranged in a certain way.

Once she was done finding the words she would need to take the decoder I made for this which gets placed over the puzzle to reveal the message „I’m ready to love you, please be mine … just say yes and be my love.” I added hidden flaps to the puzzle box and hid the decoder behind one of the flaps and under the other one I hid a cut-out of her name (which had a love letter written on each letter).

I made note cards which had step-by-step instructions, answers to the game, etc., and put them inside. The last card had a note telling her to look for me outside her house once she was done. I gave the box to her after a dinner date and told her not to open it until she got home.

We separated there and I secretly followed her car to her house. I waited outside until she came out and found me kneeling on the ground, waiting for her reply … of course she said yes! Then I told her to open the trunk of the car and out popped balloons to reveal a huge bouquet of roses!

We’re on our second month now and it’s been the happiest and best two months ever! Our love is really strong and hopefully it would last forever!
submitted by Andrew

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