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Proposal Ideas: Christmas Tree Hunt Proposal II

Christmas Tree Proposal

This has yet to be done, but here’s the plan: On Christmas Day, I am going to have five presents under my girlfriend’s tree for her. She will of course believe that I am at my father’s celebrating Christmas but I will be hiding in the kitchen.

The first present will be a ticket stub to our first movie which just happened to be our first date and where our first kiss was. The second will be a picture of her 5-month-old niece and me. That one will be representing the time when we casually began talking about kids and a life together. The next will be a picture of the two of us at my sister’s wedding a few months later. We had an amazing time and couldn’t stop saying „I love you” to each other that day.

The next one will be a Valentine’s Day stuffed toy gorilla reminding her of the amazing Valentine’s Day the two of us had a few months after my sister’s wedding. The last present will have a note in it reading: “You have given me more joy than even I thought possible, and at the end of this string I hope to give back just a fraction of that joy to you…”

There will be a string attached to the bottom of the box leading around the tree 3 or 4 times and up to the top.

Around the back of the star at the top of the tree will be an engagement ring. Just before she gets to the ring, I am going to come out from the kitchen and make my speech and get down on one knee and ask her to marry me.
submitted by Emilio

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