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Proposal Ideas: Christmas Scavenger Hunt Proposal

Scavenger Hunt

Last Christmas was the first holiday I’d spent with my boyfriend’s family. After we’d been at their house for a couple of days, my mother-in-law told me that she was sending me on a scavenger hunt. They’d sent one of their friends on a similar hunt the day before, so I didn’t think much of it.

Before we went, me and my boyfriend had to write notes to each other on cards. These cards would be part of our reward for finishing the scavenger hunt. We piled into my mother-in-law’s car and headed out. My father-in-law videotaped the whole thing, and constantly asked up questions about what we thought the reward was going to be. The hunt led so to three or four different places around town, and finally took us to my boyfriend’s sister’s house. When we walked in, there was soft music playing in the living room. My mother-in-law presented us with the cards we had written earlier, and we swapped them. My boyfriend read the one I had written, and then it was time for me to read his. I unfolded it carefully and this is what I read:

„I know you thought this was a present for the two of us, but this present is for you, and only you. This present has never been given to anyone else and will remain yours for all eternity. Babe, I love you unconditionally and I always will. Once again, there are no words to describe how I feel about you. I have never cared for a person like this before. It’s as if I am falling deeper and deeper in love with you every day. I cannot wait until the day we are married and we can start a life of our own together. Babe, I love and care about you so much and I have one more question to ask….”

I thought the question was on the back, so I turned the card over. When I didn’t find any writing there, I looked at my boyfriend to see what was going on. What I saw made me start to cry. My boyfriend was down on one knee, ring in hand. It was the best Christmas gift ever!!
submitted by Natalie

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