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Memorable Valentine’s Day

Five colorful roses

For Valentine’s Day one year, my fiancé and I took time off together and had the house to ourselves. After making love, he told me he had a surprise for me, but that I couldn’t have it until he left.

After 20 minutes of me trying to guess, he told me to walk him to the door.

When we got there, he told me he’d hidden 5 long-stemmed roses around the house, each one a different color. I had to find them before he got back with my other surprise. I couldn’t get him out the door fast enough!

I was tearing his house apart looking for those roses. He’d hidden one in every room – even the bathroom. Each one had a „Reason Why I Love You” card attached to it.

Later, he came back with another surprise for me: a cake with an inscription saying how special he thinks I am. He found be crying my eyes out. To me, he is the special one, and he still is, nearly two years later.
submitted by Abigail

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