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Long Distance Relationship Anniversary Gift: Care Package

Holding little white gift box

I was going to school in Florida and met my boyfriend early my senior year. We started living together after a few months and by the end of the summer I had to move back home.In our long distance relationship we tried to celebrate every monthly anniversary and since it was going to be our first one apart I wanted to prepare special gift for him.

I went out and bought all the little things I would have normally brought back to our apartment on a weekly basis and wrapped each item like a separate gift with wrapping paper of his favorite color.

I got his favorite candies, vitamins (he’s a vitamin nut), sugar free cough drops (because he was sick), snack/meal replacement bars especially made for diabetics & other random stuff.

For each wrapped item with a flat surface, I had a card attached with reasons why I loved him and how much I missed him. For the other items I printed out quotes from love songs by his favorite bands and pasted them to the wrapping paper.

He was so moved when got it in the mail that I actually heard him get emotional over the phone as he opened each thing. Sometimes the smallest things can show a person how well you know them and how much you care.

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