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LDR Relationship Ideas: Keeping The Sparks Flying

envelope with a kiss

In a long distance relationship, like I have been for some time now, and by the way, the love is still as strong as in the beginning, it is important to keep the sparks flying.

Sending enticing, provocative, and sensual e-mails on a whim is sure to keep your loved one anticipating what’s to come. I sent the following e-mail to my sweetheart’s job in the middle of the day: „I remembered something that happened this morning. I was daydreaming, and I do that a lot, but this time was a little bit different.

You and I were at a party, some people we knew and some we didn’t. It had nice atmosphere. I had „just enough to drink”, feeling kind of good and „bad”. I’m dancing occasionally, unusual I know, but I’m enjoying it. I’m mingling over here and you’re mingling over there, but I kept giving you these seductive looks whenever I could catch your eye.

Was I aware that other people noticed these looks? Maybe some people did, but not all. Did I care? No. And when I began to feel „extra” good, I knew that it was time for us to go!

On our way out, I received a very discreet comment from one of those people that I knew, who just so happened to noticed the looks I was giving you, and they simply said, „The fun is not over for the two of you, is it?”

All I could do was smile.
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