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LDR Digital Birthday Celebration: E-mail Birthday Celebration

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My boyfriend was in India on work and was meant to be there for a only a month. But things weren’t turning out well, and he ended up staying there for about four months. During this time it was his 33rd birthday.

I had to re-plan my previous ideas of a romantic day out for his birthday because he would be in India, and since things weren’t going too well at the time either, I decided that I wanted to make it really large scale and put all of my effort into his day.

There wasn’t enough time to send my gifts through the mail to him, so instead I sent him gifts over the Internet and through text messages. I sent him six gifts, which I e-mailed regularly throughout the day.

The first gift that I sent him was an e-mail saying happy birthday and to keep checking his inbox throughout the day. I also added 33 kisses (i.e. 33 animated pictures of lips kissing) The second gift I sent was 33 things that I miss about him. I made a fancy title and sent him the list.

The third gift that I gave was of 33 different ways that I would kiss him when he came home. The fourth gift I gave was an interactive slideshow that I had created. It said how much I loved him and cared for him. It had pictures of us together, and some really nice memories. The fifth gift was the infamous „love coupons” that I had made. I told him to print them out and take them back on the plane so that we could use them when he came back. The sixth and final gift was a whole lot of pictures of me.

Because I knew that he was missing me, I thought that it would be sweet to send him pictures of how I was at the time. I also sent some pictures „for his eyes only!” Throughout the day I also sent texts telling him how much I was thinking about him and how much I support him and also every time after I sent a mail I would notify him by text. He really loved it and it really made his day brighter.

It was something that he’ll never forget.
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