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Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Date: Mini Van Picnic

Minivan Picnic trip

For Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend did the sweetest thing. It was very inexpensive, but super romantic.

He took showed up in his Mom’s minivan (weird I know, but just wait) on Valentine’s Day evening. He told me to get in the car and look forward. He then proceeded to give me an appetizer (strawberries and whipped cream). After I finished, he blind folded me and we proceeded to drive.

When we stopped he led me out of the van and around the back of it. When I opened my eyes I saw he had taken all of the seats out of it, the inside was completely lined with candles and pillows.

In the corner was a small stuffed animal which he named after himself. Next to it was a note that read: “This stuffed animal is for all the moments I cannot be with you. Whenever you are afraid, or need a hug and I cannot be with you, he will be. I love you and care about you, and will always be there for you.”

We crawled in and looked out. He left the van open, so I could see where we were. He had backed up to the edge of a cliff looking right over a lake and a beautiful sunset.

He then got out two glasses and two plates full of a picnic dinner he had brought. Afterwards we cuddled, and I gave him my present to him.

It was the most creative thing ever!
submitted by Anonymous

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