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Inexpensive Gift Idea: Laminated Keepsakes

Laminated Keepsakes

I wanted to give the girl who stole my heart a good gift that was original.

I had a few playing cards laying around so I cut out 3 hearts. They are pretty small so it helps to have steady hands and sharp scissors. I glued 2 of them together so it was the same either side you looked at it.

I bought a laminator for around $20 and some laminating sheets – (Let me tell you, it’s definitely worth it! I laminated all of my important documents and cards and they really last. It also helps for romantic ideas like this because you can make your gifts last longer) – I took the 2 hearts glued together and laminated them with a business card sized sheet.

Now she can take my heart with her wherever she goes. The third heart I cut out I put on a white laminated sheet of paper and framed with photo matte. You can buy them at different sizes at Wal-Mart near the photo frames. They’re fairly cheap and they really make your pictures and other things look great and all you have to do is mount them on the back and you have an instant frame.

So now she has my heart framed to put in her room to know that I will always love her because she has my heart. She can also carry around the business card sized heart with her so no matter where she goes she knows that she has my heart.
submitted by Adam

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