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Inexpensive Gift Idea: Blanket Full Of Hugs

First you’re going to need about $20 dollars depending on the store you go to. Buy an inexpensive twin blanket that has a relatively smooth weave in your love’s favorite color. Next you’re going to have to go to the Fabric store. Buy a lot of complementary ribbon that will show up on the blanket you have chosen.

I used two spools worth of ribbon and each ribbon spool supposedly had 18 feet of ribbon on it. Also buy a product called Liquid Stitch (its a type of glue for fabrics), some fabric chalk, puff paints, a sewing needle, and some thread that will match the ribbon. You will also need to enlist the help of a friend.

After gathering all these items, find an area that you can spread the blanket out on. Then lie down on the blanket with your arms out horizontally. Have your friend trace your body with the fabric chalk. Then take the Liquid Stitch and the ribbon and cover the chalk outline with ribbon.

After waiting the 24 hours for it to dry, go back and tack the ribbon down with the thread if you need to. I tacked the ribbon down in areas where I had bent the ribbon to make a curve such as around the feet and the fingers.

After this I took the puff paints and drew a face and some hair on the outline of myself. Then, after it dried, I hugged the blanket several times. If my man were to wrap it around himself „I” would be hugging him. Since my love and I live far away he loved the idea.
submitted by Kristen

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