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Proposal Ideas: Fireworks Proposal

My boyfriend and I had been dating for a year when he asked if I’d like to go to Leeds Castle in Kent to watch the fireworks.

The place was packed when we arrived so we grabbed something to eat and he walked me down the lakeside. There we sat underneath a willow tree and started chatting. After we had finished eating he turned to me and got on one knee. I burst into tears and he hadn’t even said anything! He smiled and asked for my hand in marriage. Of course I said yes!

He was thrilled and we stood watching the fireworks with beaming smiles.
submitted by Amy


Inexpensive Gift Idea: Laminated Keepsakes

I wanted to give the girl who stole my heart a good gift that was original.

I had a few playing cards laying around so I cut out 3 hearts. They are pretty small so it helps to have steady hands and sharp scissors. I glued 2 of them together so it was the same either side you looked at it.

I bought a laminator for around $20 and some laminating sheets – (Let me tell you, it’s definitely worth it! I laminated all of my important documents and cards and they really last. It also helps for romantic ideas like this because you can make your gifts last longer) – I took the 2 hearts glued together and laminated them with a business card sized sheet.

Now she can take my heart with her wherever she goes. The third heart I cut out I put on a white laminated sheet of paper and framed with photo matte. You can buy them at different sizes at Wal-Mart near the photo frames. They’re fairly cheap and they really make your pictures and other things look great and all you have to do is mount them on the back and you have an instant frame.

So now she has my heart framed to put in her room to know that I will always love her because she has my heart. She can also carry around the business card sized heart with her so no matter where she goes she knows that she has my heart.
submitted by Adam

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First Date Ideas: Hug Book

On our very first date, my boyfriend and I walked into Chapters, a book store in the mall. We went into the kiddy section, and he picked out a book that was on display, it was called the „Hug” book.

He read it to me out loud with all the cute little voices and actions and everything. It was so sweet. Then in the summer, he left for BC, and when he came back, I met him at the local mall, and handed him a gift…and go figure, it was the Hug book.

He was so surprised because for the longest time we couldn’t find it, it was all sold out. I spent a month looking for it, and when I did find it without hesitation, I bought it, and now every so often he reads it to me over the phone.
submitted by Anonymous


DIY Birthday Gift: Memory Box

I had just started dating my boyfriend when my 21st birthday came around.

The week before we had given each other flowers. He had taken the ones I gave him and pressed them. He bought a box that had a picture frame for a lid and he put the Lily of the Valleys and a cherry blossom into it. Lily of the Valley means “return to happiness” and cherry blossoms mean “spiritual beauty.”

He told me it was a memory box that we can fill with things while we date. It was so sweet.
submitted by Anonymous


Prom Date Ideas: Special Night

My girlfriend and I went to the prom, and after the prom I took her to the sailboat docks.

She was surprised when I pulled out a rose and two wine glasses from behind he seat.

I took out a bottle of wine out of the tool box of my truck and played soft music on the CD player.
submitted by Casper

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Proposal Ideas: Fantasy Firework Proposal

I believe that I had a completely traditional, „every girl’s fantasy” proposal. My husband and I had only been dating a month. We were completely in love and knew we wanted to be together forever, but marriage was never even discussed…it didn’t have to be.

On the 4th of July, we, along with 5 of our friends, went to a fireworks festival, and after we had all settled down to watch the show, he grabs me and tells me that there’s a better spot higher on this hill.

So, he takes me under a HUGE oak tree, holds my hands and stares at me while the fireworks are going off in the background, and all our friends were 15 feet away, watching everything (turns out that everyone knew but me). He starts telling me how much he loves me, and then don’t you know that this boy drops to one knee and takes out a ring.

There was a HUGE crowd because of the fireworks show, along with news and radio announcers covering the event. Everyone started clapping and screaming for us, and before I knew it, the fireworks were finished, and we were engaged.

Tomorrow is our one year anniversary, and we couldn’t be happier. If you’re going to pop the big question, make sure you make it an event to remember for the rest of your life.

You’re only going to do it once.
submitted by Andrea

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Long Distance Relationship Ideas: Food Delivery

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 5 months now. I live in Texas and he left recently to go to school in Idaho. I think about him often and I always think of ways to show it to him.

Well, tonight, I looked up on Google places in his town that deliver (food places of course). I ordered him his favorite pizza (Hawaiian Pizza) and another pepperoni pizza for his roommates and of course some cheesy bread, cinnamon sticks and soda to top it all off.

It was super easy, it only cost me 21 bucks and they even wrote his name on the box for me! They were super sweet about it!
submitted by Antonia


Gift Ideas: How To Give A Wallet

Say your man needs a new wallet. Wow! How boring! Well, you can make it caring, interesting and a very thoughtful gift by dressing it up a bit.

First get different gift cards from various places and place them in the wallet like credit cards. Then, get a picture of the two of you together and put it where the license would go.

Make some cute little coupons out of index cards such as: get out of an argument for free; free kissing card; back rub; etc and put them where the money goes. Either that, or in addition to that, you could make fake money that can buy things like a foot massage or their favorite dinner.

Then make a business card that has your name, number, etc. on it. On the bottom print „anytime you need someone to talk to or to comfort you call…” Make sure to make up a cute profession like „loving girlfriend” or something.

You can load the wallet up with these things and when he first opens it he’ll think “oh a wallet,” but imagine how surprise he’ll be to see what’s inside!
submitted by Anonymous

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Everyday Romance Idea: Have Lunch On Me

My husband and I have been married for almost a year, but we’ve been a couple for five years. We recently decided that we needed to bring that dating feeling back into our relationship and start doing the sweet little things that we use to do for each other.

So I purchased a $10 gift card to his favorite lunch hang out and created a card on the computer that said on the front, „Just because I love you” and on the inside it said „Have lunch on me, and later tonight have me for dessert!!!”

I taped the gift card to the inside of the card and taped the card to the steering wheel of his car the next morning. When he got into the car needless to say he was very surprised and couldn’t wait to call me at work and tell me how much he loved it.
submitted by Margaret


DIY Valentine Gift: Memories of Us

On our first Valentine’s Day we will have been together for 41 weeks (10 months). I didn’t want to fall into the commercial Valentine’s Day racket, but I did want to do something to celebrate our love.

So, I decided to make him a poster. I took 41 of our best memories (one to represent each week together) and wrote them on pink and red hearts (I cut them out of construction paper).

Then I arranged the hearts around the edges of a pink piece of poster board. In the center of the poster, I wrote “Happy Valentine’s Day” and glued a picture of us and some mementos.

I also put the poster in a frame, so he can hang it up. I fixed up a gift bag to go along with the poster. In the bag is the movie we saw together on our first date and some other little things that refer back to the poster memories.

He will love it and I met my goal of keeping it non-commercial. I can’t wait for him to see it!
submitted by Anonymous


Romantic Weekend Getaways: Whisked to a Winery

I’d love to take credit for this, but it was entirely my husband’s idea. One weekend when we both had some free time, my husband told me to dress comfortably and bring a book of my favorite poetry (if your not into poetry, bring a portable DVD player and a romantic movie or the Chicken Soup for the Romantic’s Soul).

We drove for about an hour and a half and the whole way we caught up on our week and listened to a CD of our favorite songs that he made for me. He pulled into a winery, and we took a tour and tried the wine (however if your not into wine, tour a gourmet candy shop and buy a few pieces or a cheese shop or a microbrewery… whatever is close to you).

We didn’t stay for dinner, but enjoyed the sunset over the beautiful grounds. I thought our night was over and was already impressed, but then he stopped at a local lake. He pulled out a blanket from the trunk along with a huge picnic basket and asked me to grab my poetry book.

He set the blanket a few feet from the beach and pulled out 2 hurricane lamps, lit them and then prepared our dinner. After dinner he reached into that magical picnic basket once again and produced my favorite truffles and fed them to me while reading me poetry.

Unbeknownst to me he had booked a hotel room and instead of driving back that night he took me there.

All I can say is the romance of the night definitely led to our late check out time…
submitted by Demi


Special Day To Celebrate: Happy ANY DAY

My husband and I created our own special day to celebrate. The best part of our holiday is that it can happen as many times a year as we choose. We pick a day and declare it to be „ANY DAY.”

Usually it’s a surprise that can range from a simple act of kindness to buying a favorite video or magazine one of us has had our eye on.

Sometimes it’s a special “favor” like cleaning the snow off his car or running a bath with candles when he knows I’ve had a stressful day.
submitted by Amber

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DIY Gift Idea: Hidden Message Jar

Recently, I’ve read through the gift ideas on this site and thought of one of my own.

I went to the glass store and bought a glass jar, along with a bag of beads (blue, which happened to be my sweetheart’s favorite color), and a bag of letters, which you can buy at any craft store.

I filled the jar with beads and made a little message with the letters. I took the letters and put them in the jar of beads, shaking the jar a bit to make sure it was mixed up.

I put the lid on the jar and presented it to my boyfriend. I told him to spill the beads out and find the letters, then unscramble the message.

The message I put in the jar was just a simple “I love you,” but my boyfriend loved it and I enjoyed watching him have fun seeking my message.
submitted by Anonymous

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Anniversary Date Idea: Up, Up & Away!

My boyfriend is an adventure seeker. He loves doing anything to get the blood pumping.

Ever since the beginning of our relationship he has been talking about wanting to get his pilot’s license. This year is our 5th anniversary, so I thought it would be a nice idea to go to the local flying club and book a one hour flight.

This way, we get to enjoy the scenic ride, and the hour counts towards his pilot’s license requirements!

I’m sure he’s going to love it!
submitted by Helen


Outdoor Proposal Idea: Fairy Tale Proposal

My boyfriend and I had been going out for 1 year. One Summer night in July, after we had just finished up at a family picnic he suggested that we do something different, assuming that „different” was just a night at the mall or maybe a movie.

My premonition looked to be right-on when we pulled into a mini-shopping plaza. Confused I asked him what was going on because he looked a little nervous. He said nothing was wrong but we were meeting someone here.

Then he started telling me how much he loved me and how he was so grateful to have me in his life. I was even more confused when I saw the person that we were waiting for drive up in a van labeled „balloon services”. My boyfriend said, “okay, let’s go,” and we got in the van and drove to an open field about 20 minutes away.

I continued to ask what was up but the only reply that I received was, “You’ll see.” Finally, as we entered the field, my question was answered; in front of me stood a hot air balloon and my boyfriend asking if I was ready. About half way into the ride at 3500 ft. my boyfriend proposed to me.

It was the most romantic, and totally unexpected proposal I could of ever dreamed of, it was perfect. Of course I said YES, and we will be getting married next year.
submitted by Chrissy

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DIY Valentine Idea: Love You Pop-Up Book

It was a random day that I decided to make this, but he really loved it.

I made this pop-up book that consisted of 3 pages. I wrote the words I…LOVE…YOU on separate pages and on each page decorated it with a certain theme. For instance on the „I” page I decorated it with stars in the midnight sky and so on.

It was elaborately decorated and he still to this day has it and thinks it is the most coolest and thoughtful card anyone has ever made him.
submitted by Liz


Make Your Relationship Work Again: Happily Ever After

My boyfriend and I were together for about a year and we were living together for the latter 4 months of our relationship. With all the stress from our jobs and other factors we started to argue more and more.

Eventually we decided to take a break. After about a month of being just friends, but still roommates I decided to do something really sweet for Valentine’s Day which was about a month away. One day, I got out of my classes at noon and got started. I put together a children’s book telling the story of Derek and I; how we met … and how we split up. And I ended by drawing a huge question mark and the following, „What happens next is up to you. To be continued. …” I typed it all out and glued it all on construction paper and I even illustrated it.

Afterwards, I had it laminated. I decided to give it to him early. So I snuck over to his work and placed it in his car in the driver’s seat with a little love letter. As soon as he got off work and found it he called me on his cell and read it aloud.

He said it was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for him. And now, we are together again.
submitted by Olivia

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Inexpensive Outdoor Date Idea: Truck Bed Picnic

My boyfriend was having a bad week. So, I borrowed his truck and cleaned it out for him.

Then I went out and bought a bunch of tea candles and construction paper. Then I went home and made little candle holders and wrote sweet things on them like, „I love you,” „I love you because you love cartoons,” and ” I love you because you sing in the car.”

That night we drove out into a field in the country and I went in the back of his truck and lit all the candles, served him desert in the truck bed, and played a CD of romantic songs on it.

He said it was the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for him!
submitted by Anonymous

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Amazing Proposal Idea: Exclusive Romantic Dinner Proposal

My husband went all out with his proposal. It was amazing. First he took me to a wonderful French restaurant that was completely empty aside from us and the workers.

After we ate, our song came on and he asked me to dance. I was already swept off my feet. Then we sit back down and a monitor came up with a tape of him telling me what I mean to him, how much he loves me, and so much more.

Then it ended with the video him telling me to look at the real him. When I did, he had the ring out and asked me to marry me. I was in tears.

I find it the best and most romantic idea ever.
submitted by Jill


Valentines Handmade Creative Card

For Valentine’s Day one year, I wanted to do something special for my boyfriend but I didn’t have much money…

So, I made him a card using an old CD case, construction paper, puff paint from the nearest craft store, and some small springs from old pens. I decorated the front and back covers with words like; “Be Mine” or “Sweet Thang” with puff paint and a heart shaped pipe cleaner with his name in the middle.

The inside (where the disc would usually be) had springs everywhere that were hot glued to the surface and different color and size hearts on top, so that when he opened it, the hearts would spring out. I wrote a little saying in it too. Along with the card I got him a fake, white rose to symbolize pure, undying love and sprayed some of my perfume on it.

He really liked it! The card may be somewhat difficult to close, but it’s totally worth it.
submitted by Amanda

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Fun Date Ideas: Tourists For A Day!

Pretend that you are tourists for the day. Dress in tropical attire (or something obviously touristy) Purchase a tour book of your city and set out to see the sites.

Don’t forget to take along the camera for some goofy, but unforgettable pictures. You may want to visit museums, the zoo, historical sites, known tourist traps, etc.

This is so much fun, because you may have never gotten around to see the things that you take for granted in your city, state, or town.
submitted by Hayden


Creative Romantic Gift: Love Checks

A few years ago, I wanted to give my partner a romantic gift, so I bought some paper with hearts on it and a folder.

Using Word, I created bank checks on which I wrote things that could be cashed in like dinner, dishes, other „favors,” a sports match without interruption etc…

I sent it to him and when he got it – it brought tears to his eyes… and my boy doesn’t cry! 🙂
submitted by Anonymous


Three Year Anniversary Engagement Night To Remember

I had been going out with my boyfriend for about 3 years, things had been so hectic, (moving to another city) that I had completely forgotten about our three year anniversary. He sure didn’t though.

He had called the moving company and told them that they didn’t need to be there for another day and when I got home from work, I was less then willing to move anything. I walked in the door and on three of the China Barrels he had put a plush teddy with fire and ice roses in their paws, and a note saying to put on the blindfold and wait. I put on the blindfold and he was behind me rubbing my face and neck all over with one of the roses.

He lead me out to the veranda on the back of the house and lifted the blindfold. All around the deck were Vanilla scented candles, and in the middle was a makeshift table with our mattress on it, he gave me a complete body massage with rose oil, and kissed me all over, telling me how much he loved me.

A few minutes later he pulled out an engagement ring and asked me to marry ” A poor sucker of Romance who loves you to the end of eternity.” Of course I said yes!: )

We have been happy since 🙂
submitted by Amber

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Cute Gift For Summer Vacation Separation

Every year my family goes to Myrtle Beach for a summer vacation. I wasn’t too happy about leaving my boyfriend for the week…

The morning before we left, he came over to say goodbye and promise to keep in touch. He surprised me with a paper bag full of all my favorite snack foods, drinks, 2 slices of key lime pie (our favorite), and a calling card for my trip.

The comics had messages written around them so that I would have something to read on the way. We sat and enjoyed the 2 slices of pie and spent our last few minutes together. We did as we promised and kept in touch every night.

The gift he gave me let me know just how much he pays attention to the little things I love and makes me feel loved.

We’ve been together for 2 years now and he still is the sweetest guy I’ve ever met.
submitted by Heather

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Everyday Romantic Ideas: Sweet Waking Up

My fiancé knows I have trouble waking up in the morning and that I am cranky.

So, in the morning, to wake me up, he sings to me and brings me my morning drink. The song he sings to me goes like this, „Good morning, Beautiful, how was your night? Mine was wonderful with you by my side.” That’s my favorite part of the song.

But it is so sweet and romantic to do for someone you love who you know is not a morning person.
submitted by Sasha

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Perfect Gift For Boyfriend: Their Perfect Day

Looking for the perfect gift? Plan their perfect day!

Take all of those things that your partner just LOVES doing that you could do without and plan an itinerary…make reservations…and plan their perfect day!

For my partner’s birthday, I bought roundtrip train tickets (in advance), cheap tickets to a baseball game, made reservations at his favorite restaurant, and rented his favorite movie on DVD to watch at home.

He was so appreciative of all of the thought I put in…your date would be, too!
submitted by Anonymous


Sweet Gift Idea For Boyfriend: Little Packets of Love

I did this for Christmas, but you can really do this anytime, and the good thing about it is that a guy or girl can do it. It’s hard to find sweet things to do for your boyfriend that don’t have to do with flowers or teddy bears. I wanted my boyfriend to know I love him, but in a creative way.

So, I bought little mini bags of M&M’s and on little pieces of paper I typed up reasons why I love him. For example, I love you because… when we kiss there’s still sparks.

Then I punched holes in the corner of the papers and I tied one to each M&M bag with a piece of ribbon. To top it all off I put them all in a cute bag and gave it to him for an early Christmas present.

He loved it, and it was a nice treat to read a new reason why I loved him with every candy he ate.
submitted by Nicky


Christmas Gift Proposal Idea: A, B, C Proposal

After hurricane Katrina, I met my boyfriend in a restaurant about 300 miles from his home. We had an amazing few months together, we just connected in a way that I never even knew was possible.

About two weeks before Christmas my boyfriend asked me for a list of three things that he could choose from to buy me. My list consisted of: a MP3 player, a bottle of perfume, and finally an organizer.

He proceeded to tell me that he would get me one of the three gifts and my Christmas shopping went as usual. In our families, it is tradition to open gifts on Christmas Eve, instead of Christmas Day. I gave him his gifts and then it was my turn…

He pulled out three Christmas bags marked A, B, and C. He gave me the bag marked „A,” I opened it with excitement and I found the perfume. Next, he gave me the bag marked „B,” I opened this one and found the MP3 player. The MP3 player’s packaging had been opened and I looked at it puzzled, he told me to put it on and listen to the song that he had downloaded to it. It was the most romantic song ever!

After my eyes were good and wet, he gave me my final gift… by now I was expecting the organizer, with all of the other gifts being on the list. Before I opened this bag that was marked „C,” he told me that he didn’t like organizers, but here was my last gift. I gently pulled the tissue paper out of the bag and inside I found a little white box. I put it on the table and said, „Well, it’s not an organizer.” I pulled the smaller box out, expecting it to be earrings or a necklace, but there inside was the most beautiful ring. By then I was crying, he was already on one knee asking me, „Will you marry me?”

It was definitely a wonderful Christmas!
submitted by Winona

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Cheap Gift Idea: Going Overboard

Here’s a good idea for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries etc.:

Choose something your mate can’t get enough of, and go way overboard! My husband is a microwave popcorn-o-holic … for Christmas, I bought him cases and cases of microwave popcorn, stacked on top of each other, and wrapped up as one gift!

He loved it!
submitted by Robin

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Romantic Things For Couples: Gingerbread Sheep

When my boyfriend and I were watching a film together, he fell asleep and started talking about edible sheep in his sleep. From that moment on it became a private joke between the two of us.

A few months after this happened; he turned up at my house holding a biscuit tin. I asked him what was in it, and he just grinned and asked how many sheep I wanted (that was what he had been saying in his sleep).

He then opened the tin to show me a dozen or so gingerbread sheep cookies! Gingerbread is my favorite food and it turned out he had spent days looking up recipes and practicing baking to make me a wonderful surprise!

It was a shame to have to eat them!
submitted by Maria

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Outdoor Date Ideas: View Of The Ocean

Take your honeybunch on a long drive with the view of the ocean.

Stop at a cliff or park your car off the road so that you can watch the sun set over the water.

When the stars are shining and the moon shines bright pop a love song into the car stereo and dance the night away or just hold each other close.
submitted by Julia


LDR Gift Ideas: Kisses At Night On Travel Pillow

I met a wonderful man a while back, and we live some distance apart. He would miss my kisses at night, so I came up with an idea that will never keep him from my kisses again.

I bought an extra-large travel size pillow with a white zipper case to put it in. I went to the craft store and bought non-toxic paint, I painted my lips and kissed the pillowcase, I did this over and over again in all our favorite colors. I also bought a rubber stamp that say’s „I love u” and stamped that all over the pillow.

Now every time he feels lonely he just cuddles with my kisses.
submitted by Nicole

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Relationship Ideas: Fun Inexpensive Rings

One night I got the crazy idea in my head that we needed rings.

But we’re in college and completely broke, so we drove to every grocery store in town looking for one of those gumball machines that has rings in them.

After about 6 stores, we finally found one. Now he has a ring with an alligator on it and mine has hearts on it. The night only cost us what we used in gas plus a $1.00 for the rings.

It was a great adventure!
submitted by Drew

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Proposal Ideas: Dessert Proposal

One of my friends was telling the proposal story of her sister: The boyfriend took her and some of her family and friends to eat out at a nice place. Well, after eating dinner, he asked her if she wanted dessert.

She said no, but little did she know that he had desert already planned out. He had the waiters/waitresses prepare a humongous brownie and ice-cream dessert, with tons of whipped cream and cherries too.

The engagement ring (pretty good sized) was placed on the stem of a cherry so that it sat on it. Well, they brought it out, and he asked, „Do you like it?” She replied, „No. I don’t want it. It’s too big.” Well, the boyfriend of course was crushed! But then her sister said, „LOOK!”

She hadn’t even SEEN the ring, so then she turned the dish, and then said yes!
submitted by Lisa


LDR Relationship Ideas: Keeping The Sparks Flying

In a long distance relationship, like I have been for some time now, and by the way, the love is still as strong as in the beginning, it is important to keep the sparks flying.

Sending enticing, provocative, and sensual e-mails on a whim is sure to keep your loved one anticipating what’s to come. I sent the following e-mail to my sweetheart’s job in the middle of the day: „I remembered something that happened this morning. I was daydreaming, and I do that a lot, but this time was a little bit different.

You and I were at a party, some people we knew and some we didn’t. It had nice atmosphere. I had „just enough to drink”, feeling kind of good and „bad”. I’m dancing occasionally, unusual I know, but I’m enjoying it. I’m mingling over here and you’re mingling over there, but I kept giving you these seductive looks whenever I could catch your eye.

Was I aware that other people noticed these looks? Maybe some people did, but not all. Did I care? No. And when I began to feel „extra” good, I knew that it was time for us to go!

On our way out, I received a very discreet comment from one of those people that I knew, who just so happened to noticed the looks I was giving you, and they simply said, „The fun is not over for the two of you, is it?”

All I could do was smile.
submitted by Anonymous

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Christmas Gift Idea: For A New Love

My guy and I had been dating only 3 months when Christmas came around so I didn’t want to spend an outrageous amount of money on him. Although I did want him to know how much he means to me.

I work at a bank so I found an old money bag and cut a handle hole out of the top. Then I got red and green paint pens and wrote all over it quotes and little notes to him.

I filled it up with two DVDs that he wanted, a shirt, and filled it up with his favorite candy. I know it really meant alot to him.

It took me forever to make but it was worth it.
submitted by Rita

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Inxpensive Everyday Romance: Fun on a Budget

My boyfriend and I are both students and often strapped for cash.

So, Saturdays are the BEST cheap date days. Head to your favorite toy store and play with the scooters and stuffed animals… visit a bookstore together, each picking out a book you’d like the other to read. (The erotica section can be very interesting or you can give each other compatibility quizzes), stop by a thrift store, set a limit anywhere from $2-5 dollars and split up and search for the perfect gift for your loved one.

Then share a coffee and a loaf of fresh bread for lunch and a walk in the park
submitted by Kim

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DIY Valentine Ideas: Little Kid’s Valentines

Last year, my then boyfriend wrote a poem for me and cut each word out and then taped each word to a different little kid valentine (like the Winnie The Pooh and Toy Story).

He then hid them all over my apartment. I had to find them all, and then put them in order (he had numbered them also).

He also had another copy of the poem for me to keep. It was the sweetest, most romantic thing, and it didn’t cost a fortune.
submitted by Marie


Date Ideas: Sweep Her Off Her Feet

This is a good one if she doesn’t drive. I started off by telling her the previous night that I was busy and wouldn’t be able to see her.

Then, I told her ride not to pick her up from work. Instead, I showed up. She just about fainted when she saw me waiting outside, and I informed her that her ride’s car had broken down so I would be taking her home.

When she figured out I wasn’t heading back to her place, I informed her we would be taking a detour to her favorite restaurant. After dinner, I took her to see a movie, again she was unaware until she noticed I was going the wrong direction and I told her we had tickets. At the end of the evening, when I dropped her off, I had one last surprise.

That morning, I took the liberty of making a cake – all chocolate everything, from scratch – and getting her roses. Before picking her up, I took the liberty of stopping at her place to leave the cake on her kitchen table and roses on her pillow.

This takes a little planning but will sweep her off her feet.
submitted by Bill


Anniversary Date Idea: Surprise Date

For an anniversary my boyfriend and I went out early one morning and I wouldn’t tell him where we were going.

I drove to a train station and had the tickets ahead of time, so he didn’t even know what stop we were getting off at. We wound up in New York City and I took him to see a Broadway show.

He was so surprised. It was something early on in our relationship that showed him how special he was to me.
submitted by Jean


DIY Gift Ideas For Boyfriend: Kisses From A Far

For a special little gift, I found a „kiss” poem online, and then printed it out in a cool font on nice paper. I put my own kisses (in my favorite lipstick color) all around the poem.

I covered the poem with clear contact paper to „seal” the kisses and rolled it up and tied it with funky yarn. I mailed it in a clear tube container with heart shaped confetti showing through it.

He absolutely loved it!
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Proposal Ideas: Code Proposal Puzzle

I fell madly in love with a girl I was dating, so I proposed to her this way: a few days before the proposal, I made a puzzle box wherein she had to look for specific words pertaining to our relationship – words that had special meaning to us – but these words where arranged in a certain way.

Once she was done finding the words she would need to take the decoder I made for this which gets placed over the puzzle to reveal the message „I’m ready to love you, please be mine … just say yes and be my love.” I added hidden flaps to the puzzle box and hid the decoder behind one of the flaps and under the other one I hid a cut-out of her name (which had a love letter written on each letter).

I made note cards which had step-by-step instructions, answers to the game, etc., and put them inside. The last card had a note telling her to look for me outside her house once she was done. I gave the box to her after a dinner date and told her not to open it until she got home.

We separated there and I secretly followed her car to her house. I waited outside until she came out and found me kneeling on the ground, waiting for her reply … of course she said yes! Then I told her to open the trunk of the car and out popped balloons to reveal a huge bouquet of roses!

We’re on our second month now and it’s been the happiest and best two months ever! Our love is really strong and hopefully it would last forever!
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LDR Gift Ideas: Just a lil’ sumthin’

My boyfriend lives 3000 miles from me for the next 6 months, so I like to send little things to him through the mail, just to let him know that I care.

One of the first times we met, I made him a cup of tea in a thermos and brought it over to where he was staying at the time, and he loved it… he still brings it up occasionally.

So, the most recent thing I did for him was that I went and bought him his favorite movie (Manchurian Candidate), made him some sugar cookies and shaped them to spell out his name, then bought him a travel cup and filled it with about 10 different types of tea bags, so LDRthat he can relax with a cup of tea, and think of me.
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Anniversary Gift Ideas: From Head to Toes

For our 6-month anniversary, my boyfriend invited me over to his house for my gift.

When I got there he had a bag sitting out on the table that said „I love you from your head to your toes.” Inside were 6 little packages: a toothbrush, lip gloss, eye shadow, skin lotion, hair things, and socks, each item representing a part of me from my head to my toes.

Then he kissed my hand and said, „And I’m pretty sure I love your fingers too,” and pulled out a ring from his pocket and put it on my finger.

It was the sweetest thing he’s ever done for me and a really good gift idea!
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Sensual Romantic Ideas: Full of Surprises

My boyfriend and I had been busy the whole week studying and working. So when the weekend finally came along I decided to surprise him.

I talked to his boss(a friend of mine) ahead of time and let him in on my plan. The boss told my boyfriend that he could leave early and sent him home. Meanwhile, I had been placing candles around the apartment, and had changed into a new, sexy chemise. My boyfriend was planning to come home, and call me to tell me he had the night off.

But I, of course, was way ahead of him. So when he finally comes through the front door he finds me laying on the bed, the smell of candles and oils in the air, and soft music playing in the background.

The whole week of waiting was definitely worth it and the whole weekend we stayed in, disconnecting the phone and disconnecting ourselves from the world.
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DIY Valentines Ideas: Jar of Hugs and Kisses

For Valentine’s Day I decided to treat my boyfriend to a rather unique, homemade, gift.

I bought a cheap, clear vase from the store, filled it with Hershey’s Hugs and Kisses, and then buried in the middle of all the candy a note that said „I Love You.” On the outside of the vase I attached a note that said „Learn to look past the hugs and kisses to discover how one truly feels about you.”

Of course, he didn’t really understand the quote until he ate about half the Hershey Kisses and found my folded up note. He really liked the idea and we were able to use the vase for the flowers he bought me.
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Date Ideas: Rose Garden Picnic Date

My boyfriend and I had planned for our very first date to be a picnic at a Rose Garden.

It rained the night before and stopped raining about 8 am. Since our date was at noon I was hoping it would be dry enough. It was, and it was wonderful.

We watched 2 weddings and the flowers smelled so good. I had brought fresh sandwiches and fruit. The date was only suppose to be a couple hours long; however it ended up lasting 5 hours!

I fell head over heels that day and so did he.
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Proposal Ideas: Clue Proposal

My girlfriend and I have been together now for 2 years and they have been great. After talking to her until 3am in the morning last week, I realized that it was time that I made a choice. I love her with all my heart and I knew that it was time to propose to her.

My girlfriend and I always play board games and we just love to have fun. So, one night I asked her if she wanted to play „Clue.” What she didn’t know is I had already prepared the „Secret Envelope.” We sat there and played the game and when it finally got to the end I said, „I know who it is.” She then asked me who and I told her it was Mr. Green with the wrench in the lobby.

She opened up the „Secret Envelope” to find a card I had made that read Mr. Ryne, in the bedroom, with the ring. I then got down on one knee and proposed to her. In the middle of my speech of telling her how much I love her she just started to bawl in tears and I finally got to the part where I asked her to marry me.

She sat there for a moment and was speechless, then she said, „You know my past and yet you’ve never looked at me different and you’ve always loved me more and more… Yes.” I am so happy we’ve set the date for next summer.
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