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Great Start To A Wonderful Family

Engagement ring on pregnant belly

I got pregnant after my boyfriend and my 2 year anniversary.

I knew where my boyfriend stood with children, so I was very pleased to tell him about my condition. As I had expected my boyfriend was happy too. He was there for me throughout my pregnancy.

One night while in my 7th month the baby started kicking, which showed a rise and fall on my stomach as a little bump. We lifted my shirt and watched for a few minutes making some little comments and some short little jokes. I shifted a bit to watch a minute of the TV, when I felt something cold against my skin.

I looked down and rising with the bump on my stomach (the baby kicking) was a diamond engagement ring.

I burst into tears, and as my boyfriend wiped away my tears he whispered, „See even our baby thinks we should unite, will you marry me?”

I cried even harder as I kissed him and said, “Yes!”
submitted by Angie

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