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Everyday Romantic Ideas: Back on the Romance Train!

Wedding rings heart shaped ribbon

My husband and I had fallen off the romance train, but I brought it back! I made an invitation out of construction paper.

On the front it said, „You’re invited to have a date with…” and on the inside it said, „ME!” I also put a picture of myself and explained what we would be doing on this date! To give you some examples: I planned things that I would like, things he would like, and things we both would like. I also told him to wear some boxer shorts and a tank and I would wear some kind of sexy lingerie! The point of this is arousal.

So, first we had a candle lit take-out dinner…to keep it casual! Then we cuddled while watching a movie. After the movie, to liven it up, we battled each other at video games. (Girls, your man will be so happy to hear that you want to play video games with him! Trust me!) After games, it’s time to cool off with a head to toe massage, first was him because it was HIS night! Then he gave me one.

We finished the night off in bed…(you decide what you would like to do there). For me, I decided to liven up our sex life by introducing a new position! It was the perfect night…just what we needed!
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