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Do It Yourself Valentines Idea: Enormous Valentine Card

Outdoor billboard with heart

Being a single mother, Valentine’s Day has to be a romantic, yet an inexpensive event. Thus, I came up with the following: You need several pieces of poster board (any color), A package of construction paper (assorted colors or all pastel), six binder rings, scissors, markers (metallic if using black poster board), glue or rubber cement, access to a computer, a hole punch (or three hole punch), an alphabet stencil (I typically use a stencil with 3 inch letters in either script-style print or in calligraphic print) and other decorative items (use your imagination).

1. Line up poster board and punch six holes alongside (Measure the poster board first, and divide the side by 6. This is the distance apart each hole should be punched).

2. Attach the poster boards together with the binder rings.

3. On the front cover – along the top – use the stencil and trace the phrase „My Heart Is Filled”. Then – along the bottom – trace the phrase „With Lots Of Love For You.” Then go back and color in the letters.

4. Decorate the center with enough hearts (drawn freehand) to spell out your love’s name. Color them in with light colors or use construction paper to cut out the hearts and draw the name with a black marker.

5. Get online and find song lyrics (examples include – „Everything I Do… I Do It For You” or ” „Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You” by Glenn Medeiros). Then, you can either print them out or copy the lyrics free hand onto poster board. If you print them, use pinking shears and cut out a pretty design. If your printer will allow for heavier bond paper, consider using pastel construction paper or card bond paper.

6. Paste the lyrics (or write them free hand onto the poster board). Decorate the edges with pictures or cutout hearts, etc.

Do this on the additional pages. If you are a poet at heart, decorate the last page with a poem – again, written freehand or printed in a pretty script – that is written especially for your loved one. Additional decorative ideas – decorate the trim of the card with streamers, ribbon, or iridescent hearts or stars. Copy Polaroids or 35 mm pictures into your computer, blow them up, and adhere them to the card with photo adhesive (prevents the picture from fading). There are probably a thousand ways to decorate your card. When the insides are done and dry, turn to the very back of the card and write (freehand this time) „I give this card to you, (your beau or girl’s name here), my love on (put date here). I love you ~ with every beat of my heart.”
submitted by SP

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