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DIY Valentines Gift Idea: Choose Your Own Adventure

Write your own story

This would be a great gift idea for those 20-something year olds that grew up with the books Choose Your Own Adventure and want to make a creative love journal.

Basically, the books gave you choices and depending on your choices you would flip to different pages. They were especially fun to read because you could reread the books and change your fate every time depending on what you chose to do.

I made my own for my boyfriend’s birthday based on our „misadventures” (i.e. our first date: hiking up to a waterfall then playing on the slippery rocks barefoot, only to lose my footing and have him grab me by my bra strap to stop me from slipping off the rock). The best part about creating your own book is that you end up asking yourself „what if questions” (to come up with alternate endings) and realize how lucky you were to actually have been there at the right time to meet that special someone.

To get started you might want to go to the public library and check out a „choose your own adventure” book from the children’s section (you won’t find it in bookstores anymore unless it’s a used one, they stopped making them). Then start writing down your favorite memories and let your creativity run wild for alternate endings.

For a twist you can make only one good ending (that you and your loved one end up together) and the rest of them that you don’t and see if they pick the right ending or it takes them a couple of tries.

Don’t get me wrong, it can get time consuming depending on how detailed you want to get but it’s worth seeing their smile in the end, and knowing that they’ll never get another gift quite like it.
submitted by Anonoymous

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