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DIY Valentine Gift: Memories of Us

Memories of Us

On our first Valentine’s Day we will have been together for 41 weeks (10 months). I didn’t want to fall into the commercial Valentine’s Day racket, but I did want to do something to celebrate our love.

So, I decided to make him a poster. I took 41 of our best memories (one to represent each week together) and wrote them on pink and red hearts (I cut them out of construction paper).

Then I arranged the hearts around the edges of a pink piece of poster board. In the center of the poster, I wrote “Happy Valentine’s Day” and glued a picture of us and some mementos.

I also put the poster in a frame, so he can hang it up. I fixed up a gift bag to go along with the poster. In the bag is the movie we saw together on our first date and some other little things that refer back to the poster memories.

He will love it and I met my goal of keeping it non-commercial. I can’t wait for him to see it!
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