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DIY Gift Idea: Hidden Message Jar

Recently, I’ve read through the gift ideas on this site and thought of one of my own.

I went to the glass store and bought a glass jar, along with a bag of beads (blue, which happened to be my sweetheart’s favorite color), and a bag of letters, which you can buy at any craft store.

I filled the jar with beads and made a little message with the letters. I took the letters and put them in the jar of beads, shaking the jar a bit to make sure it was mixed up.

I put the lid on the jar and presented it to my boyfriend. I told him to spill the beads out and find the letters, then unscramble the message.

The message I put in the jar was just a simple “I love you,” but my boyfriend loved it and I enjoyed watching him have fun seeking my message.
submitted by Anonymous

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