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Christmas Gift Proposal Idea: A, B, C Proposal

Easy as A, B, C Proposal

After hurricane Katrina, I met my boyfriend in a restaurant about 300 miles from his home. We had an amazing few months together, we just connected in a way that I never even knew was possible.

About two weeks before Christmas my boyfriend asked me for a list of three things that he could choose from to buy me. My list consisted of: a MP3 player, a bottle of perfume, and finally an organizer.

He proceeded to tell me that he would get me one of the three gifts and my Christmas shopping went as usual. In our families, it is tradition to open gifts on Christmas Eve, instead of Christmas Day. I gave him his gifts and then it was my turn…

He pulled out three Christmas bags marked A, B, and C. He gave me the bag marked „A,” I opened it with excitement and I found the perfume. Next, he gave me the bag marked „B,” I opened this one and found the MP3 player. The MP3 player’s packaging had been opened and I looked at it puzzled, he told me to put it on and listen to the song that he had downloaded to it. It was the most romantic song ever!

After my eyes were good and wet, he gave me my final gift… by now I was expecting the organizer, with all of the other gifts being on the list. Before I opened this bag that was marked „C,” he told me that he didn’t like organizers, but here was my last gift. I gently pulled the tissue paper out of the bag and inside I found a little white box. I put it on the table and said, „Well, it’s not an organizer.” I pulled the smaller box out, expecting it to be earrings or a necklace, but there inside was the most beautiful ring. By then I was crying, he was already on one knee asking me, „Will you marry me?”

It was definitely a wonderful Christmas!
submitted by Winona

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