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Proposal Ideas

  • Fireworks Proposal

    Proposal Ideas: Fireworks Proposal

    My boyfriend and I had been dating for a year when he asked if I’d like to go to Leeds Castle in Kent to watch the fireworks. The place was packed when we arrived so we grabbed something to eat and he walked me down the lakeside. There we sat underneath a willow tree and […]

  • Firework Proposal

    Proposal Ideas: Fantasy Firework Proposal

    I believe that I had a completely traditional, „every girl’s fantasy” proposal. My husband and I had only been dating a month. We were completely in love and knew we wanted to be together forever, but marriage was never even discussed…it didn’t have to be. On the 4th of July, we, along with 5 of […]

  • Outdoor Proposal Idea: Fairy Tale Proposal

    Outdoor Proposal Idea: Fairy Tale Proposal

    My boyfriend and I had been going out for 1 year. One Summer night in July, after we had just finished up at a family picnic he suggested that we do something different, assuming that „different” was just a night at the mall or maybe a movie. My premonition looked to be right-on when we […]

  • Exclusive Romantic Dinner Proposal

    Amazing Proposal Idea: Exclusive Romantic Dinner Proposal

    My husband went all out with his proposal. It was amazing. First he took me to a wonderful French restaurant that was completely empty aside from us and the workers. After we ate, our song came on and he asked me to dance. I was already swept off my feet. Then we sit back down […]

  • vanilia candles and flowers

    Three Year Anniversary Engagement Night To Remember

    I had been going out with my boyfriend for about 3 years, things had been so hectic, (moving to another city) that I had completely forgotten about our three year anniversary. He sure didn’t though. He had called the moving company and told them that they didn’t need to be there for another day and […]

  • Easy as A, B, C Proposal

    Christmas Gift Proposal Idea: A, B, C Proposal

    After hurricane Katrina, I met my boyfriend in a restaurant about 300 miles from his home. We had an amazing few months together, we just connected in a way that I never even knew was possible. About two weeks before Christmas my boyfriend asked me for a list of three things that he could choose […]

  • engagement ring on a macaroon

    Proposal Ideas: Dessert Proposal

    One of my friends was telling the proposal story of her sister: The boyfriend took her and some of her family and friends to eat out at a nice place. Well, after eating dinner, he asked her if she wanted dessert. She said no, but little did she know that he had desert already planned […]

  • Code Proposal Puzzle

    Proposal Ideas: Code Proposal Puzzle

    I fell madly in love with a girl I was dating, so I proposed to her this way: a few days before the proposal, I made a puzzle box wherein she had to look for specific words pertaining to our relationship – words that had special meaning to us – but these words where arranged […]

  • Clue Proposal

    Proposal Ideas: Clue Proposal

    My girlfriend and I have been together now for 2 years and they have been great. After talking to her until 3am in the morning last week, I realized that it was time that I made a choice. I love her with all my heart and I knew that it was time to propose to […]

  • Cinderella Proposal

    Proposal Ideas: Cinderella Proposal

    This may sound cheesy, but I plan on proposing to my girlfriend when we take our first real vacation to Disney World. She has never been there and is really excited about going. Lucky for me I have a close friend who works in the park’s public relations office. She is helping me set this […]

  • Christmas Tree Proposal

    Proposal Ideas: Christmas Tree Hunt Proposal II

    This has yet to be done, but here’s the plan: On Christmas Day, I am going to have five presents under my girlfriend’s tree for her. She will of course believe that I am at my father’s celebrating Christmas but I will be hiding in the kitchen. The first present will be a ticket stub […]

  • Christmas Tree Hunt Proposal

    Proposal Ideas: Christmas Tree Hunt Proposal

    When my husband proposed he did it in such a cute and original way that I will never forget it. It was a few days before Christmas, he brought me over to his house. On his Christmas tree he had these ornaments that had boxes (gifts) that actually opened. Well in his family there is […]

  • Scavenger Hunt

    Proposal Ideas: Christmas Scavenger Hunt Proposal

    Last Christmas was the first holiday I’d spent with my boyfriend’s family. After we’d been at their house for a couple of days, my mother-in-law told me that she was sending me on a scavenger hunt. They’d sent one of their friends on a similar hunt the day before, so I didn’t think much of […]

  • Check YES or NO

    Proposal Ideas: Check YES or NO

    I never received a check “yes or no” letter when I was in grade school. When my boyfriend and I first started dating, he found that out and sent me one. It read, „I really like you and I think you like me too. Will you be my girlfriend? Check yes or no.” Three years […]

  • chill champagne bottle

    Proposal Ideas: Champagne Propsal

    I’ve been lucky enough to meet the woman of my dreams and on the last weekend of this month (February), I plan to profess my undying love for her by asking for her hand in marriage. My plan is to take her away to a beautiful bed & breakfast in Jackson, NH. Before we leave […]

  • Proposal Ideas: Celebrity Engagement

    My boyfriend Mark proposed in the most amazing way. He hired engagement consultants from Go Get It (www.GoGetIt.org) to give me a day of complete surprises and whirlwind romance. Knowing that I had always been obsessed with supermarket tabloids and had always wanted to live the life a famous celbutante, Go Get It! custom-designed an […]

  • Outdoor Proposal Ideas: Carousel Romance

    The way my fiancé proposed to me couldn’t have been more appropriate. I love carnivals and amusement parks, so the summer after we had been together for 2 years, he took me to the amusement park that I practically grew up at. After a very fun–and unsuspecting–afternoon, he took me to the carousel. I always […]

  • Proposal Ideas: Caricature Proposal

    I proposed on our lunch break. I had previously arranged to have a caricaturist there ahead of time, unbeknownst to her. We had a code worked out so he would know it was us. I walked over to him with my girlfriend and asked him some silly questions about what he was doing and he […]

  • Proposal Ideas: Candlelight & Kisses Proposal

    It was Christmas morning and the alarm went off about 6 am. I got up and started my daily routine, when I noticed that there was a candle lit in the living room. When I walked around the corner there were Hershey kisses on the floor in a line going into the other room. There […]

  • DIY Proposal Ideas: Build-a-Bear Proposal

    Ok, well this hasn’t happened yet, but this is how I am planning on proposing to my girlfriend. I am going to go to a Build-a-Bear workshop and make a koala bear. (Her pet name for me is koala.) Then, I’ll dress it like I would usually dress, in jeans and a black t-shirt maybe. […]

  • Bowling track

    Creative Proposal Ideas: A Striking Proposal

    My now step-dad proposed to my mom a few years ago in one of the most romantic ways ever. They were bowling (both of them enjoy that) and drinking champagne. My step-dad had arranged for „Will you marry me Valerie?” to pop up on the screen that usually posts the scores. He slipped the ring […]

  • Kinder party in garden

    Home Proposal Ideas: Birthday Party Surprise

    My husband and I had only been dating a couple months when he proposed. We were having a birthday party for his son (from a previous marriage). We had a picnic and invited both of our families. His son began opening his birthday gifts and the last one was from his dad and me. His […]

  • Candles on the stairs

    Home Proposal Idea: Before I Leave Proposal

    My boyfriend was about to be deployed to Iraq, so on one of his last nights home, we went out for a nice dinner. When we arrived home, he asked where my dog was and I told him the basement. I went downstairs to get my dog and saw the stairs lit up with candles […]

  • Heart shaped sand with rose petals in a beautiful beach

    Outdoor Proposal Inspiration: Beach Hearts Proposal

    My incredibly sweet fiancee and I have been dating for 4 and a half years. Last year when I had finished university, he took me away for a weekend to a bed and breakfast on the beachfront. He had been planning to take me away for months and he used the excuse of wanting to […]

  • Blonde taking bath with rose petals

    Home Proposal Ideas: Bath Time Proposal

    Marsha and I have been dating for 7 months, most of which was a long distance relationship. Once I was settled in the same city I felt it was time to prepare for the big question. I asked her dad for her hand in marriage and then planned the night. One Friday, after she arrived […]

  • Proposal Ideas: Baseball Game

    My husband has never been known for his romantic side, but there are a few expectations. One of those expectations is the day he proposed. That day we planned on going to a baseball game. Early in that morning I woke up to find a letter on my pillow. It told me to walk into […]

  • Home Proposal Idea: Balloons II

    Okay, this is kind of corny and childish but I loved it and thought it was the perfect way to show someone like me who is a kid at heart how you feel. My now husband had my friends take me out. When I got back, our living room was filled with balloons…. tons of […]

  • Proposal Ideas: Backyard Proposal

    My fiancé, Brian proposed to me in the most romantic way. He and I had been dating 2 years when it all changed one night. I was working in my bedroom on a paper for college when I heard music playing. I went into the hallway and noticed lily petals all over the floor in […]

  • Outdoor Proposal Idea: At The Old Ball Game

    I could only wish this would happen to me… but, a dear friend of mine had arranged for all of his friends go to a minor league baseball stadium where he and his girlfriend attended every home game. Before the game, he had arranged it to where they would call out her seat number to […]

  • Outdoor Proposal Ideas: As You Wish Proposal

    I just did this myself. I sent my girlfriend a text message and told her to meet me at the spot where we first kissed. Waiting for her there on a pile of rose petals was the book “The Princess Bride.” Inside the cover I wrote the words, „As you wish.” I then came out […]

  • Writing resume

    After Proposal for her: Application For Love

    My fiancée and I have been on a long distance relationship for four years. After I graduated from College, he popped the question and we got engaged last November. I was real happy but all I said was „yes” and wanted to show him how much I loved to be his forever somehow… So I […]

  • Yellow Rose on a wood

    Proposal Ideas: Anniversary Proposal

    My boyfriend and I had been together 4 years. On the day of our anniversary he sent me a yellow rose (my favorite color); he sent me a rose a day (at my work) over the next 3 days, 4 in total. On the last day he included a card with the rose that said […]

  • White rose

    Romantic Proposal Ideas: Memorable Evening

    I was having super bad day at work, when my boyfriend call me and said to be ready at 8. He picked me up and asked if I wanted a quiet or a fun night! I choose to have a fun night, because the mood I was in was not good! We went to a sports […]

  • airplane model flying

    Engagement Ideas: Airplane Engagement

    This is how a friends of mine got engaged: He is of European descent and often visits „home” to fly his planes in the mountains of Austria. He always wanted to take his girlfriend home, but unfortunately it never worked out because of time and money. Finally, he was able to secretly clear her schedule […]

  • sweet puppy

    Cute Proposal Ideas: Adorable Proposal

    I think the perfect way to propose to a woman would be to go to a pet store, find the cutest, most adorable little puppy in the whole store. Buy that puppy and make sure of course you have the diamond ring as well. later, put the ring on a collar. Wrap it up in a little box […]

  • Marry me field

    Proposal Ideas: Above The World

    This is how my boyfriend propose to me lat year. He took me in to a flight in a four-seated plane. The airport was in Akron, Ohio where we took off and my boyfriend works in Akron so I thought we would fly over his work to get an aerial picture for his boss who […]

  • Couple at the top of mountain

    Walk To Remember

    I like to run, and my then girlfriend and I take walks from time to time. One of those times, she came to visit me at my folk’s house. We went to a local park with some nice hiking trails that go up to the highest point in the county. We decided we would walk […]

  • Engagement ring in a box

    Valentines Day Promise

    It was the day before Valentine’s Day. My boyfriend and I were 1 month shy of our 3 year anniversary. He was supposed to come over and hang out for a while, but something came up and he had to be late. Nothing was going the way I wanted it to, and I started to […]

  • Bacon pancakes hash browns

    Summer to Remember

    My boyfriend and I of three years planned a romantic getaway for the summer. We went down to the beach and spent the night in a beautiful hotel. The next morning, I smelled my favorite breakfast foods (bacon, pancakes, and hash browns)! I went out to the terrace where my boyfriend was already sitting and […]

  • Stand up microphone

    Song And A Rose

    I proposed to my girlfriend by going to a nightclub that had karaoke. I am not a professional singer but I wanted to do something she would remember. So I brought a rose and took out the center of it and placed the engagement ring with a string tied to it into the center of […]

  • Proposal icon

    Ruined Proposal

    When I was planning my proposal everything was set and ready to go. I had the ring, the flowers and the location. I found out that the element of surprise was gone when my future mother-in-law called me to tell me that my girlfriend knew that I was going to propose because she had accidentally […]

  • Old pirate map

    Romantic Proposal

    My Boyfriend had „reserved me” for the days of June 3rd and 4th, so I knew that he had something planned, but I had no idea what. He asked me to come over to his house on Monday afternoon, and when I went out to my car to leave my house, on my hood was […]

  • Will you marry me office

    Proposal that Lasts Forever

    For a proposal, take a picture of each letter in WILL YOU MARRY ME from different signs or whatever. Each letter individually on different pictures (14 in all). They can be placed in a small photo album, one per page so that she will have to flip through them as she reads the letters when […]

  • Fireworks at sunset

    New Year’s Proposal

    My Boyfriend and I have been together for 2 and a half years. I knew he was going to propose to me. He even asked my mom if it was alright before he did. He told me it was going to be a surprise when he did it. He is in the Navy so we […]

  • Headphones

    Moment To Remember

    On our first anniversary, my boyfriend surprised me with a candle light dinner. We were all dressed up and it was so much fun. After dinner, at one point I got up and stood at the counter. He told me to stand there and close my eyes, so I did. Then he put headphones over […]

  • Engagement ring on pregnant belly

    Great Start To A Wonderful Family

    I got pregnant after my boyfriend and my 2 year anniversary. I knew where my boyfriend stood with children, so I was very pleased to tell him about my condition. As I had expected my boyfriend was happy too. He was there for me throughout my pregnancy. One night while in my 7th month the […]

  • Couple sunset picture

    Day Full Of Surprises

    It was 5:00 in the morning on July 23, my 25 birthday when my boyfriend called to say, “Happy Birthday, Sweetie, wake up because we’re going fishing.” I got ready. He came over and picked me up. On the way to the beach he gave me a card with a nose ring in it. It […]

  • Empty engagement ring box

    Box Of Memories

    For our 6-month anniversary my boyfriend made dinner for me. When we were pretty much done, he pulled out a box that would hold a ring in it. He had told me a month or two before he wanted to get me a promise ring, but couldn’t afford it. The day came and he handed […]

  • Many candles

    200 Candle Proposal

    My girlfriend knew I was bound to pop the question sooner or later, so the surprise factor was not on my side. However I still wanted to blow her away with a proposal she would always remember. My idea was fairly inexpensive, but does require the help of a few friends. What I Used: 1 […]

  • Presentation in conference

    „The Presentation” Proposal

    My girlfriend thought that on Saturday we were going to a black-tie event for my company. I told her about the event a month ahead of time. I also told her that I was giving a presentation along with my boss. She believed it. I make up invitations and print them up. We arrived an […]