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Gift Ideas

  • Laminated Keepsakes

    Inexpensive Gift Idea: Laminated Keepsakes

    I wanted to give the girl who stole my heart a good gift that was original. I had a few playing cards laying around so I cut out 3 hearts. They are pretty small so it helps to have steady hands and sharp scissors. I glued 2 of them together so it was the same […]

  • First Date Ideas: Hug Book

    On our very first date, my boyfriend and I walked into Chapters, a book store in the mall. We went into the kiddy section, and he picked out a book that was on display, it was called the „Hug” book. He read it to me out loud with all the cute little voices and actions […]

  • Lily of the valley

    DIY Birthday Gift: Memory Box

    I had just started dating my boyfriend when my 21st birthday came around. The week before we had given each other flowers. He had taken the ones I gave him and pressed them. He bought a box that had a picture frame for a lid and he put the Lily of the Valleys and a […]

  • Leather wallet

    Gift Ideas: How To Give A Wallet

    Say your man needs a new wallet. Wow! How boring! Well, you can make it caring, interesting and a very thoughtful gift by dressing it up a bit. First get different gift cards from various places and place them in the wallet like credit cards. Then, get a picture of the two of you together […]

  • DIY Gift Idea: Hidden Message Jar

    Recently, I’ve read through the gift ideas on this site and thought of one of my own. I went to the glass store and bought a glass jar, along with a bag of beads (blue, which happened to be my sweetheart’s favorite color), and a bag of letters, which you can buy at any craft […]

  • heart shaped rock

    Inexpensive DIY Gift Idea: Heart Rocks

    There are a lot of heart shaped rocks just lying around if you look for them. I found a few, picked them up and painted them. Then I wrote „I Love You” and various other little messages on them. My love loved them, and still has all of the ones I’ve given him. submitted by […]

  • Blank CD Case

    Valentines Handmade Creative Card

    For Valentine’s Day one year, I wanted to do something special for my boyfriend but I didn’t have much money… So, I made him a card using an old CD case, construction paper, puff paint from the nearest craft store, and some small springs from old pens. I decorated the front and back covers with […]

  • custom comic book cover

    Cute Gift For Summer Vacation Separation

    Every year my family goes to Myrtle Beach for a summer vacation. I wasn’t too happy about leaving my boyfriend for the week… The morning before we left, he came over to say goodbye and promise to keep in touch. He surprised me with a paper bag full of all my favorite snack foods, drinks, […]

  • Microwave Popcorn Box

    Cheap Gift Idea: Going Overboard

    Here’s a good idea for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries etc.: Choose something your mate can’t get enough of, and go way overboard! My husband is a microwave popcorn-o-holic … for Christmas, I bought him cases and cases of microwave popcorn, stacked on top of each other, and wrapped up as one gift! He loved it! submitted […]

  • Gifts Of Love

    Boyfriend Birthday Ideas: 10 Gifts Of Love

    When I was dating my boyfriend. For his birthday, which was on the 10th, I gave him a small gift each day until the day of his birthday,and then I gave him, his big gift. He loved it he said no one had ever done anything special for him like that before. submitted by Kim

  • bag of money with dollar sign

    Christmas Gift Idea: For A New Love

    My guy and I had been dating only 3 months when Christmas came around so I didn’t want to spend an outrageous amount of money on him. Although I did want him to know how much he means to me. I work at a bank so I found an old money bag and cut a […]

  • Kisses from a far

    DIY Gift Ideas For Boyfriend: Kisses From A Far

    For a special little gift, I found a „kiss” poem online, and then printed it out in a cool font on nice paper. I put my own kisses (in my favorite lipstick color) all around the poem. I covered the poem with clear contact paper to „seal” the kisses and rolled it up and tied […]

  • Anniversary Gift Ideas: From Head to Toes

    For our 6-month anniversary, my boyfriend invited me over to his house for my gift. When I got there he had a bag sitting out on the table that said „I love you from your head to your toes.” Inside were 6 little packages: a toothbrush, lip gloss, eye shadow, skin lotion, hair things, and […]

  • For His Eyes Only

    Gift Ideas For Him: For His Eyes Only

    Use a Polaroid camera with a trusted friend, or a time-delay camera yourself and take a dozen or so naughty but nice pictures of you in a variety of poses and barely-there-outfits. Put them all together in a small album that he can easily tuck into his drawer. Decorate it with corresponding ribbon, etc. submitted […]

  • Jar full of love!

    Anniversary Gift Ideas: Jar full of love!

    For our six month anniversary, I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on my boyfriend. Rather than buy him something cheap, I decided to make him something that he could keep forever to remind him how much I love him. I went to the store and bought a pad of construction paper and […]

  • For Gift Ideas - Just Listen

    Gift Ideas: For Gift Ideas – Just Listen

    At sometime during a conversation with my boyfriend, I mentioned how I still remembered my mom throwing out a big fuzzy doll when I was little, and how it had broken my little, 6-year-old heart. A month or so later, when he was just coming round for a normal dinner, he rang the doorbell. When […]

  • Football Fantasy Champ

    DIY Gift Ideas For Boyfriend: Football Fantasy Champ

    My boyfriend eats, sleeps, and breathes football, and he is in three or four fantasy football leagues each year. For the 2015 football season, he was the champion of one of them, so I wanted to do something really special for him. I went to a party supply store and bought a football-shaped cake pan. […]

  • I Love You Booklet

    DIY Gift Ideas: I Love You Booklet

    I did this idea for Christmas, but you can really do it anytime. I got 2 sheets of blue cardstock (his favorite color), ribbon, and 5 plain sheets of paper. I punched holes in the side with a three-hole puncher, and bound the papers together with the ribbon. I then wrote on the outside cover […]

  • Anniversary Gift Ideas: Engraved In My Heart

    For our one-year anniversary, my boyfriend that lives in another country got me a necklace with a heart pendent. On the heart he got the date we started going out engraved. I love it, and I wear it every day. submitted by Chelsey

  • Elmo Loves You!

    Boyfriend Birthday Gift Ideas: Elmo Loves You!

    I was trying to think of something I could get my boyfriend for his birthday that would show him how much I loved him. I found a children’s book at the store titled, „Elmo Loves You!” I thought it was the cutest thing. The book is a poem about how much Elmo loves you. Everywhere […]

  • Christmas Gift Ideas: Cuddle Blanket

    For Christmas one year, I got the idea to make my boyfriend a blanket that we could cuddle up in together. I got the softest yarn and crocheted the most comfy blanket ever. When he opened it, he didn’t realize that I didn’t buy it. He couldn’t believe that I had spent so much time […]

  • Gift Ideas: Cross-Stitch From the Heart

    Make a cross-stitch for your loved ones! You can scan your photo and download software to change them to a cross-stitchable image or anything. Stitch angels, names … be creative! submitted by Anonymous

  • Gift Ideas: Corresponding Gifts

    Find gifts corresponding to the letters in your lover’s first name. Avoid cliche presents like roses or chocolates, if possible. For example, TOM could be tomatoes(for his cheeks), oranges (his sunny personality) and marmalade (his sweetness) submitted by Anonymous

  • Gift Ideas: Commuter Valentine’s Gift

    My husband used to leave at 5 a.m. every morning to commute to work while I was going to college. One Valentine’s Day, I place a few commuter comfort items in his car the night before. I had gotten a good deal on a heated massaging seat cover, I bought him a CD of his […]

  • DIY Gift Ideas: Chinese, Anyone?

    Just for no reason at all, I surprised my boyfriend with a few things. First, I made a tape of love songs. Then, I typed up and printed the titles of the songs. After that, I cut them up to look like the fortune papers inside of the fortune cookies and put them in a […]

  • Colorful shopping bags

    Gifts For Men: Cheer Up Theme Gift Bags

    My boyfriend of 2 years was having a rough week at his new job. He was really tired and his check wasn’t as big as it was supposed to be so I wanted to get him something to cheer him up. I got 4 little gift bags in his favorite color (yellow) and 4 thank-you […]

  • Dinner with candles

    Anniversary Gift Idea: Champagne Keepsake

    My husband is very romantic. He’s also a very good glass engraver and artist. On our 13th wedding annivarsary he cooked a very nice candle lit dinner. The table was set beautifully with crystal glasses and candlesticks. After dinner we got cozy in the livingroom. The living room was dimly lit with soft candlelight. We […]

  • Old pirate map

    Creative Anniversary Gift Idea: Celebration of Love and Family

    My boyfriend and I will be celebrating our one year anniversary soon. It’s been a difficult year for him, going through a divorce and raising two children. To celebrate our anniversary I took a number of ideas from ideas4love.com and also created a few of my own. Our day is going to start with having […]

  • Empty CD with envelope

    Digital Birthday Gift Idea: CD Backup Of The Relationship

    This is a great idea to try if you have a lot of time on your hands. My love’s birthday was coming up and I didn’t know what to get him. I was surfing through the net and bumped into a couple of flash and E-card sites. Some of the sites were really cute and […]

  • Smartphone texting

    DIY Digital Gift Idea: Bundle of Love

    I decided to give my girlfriend a special gift. It wasn’t a special occasion; it was just to tell her how much I love her. I wasn’t sure what to get her, but then it came to me. Earlier that month I saw an old man give his wife a bundle containing all of their […]

  • Inexpensive Gift: Bucket of Love

    I always struggle for gift ideas for my honey. He is so important to me, and I always want to do something special for him. This year we decided to exchange gifts for our anniversary with a $30.00 spending limit each. I went to Home Depot and bought a metal bucket. I filled it with […]

  • Boyfriend Birthday Ideas: Box Of Goodies

    My boyfriend’s 17th birthday, and our 3 month anniversary were only days apart and I wanted to do something really special. So, using a variety of ideas from this site, I made a whole box of things for him. I bought a big plastic box, and decorated it. Then I made 2 CDs, which I […]

  • Sixth Month Anniversary Gift: Bottle of Love

    For our sixth month anniversary, I gave my boyfriend a clear, heart-shaped bottle. It had one heart bead in it for every day we had been together. I gave him a box of extra beads, and told him that we could put one more in at the end of every day. They were millifori, so […]

  • Inexpensive Anniversary Gift Ideas: Blanket Of Love

    My boyfriend is one of the hardest people in the world to buy gifts for, so for our one year anniversary I was at a loss for what to possibly get him. So while looking for ideas on this website I came up with this great way to show him how I feel and to […]

  • Inexpensive Gift Idea: Blanket Full Of Hugs

    First you’re going to need about $20 dollars depending on the store you go to. Buy an inexpensive twin blanket that has a relatively smooth weave in your love’s favorite color. Next you’re going to have to go to the Fabric store. Buy a lot of complementary ribbon that will show up on the blanket […]

  • Long Distance Gift Ideas: Beary Special

    My boyfriend is in the Marines. He left for Iraq 3 weeks after we had gotten together. I knew I would miss him and he would miss me. He called me every day and told me how much he misses hearing my voice whenever he wants and how much he misses holding me. So, I […]

  • Teddy bears couple

    DIY Gift Ideas: Beary Cute

    I’m planning to do this with my boyfriend! I was shopping around in a craft store when I saw that you could dress up stuffed bears! The idea is this: Buy two bears, dress them up as a couple, and sew the hands together! submitted by Kristen

  • Red blanket fabric

    1-year anniversary ideas: Blanket of Memories

    Our 1-year anniversary was coming up and I wanted to do something crafty. First, I bought black and red fleece, his favorite colors. Then I gathered about 14 pictures of us, our friends, homecoming, his favorite people, and stupid moments. I printed each one on a separate piece of iron-on printer paper. Next I ironed […]

  • Baby Bracelets

    DIY Gift Inspirations: Baby Bracelets

    My baby and I made for each other elastic bracelets similar to those that hospitals provide for their babies. We made them from lettered beads, heart beads, and plain beads (pink for her, blue for me) strung on elastic and all available at your local WallyWorld (Wal-Mart). We wear them when we are able to meet, […]

  • autumn gift basket

    Halloween Gift Baskets: Autumn Basket of Love

    For Halloween this year, I wanted to do something sweet for my amazing boyfriend. So, I bought a wicker basket from the craft store, along with fake autumn colored leaves. I filled the basket with all of the leaves, wrapped orange and black ribbon around the handle, and tied it with a bow. On the […]

  • Feet under blanket

    Anniversary Ideas: Blanket Party

    My boyfriend and I are currently in an online relationship. He lives thousand miles away so we see each other once every couple of months. October 3rd was our one year anniversary of our first date. That night we had were on a birthday party of friend of ours so we weren’t able to celebrate, […]

  • CD gift

    DIY Anniversary Gift Ideas: Romantic CD

    On our anniversary, I had to go out of town but my boyfriend prepare for me most amazing gift. He left a dozen roses and a CD in my car. I popped the CD in on the way to the airport, and it was truly amazing! He used microphone on his computer to record 2 type […]

  • Book gift

    Anniversary Gift: Anniversary Book

    For our first month anniversary I wanted to prepare unique gift so, I made for my husband an Anniversary Book. I bought hardcover blank journal and decorated it with different anniversary celebrating stickers. Inside- not forgetting to add a mock copyright page I made title page with instructions to the book. Every month we would […]

  • Wooden heart

    Anniversary Gift Ideas: Love Frame

    On our first year anniversary, I had practically no money to buy a great gift. So, I went out and bought a cheapie picture frame, and some wooden plain hearts on sale. I painted the frame a shade of red, and the hearts two other shades of red. On the sides of the frame I […]

  • Absolut Vodka

    DIY Valentine’s Day Gift: Absolutely in Love

    For Valentine’s Day I wanted to give my boyfriend special gift but I didn’t have any money, so i decided to do it myself. I found an empty bottle of Absolut vodka in my house that was left from a party my dad had days before. I took that bottle and with a scissors I erased […]

  • Courier with packages

    Valentines Gift Ideas: Mail Call

    For Valentine’s Day gift, or any day for that matter, send your sweetie a package in the mail or through UPS. Who doesn’t enjoy getting a package in the mail; that alone will make their day! Filling the box will be half the fun for you! You can fill it with a variety of different […]

  • Scrapbook love

    Year Of Reminders

    When my boyfriend and I first started dating I would write down everything we did after our dates. On our 1-year anniversary I presented him with a scrapbook that listed all of the dates we went on and exactly what we did every time we saw each other during the year. It included pictures, movie […]

  • Silver wedding rings

    Token Of My Affection

    After about almost 10 months together, one day while chatting on the phone, I mentioned about rings and before I knew it, after 2 weeks, he presented me with a silver ring, and there carved his name. And, he was wearing a similar ring, with my name carved on it. Although,it’s simple yet it’s really […]

  • Empty photo album

    Romantic Photo Album

    I did this for my boyfriend for his birthday last year, and he loved it. I went out and bought an inexpensive photo album (the kind with magnetic pages) and put together an album of just us. I started with pictures of just me, and then pictures of just him, then pictures of us together. […]

  • Elegant gift box

    Romantic Bouquet of „Roses” for Him

    A while back, I created and hosted „Husband Appreciation” night at our home. After inviting several couples, I asked the wives to keep the night’s theme a secret from the husbands. I then informed each wife that she would have to „tell” her husband why he was appreciated and then „show” him by presenting him […]

  • Red baloon

    Our’ Birthday

    It was my birthday but by the end of the night it seemed like it was his. I planned this for a while to surprise him even though it was my birthday and not his. It was an evening at home and I did the usual champagne, candles and snacks, etc. What I also did […]

  • Heart Shaped bottle

    Million Words

    I went to a craft store like Michaels and bought a heart shaped glass bottle. I also bought some dragon tears (glass ovals), some acrylic paint pens, and a cork. On each dragon tear, I wrote a word that described him. Then I put them all in the bottle and put the cork in the […]

  • Bunch of letters

    A Letter A Day From My Guy

    My boyfriend was going to be gone in Europe for 36 days last July, which was going to be so hard because I was used to seeing him every day. We have this little journal that we keep, and he wasn’t returning it to me, which made me slightly annoyed. He would just say, „I […]

  • Blindfolded woman

    Kidnapping Surprise

    I have been having trouble being able to spend one whole night alone with my Italian (Neapolitan) girlfriend because of her family. So, I came up with the idea of reserving a room in a 4-star hotel and made reservations for 2 days after her birthday. Her birthday is March 16th on which her family […]

  • Old wooden box

    Box of Love

    Ever since we were little, my fiancée and I would write each other letters at school when we were bored in class. He would keep my letters in a dented, tin box. After seven years together the box wouldn’t close anymore so I found a wooden photo box with a place for pictures on the […]

  • White CD

    CD of Him

    My boyfriend and I have a long distance relationship! It’s very hard, but we are both working very hard to keep it this amazing! I once called him, in tears, to say I couldn’t stand it anymore not being with him, not being able to hear his voice. We talked and talked, and the next […]

  • Christmas cookies

    12 Days of Christmas

    I started a list of things to get my boyfriend for Christmas but it became very long and I wanted to do something really special. I thought of the 12 Days of Christmas song and how on the first day there is 1 gift and on the second day 2 gifts and so on. So […]

  • Oldschool boombox

    #1 On My Hit List

    My boyfriend turned 21 on the 18th of October last year, and I was really stuck for gift ideas. After a few days of trying to think of a great idea, a really good one came to me. I checked the Internet for the song hits that fell on his birthday for the past 21 […]

  • Two pink roses

    Fantasy Remembered

    For our 3-month anniversary I had to work all day and was really bummed that I couldn’t be with my boyfriend. When I got off work I called him and he said that he was tired and that we could see each other tomorrow. I was really disappointed but I was too tired to care. […]