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Everyday Romantic Ideas

  • Three Cheerleader

    How To Surprise Your Boyfriend: Head Cheerleader

    Every Monday night my boyfriend goes to the gym to play basketball. One night I decided to surprise him by going to watch. I was extremely impressed by his game and he says I brought him luck. So now I go with him as his cheerleader. submitted by Lara

  • Cutlery tied with heart shaped ribbon

    Everyday Romance Idea: Have Lunch On Me

    My husband and I have been married for almost a year, but we’ve been a couple for five years. We recently decided that we needed to bring that dating feeling back into our relationship and start doing the sweet little things that we use to do for each other. So I purchased a $10 gift […]

  • 21 day of month circled in calendar

    Special Day To Celebrate: Happy ANY DAY

    My husband and I created our own special day to celebrate. The best part of our holiday is that it can happen as many times a year as we choose. We pick a day and declare it to be „ANY DAY.” Usually it’s a surprise that can range from a simple act of kindness to […]

  • Sketch of child reading books

    Make Your Relationship Work Again: Happily Ever After

    My boyfriend and I were together for about a year and we were living together for the latter 4 months of our relationship. With all the stress from our jobs and other factors we started to argue more and more. Eventually we decided to take a break. After about a month of being just friends, […]

  • Cup of tea and candles

    Romantic Evening Ideas: Goodbye Modern World!

    Turn the T.V. off, no lights (electricity doesn’t work tonight!), no computer, no phone… Have a quiet evening together by candlelight and enjoy talking, playing games, and cuddling! submitted by Anonymous

  • Men Singing

    Everyday Romantic Ideas: Sweet Waking Up

    My fiancé knows I have trouble waking up in the morning and that I am cranky. So, in the morning, to wake me up, he sings to me and brings me my morning drink. The song he sings to me goes like this, „Good morning, Beautiful, how was your night? Mine was wonderful with you […]

  • Gingerbread Sheep photo

    Romantic Things For Couples: Gingerbread Sheep

    When my boyfriend and I were watching a film together, he fell asleep and started talking about edible sheep in his sleep. From that moment on it became a private joke between the two of us. A few months after this happened; he turned up at my house holding a biscuit tin. I asked him […]

  • Bubble gum machine

    Relationship Ideas: Fun Inexpensive Rings

    One night I got the crazy idea in my head that we needed rings. But we’re in college and completely broke, so we drove to every grocery store in town looking for one of those gumball machines that has rings in them. After about 6 stores, we finally found one. Now he has a ring […]

  • Electric mall stairs

    Inxpensive Everyday Romance: Fun on a Budget

    My boyfriend and I are both students and often strapped for cash. So, Saturdays are the BEST cheap date days. Head to your favorite toy store and play with the scooters and stuffed animals… visit a bookstore together, each picking out a book you’d like the other to read. (The erotica section can be very […]

  • Sexy women in lingerie

    Sensual Romantic Ideas: Full of Surprises

    My boyfriend and I had been busy the whole week studying and working. So when the weekend finally came along I decided to surprise him. I talked to his boss(a friend of mine) ahead of time and let him in on my plan. The boss told my boyfriend that he could leave early and sent […]

  • Harley-Davidson

    Romantic Ideas: For the Love of History

    My girlfriend and I enjoy riding on my Harley. During the course of our rides, we make special stops at all the historical markers that we find. We stop, get off of the bike, stand and hold each other and take turns reading the historical markers. We are always on the lookout for markers we […]

  • Loving call

    Romantic Ideas for Couples: Feeling Loved

    When she calls me to say how happy she is to have me, that always makes me feel loved. Such a simple gesture that means the world to me. submitted by Bruce

  • Drawing of woman cooking

    Romance Ideas: Everyday Life

    My fiancé works long days and comes home only to spend the evening working on the house. I have a lot more time than him, but we still only get to spend a couple hours each night together before he’s got to go to bed. He also works part of the weekend and we never […]

  • Sex Shop neon

    Romantic Ideas for Couples: Erotic Night for 2

    My husband and I have been married for almost 4 years now, and it seemed that we were kind of living past each other with the busy lives we have balancing work and other activities. I had to make a plan. Even though I was shy, I asked a friend to accompany me to the […]

  • Oldschool clock

    Romantic Ideas: Early Morning Surprise

    My boyfriend and I live apart and he wakes up and leaves very early for work. I woke up even earlier and packed a fresh lunch for him, went out and bought all of the daily newspapers, and picked up a breakfast to go and a cup of coffee. I put everything in a gift […]

  • Man in suit and rubber gloves

    Everyday Romantic Ideas: Doing Chores

    I’m still in high school and so I still have those stupid chores, like clean the house and do the dishes. I had a long day and so I was tired. My boyfriend came over and we just relaxed. I fell asleep and he knew I had to do my chores, so he did all […]

  • Billard pool

    Romantic Ideas: Dirty Pool

    If you have access to a private pool/snooker table try a game of Dirty Pool. The rules are the same as for a normal game with one exception – each player is required to put the other player off their shot. This can include making suggestive comments, kissing your partner, fondling – I’ll leave the […]

  • Taking notes in journal

    Romantic Ideas: Daily Journals for 2

    My partner and I each have journal that we each decorated for the other. We write in these journals as often as we can, if not every night then at least every other night. We sit together and write, draw, make collages, use stickers, etc. It’s kind of like scrapbooking, but on a more personal […]

  • Romantic Ideas: Handed Down Three Generations of Men

    Take a ping pong ball and cut a slot in it. On a thin piece of paper the width of the slit cut into the ball, write a love message and slide it into the ping pong ball, leaving a little bit of the message hanging out (so she gets the idea there is a […]

  • Sketch of paris symbols

    Romantic Ideas For Couples: Daily Art Journal

    My girlfriend and I have been together for a while now. She has been quite busy lately, so she hasn’t been able to spend as much time with me. Since her and I are both really into art, I went out and bought a sketch book. I drew a little introduction on the first page […]

  • Photo of notebook

    Romantic Ideas: Conversation Journal

    After my boyfriend (soon to be husband) put our children to bed, we like to go outside and just talk for a while. Sometimes for just a few minutes or sometimes for hours. We try to do this every evening if possible. It makes our communication so much stronger. We take a little black & […]

  • Inflatable swimming pool

    Romantic Weekend Ideas: Comfy Movie Viewing

    It was the end of summer and a local “value” store had dinky inflatable pools on sale for about ten dollars. For fun I bought one. We went home and pushed all the couches to the wall and inflated the pool in the middle of the living room floor. Then we then filled the pool […]

  • House made by school chalk

    Everyday Romance Inspiration: Code for I Love You

    You may not always be in the best place or time to announce your desire or love for your partner. My boyfriend and I have come up with code words that express the feeling without broadcasting it. For example when he’s surrounded by people at work and cannot say „I love and miss you like […]

  • Plenty of empty sticky notes

    Everyday Romance Inspirations: Clue Hunts

    I take index cards, and write clues on each one and hide them somewhere in the house. My husband finds the first one and reads the clue, and this gives him hints to find the next clue. This can go one for a rew minutes or through out the day. And the final card always […]

  • Champagne cup in room with couple

    Dealing with rough patch in relationship: Celebrate Our Love

    After a rough time in our relationship, I decided that the best way to get us back on track was to celebrate our love. I lit scented candles, put fluffy pillows on the floor and chilled 2 bottles of champagne. When my husband arrived, we took turns telling each other something about the relationship that […]

  • Chocolate & Honey

    Sensual Romantic Idea: Body Paint Alternative

    Pudding cups in various flavors work as a great alternative to commercial body paints; each person gets one cup of each flavor. Use the pudding to finger-paint your lover. When you’re finished painting, you have to lick off your artwork. Then it’s their turn to do the same … or you can try painting each […]

  • On bulb

    Inexpensive Home Romantic Idea: Black Light Notes

    I did this last night, I’ve yet to show my boyfriend, though I’m sure he’ll love it. You take the darker yellow post it notes and write on them with a highlighter (it won’t show up in regular light). Then you get an old lamp without a shade and a black light bulb (~$3-4.00 at […]

  • Smartphone calling

    Long Distance Everyday Romance: Beep Their Phone

    Throughout the day, show him that never forget him by miss calling him. It’s cheap, and every time he looks at his phone and sees your name just to beep his phone, he’ll smile knowing you were thinking of him. submitted by Cailin

  • Crime scene chalk outline

    How to become exclusive in a romantic way

    This is how my boyfriend asked me to be his girlfriend: we had been dating for a while and one night I asked him if we could be exclusive and he told me he wasn’t ready yet. I cried myself to sleep that night and the next morning was all depressed when I went to […]

  • Couple drinking champagne on the beach

    Weekend getaways: Beach Romance

    Find a secluded area at the beach or lake before the sun goes down. Place something to use as a fire pit. Then dig a hole 3 ft wide by 1 ft deep. Fill with plastic bags of ice, and place a bottle of champagne or your favorite beverage and 2 long stem wine glasses. […]

  • Bathtub champagne rose petals

    Romantic ideas for her: Bathtub Stress Relief

    My boyfriend is a doctor and often comes home exhausted. One winter night he was on his way home from working an 18 hour shift, so I ran him a really hot bath and poured in some mint bubble bath. (It has a great tingling sensation.) When he got home, I lead him to the […]

  • Muffins

    Romantic ideas: Baking for Two

    When it’s cold and rainy outside, get together with your sweetheart and bake some sweet treats together. Bake a cake, muffins, cookies or anything fun and simple. For a romantic surprise, decorate a treat especially for your other half and eat it while watching your favorite movie! submitted by Anonymous

  • Wedding rings heart shaped ribbon

    Everyday Romantic Ideas: Back on the Romance Train!

    My husband and I had fallen off the romance train, but I brought it back! I made an invitation out of construction paper. On the front it said, „You’re invited to have a date with…” and on the inside it said, „ME!” I also put a picture of myself and explained what we would be […]

  • Woman with traveling suitcase

    Everyday Romantic Ideas: Away From Home

    My guy was going to be away for a few days and I wanted to stay close to him. So when he went to work, I packed his bag for him. In his suitcase I put my perfume, some of my undies and a love note. He called me that night when he got in […]

  • Pink flowers bouquet

    Everyday Romantic Ideas: Anniversary Awakening

    Well, I was really disappointed because for my 5-month anniversary with my boyfriend, I wasn’t going to see him all day. Every other anniversary we had spent the day together, but this time he had a marching band competition. Well I was extremely disappointed and so was he… at least I thought. Well, on the […]

  • Rose petals on the stairs

    Romantic Surprise Idea: Always There For You

    I was having a super bad day at school and in general with life. I was sad and I felt really bad about myself. It was a typical Friday night and my boyfriend and I usually hang out on Friday nights. We had plans already for going out to eat at a fancy restaurant. When […]

  • Everyday Romantic Ideas: After Work Limo Ride

    My wife has been working a lot of overtime during the month so she was never sure what time she could leave the office and that’s why we weren’t spending as much time together as we usually do. So to surprise her I decided to pick her up after work in a limo and spend […]

  • Bath accessories

    After long day’s work

    My boyfriend works daily 9-12 hours usually so when he comes home has worn out. One day I had a steaming bath ready for him and I bathed him. Then I fed him the dinner I had cooked earlier. After that took him to our bedroom and gave him a FULL BODY massage that lasted […]

  • Pen writing letter

    True Expression of Love

    I’ve always seemed to have a problem with trusting people and telling them how I feel. My boyfriend of 4 years was starting to go crazy. I knew what was going on, and I was trying so hard to fix it. I like to write a lot, so I thought, „If I can’t say these […]

  • Preparing salad together

    Rare Night Together

    My boyfriend and I don’t get a lot of time alone so when we finally got a night alone you wouldn’t believe how happy I was. We made dinner together and while I was fixing part of it he went in and set up the room with candles and music. It was the best night […]

  • Croissant and coffee breakfast bed

    Day for your love

    When both you and your partner work, it gets to a point where you miss spending time together. Offer to spend the day with him/her to do all the things that are being forgotten during the middle of the week. Start off with breakfast in bed offering to hand feed them and then go to […]

  • Heart bubbles coming from bucket

    Everyday Romantic: Bucket Of Love 2

    My boyfriend and I work opposite hours…he works at night and I work during the day so being romantic is hard sometimes. From reading this site and all of the wonderful ideas everyone has I have put together a „bucket of love” in this „bucket” I have massage oils, candles, mints, chocolate & a mood […]

  • Empty picture frames

    Favorite Picture

    My boyfriend and I took some pictures some time back when we first got together and we just got them recently turned in to get developed. So, when the pictures are ready, we both decided to buy a frame to frame our picture up. I suggested this for our 3rd month anniversary present for each […]

  • Heart shaped sandwich

    Daily Loving

    Sometimes life gets too busy for all of us! It is however very important to let your partner know you love them, even though they know you have to reinforce it always! When I make my partner breakfast and have to rush off to work I leave a note that tells him to have a […]

  • Pink candles

    Candlelit „Love Nest”

    My fiancé and I love candles. Every once in a while, we put our feather bed on the living room floor and pile all of our comforters and thick blankets on top of it to make it really soft. We will light a bunch of candles all around the room and turn off all the […]

  • Romantic dinner at hotel room

    Bedroom Dining

    For a change of pace, try setting up a round table in your bedroom and serve dinner there. Put a pretty tablecloth on a piece of plywood, or a glass tabletop with just about anything to support it. Then decorate! submitted by Amberly

  • Steel round box

    Bad Day Mood Booster

    My boyfriend and I live about 7 hours apart; we’re both in university and see each other for about one weekend every two months. I came up with an idea to make him a „Bad Day Box.” I just took a cardboard box, filled it with a new, comfy t-shirt, a favorite book, a movie […]

  • Heart Shaped Book Pages

    An Essay for Your Love

    My boyfriend and I are both busy University students, especially when it comes time for midterms and papers. One day to show him that I was thinking of him I drafted a short essay called „Why I Have the Best Boyfriend in the World”. I printed it out (page numbers, student number, due date, title […]

  • Take out chinese noodles

    A Small Ritual

    My husband and I, for the first five years of our marriage, would get together every Wednesday that the weather was nice, and buy Chinese food to eat in the park. The park was just a ways down from our house and the Chinese restaurant was in-between. The total trip was right around $10 every […]

  • Business man at the airport

    New Years Eve to Remember Forever

    My boyfriend and I both live in New York City and work very different schedules. Over Christmas, we were both traveling a lot to see our families that live in different states and we were apart for a few weeks. Luckily, I had a layover in NYC on New Year’s before heading to my next […]

  • Hershey Kisses

    Morning Trail Of Kisses

    My husband works early in the morning sometimes, and I am most often still asleep when he comes home. One morning I woke up to loud pounding on the door. It wasn’t quite seven o’clock yet so I knew it couldn’t be anyone else but him – but why was he knocking on the door? […]

  • Five colorful roses

    Memorable Valentine’s Day

    For Valentine’s Day one year, my fiancé and I took time off together and had the house to ourselves. After making love, he told me he had a surprise for me, but that I couldn’t have it until he left. After 20 minutes of me trying to guess, he told me to walk him to […]

  • Champagne pouring in two glasses

    Memorable Toast

    My fiancé and I went to a 25th wedding anniversary a few days ago. I sneaked up to the bar while he was in the bathroom and got 2 glasses of the champagne the couple toasted each other with (the bartender was quite generous about it when I told him what I intended to do […]

  • Lipstick kiss

    Love Loan

    For our 1-month anniversary, the day before my boyfriend had been denied a loan, and I had no ideas on what to give him or if to give him anything at all. So I thought of taking my papers for my loan and making him a love loan, I even made him a check for […]

  • Orchid garden

    Little Time Together

    My husband used to work the evening shift and didn’t get off till midnight and I go to bed at eleven. We hardly ever got to see each other and we had only been married six months. He was under so much stress and we were both missing each other terribly. One night I decided […]

  • Couple lying in flowers field

    Little Escape

    My boyfriend had been really stressed, and it seemed like everything I did or said only made things worse. We even had „the world’s dumbest argument”. So, I sent him an email and told him, „Let me help you escape your problems; give me 5 ways I can make this weekend relaxing. There is only […]

  • Holding hands in sunlight

    Heartfelt Promise

    One night, my girlfriend and I had a huge misunderstanding, which almost ended our relationship. She was so upset about something I said that she didn’t want to talk to me. I looked at her and told her how much she means to me. It calmed her down a bit but still wasn’t enough. So […]

  • Romantic dinner place for Valentine's Day

    Great End To The Day

    My husband had been working some pretty hard hours the following months after the birth of our son. So to show him how much he was appreciated I told him he could spend the day however he wanted, knowing him, he wouldn’t be home till late, which worked perfectly for my plans. I asked assistance […]