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Date Ideas

  • Bay boat at sunset

    Prom Date Ideas: Special Night

    My girlfriend and I went to the prom, and after the prom I took her to the sailboat docks. She was surprised when I pulled out a rose and two wine glasses from behind he seat. I took out a bottle of wine out of the tool box of my truck and played soft music […]

  • Winery at sunset

    Romantic Weekend Getaways: Whisked to a Winery

    I’d love to take credit for this, but it was entirely my husband’s idea. One weekend when we both had some free time, my husband told me to dress comfortably and bring a book of my favorite poetry (if your not into poetry, bring a portable DVD player and a romantic movie or the Chicken […]

  • Training aircraft airstrip

    Anniversary Date Idea: Up, Up & Away!

    My boyfriend is an adventure seeker. He loves doing anything to get the blood pumping. Ever since the beginning of our relationship he has been talking about wanting to get his pilot’s license. This year is our 5th anniversary, so I thought it would be a nice idea to go to the local flying club […]

  • Field near forest

    Inexpensive Outdoor Date Idea: Truck Bed Picnic

    My boyfriend was having a bad week. So, I borrowed his truck and cleaned it out for him. Then I went out and bought a bunch of tea candles and construction paper. Then I went home and made little candle holders and wrote sweet things on them like, „I love you,” „I love you because […]

  • Tourists couple hugging

    Fun Date Ideas: Tourists For A Day!

    Pretend that you are tourists for the day. Dress in tropical attire (or something obviously touristy) Purchase a tour book of your city and set out to see the sites. Don’t forget to take along the camera for some goofy, but unforgettable pictures. You may want to visit museums, the zoo, historical sites, known tourist […]

  • Baseball ball at base

    Perfect Gift For Boyfriend: Their Perfect Day

    Looking for the perfect gift? Plan their perfect day! Take all of those things that your partner just LOVES doing that you could do without and plan an itinerary…make reservations…and plan their perfect day! For my partner’s birthday, I bought roundtrip train tickets (in advance), cheap tickets to a baseball game, made reservations at his […]

  • Cliff view

    Outdoor Date Ideas: View Of The Ocean

    Take your honeybunch on a long drive with the view of the ocean. Stop at a cliff or park your car off the road so that you can watch the sun set over the water. When the stars are shining and the moon shines bright pop a love song into the car stereo and dance […]

  • Fast car ride bluring

    Date Ideas: Sweep Her Off Her Feet

    This is a good one if she doesn’t drive. I started off by telling her the previous night that I was busy and wouldn’t be able to see her. Then, I told her ride not to pick her up from work. Instead, I showed up. She just about fainted when she saw me waiting outside, […]

  • New York Broadway Posters

    Anniversary Date Idea: Surprise Date

    For an anniversary my boyfriend and I went out early one morning and I wouldn’t tell him where we were going. I drove to a train station and had the tickets ahead of time, so he didn’t even know what stop we were getting off at. We wound up in New York City and I […]

  • Rose Garden

    Date Ideas: Rose Garden Picnic Date

    My boyfriend and I had planned for our very first date to be a picnic at a Rose Garden. It rained the night before and stopped raining about 8 am. Since our date was at noon I was hoping it would be dry enough. It was, and it was wonderful. We watched 2 weddings and […]

  • Lean-to in local park

    Outdoor Date Ideas: Romantic Night Under The Stars

    My guy and I have very little time to have a quiet romantic evening together. I decided to surprise him one night with a quiet evening under the stars. I rented a lean-to at the local park for $5.00 for the night. The lean-to’s are like an open sided A-frame type structure and have a […]

  • Heart shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwich

    Date Ideas: Romantic Mall Dinner

    I really wanted to do something nice for my boyfriend one night after a fight, but was on a very tight budget. I decided to show my love in the most public way! I went to the dollar store and got a red table cloth, heart candies, 2 plates and a poster board. I went […]

  • Hamburgers fries and cola

    Date Ideas: Fast Food Scavenger Hunt

    A free fun idea when going out on a date with another couple is a fast food scavenger hunt. Each team of couples compete to gather as many items as possible without spending any money such as ketsup packets, kid’s meal toys, free food items, spoons, etc., and meet back and see who collected the […]

  • Horse-drawn Carriage

    Date Ideas: Romantic Evening II

    I would say to be the most romantic, or a great surprise for a romantic evening would have to be: A horse and carriage ride through the big city or in the country in the evening, when it’s a slight chill so you both could cuddle and keep each other warm and at the same […]

  • Bookshelves at library

    Date Ideas: Romance in a Bookstore

    Visit a used bookstore together. These places are sometimes interesting and always packed with lots of high shelves. A few even have resident cats, which add a certain charm. As you go through the place, look for books your partner would be interested in, and point them out. If you both agree to do this, […]

  • Sailboat at calm sea

    Date Ideas: Romance for your lady

    Guys, take your girl out on a boat and go out into the sea. Go swimming in the water right before sunset, and as sunset is about to happen, get out and of the water and hold her in your arms, lay back and enjoy the sunset. Or, give her a massage. submitted by Amerie

  • Empty conference room

    Date Ideas: Private Conference

    My fiancé works long hours and is always on the road. I decided to plan a surprise romantic evening for the two of us to help him relax and spend some quality time together. I arranged with one of my friends who worked at a hotel to reserve one of their conference rooms. I then […]

  • Couple camping at sunset near fire

    Outdoor Date Ideas: Pitch A Tent

    Some of the best times I had with my husband is when we would go camping. It’s exciting to get lost in a tent. There is little room and no distractions. It’s exciting to know that there are other campers around you wondering what’s going on in your tent!! The smaller the tent the better […]

  • Lots of tourism photos caleidoscope

    Date Ideas: Photo Safari

    We live in a small town, so after my boyfriend and I had been dating for a while, we pretty much ran out of new things to do. So, we decided to take my digital camera and go on a „photo safari.” We drove/walked around town, taking pictures of places where we shared fond memories, […]

  • Visiting Aquarium

    Date Ideas: Personalized Aquarium Date

    I wanted to do something special for my boyfriend. It was our first special occasion together and our six month anniversary had just passed. I had smaller gifts to give him, but I wanted something extra special. I searched websites for places we could go on a date. I finally decided on taking him to […]

  • Radio in the car

    Date Ideas: Personal Drive-In Movie

    My boyfriend has a TV and DVD player in his car and sometimes just for fun he will rent a new DVD, pick up Chinese food and we will go park somewhere and watch a movie, while eating and snuggling together in the car. It is fun, you get to pick the spot, and you […]

  • Lake at the evening

    Outdoors Date Ideas: Dinner And A Movie

    My boyfriend at the time, now my husband, did a very unique thing for Valentine’s day one year. He told me to get all dressed up, but he wouldn’t tell me what we were doing or where we were going. So, I did what he said. He came to pick me up and made me […]

  • Empty opera hall

    Fun Date ideas: Opera Romance

    Many people just HATE operas, right? Well, my boyfriend and I thought we were going to hate it too, until we went. I mean, it’s incredibly romantic. You dress up in formal attire, get all dolled up and glamorous. And the seats are really high up, and so you get a full stage view. And […]

  • Office romance couple

    Sensual Date Idea: Office Interlude

    I was supposed to meet my love at a small office after work. I knew no one else would be there, so I thought of an exciting way to spice things up on an otherwise ordinary Tuesday. I sent him a sexy email about a „hypothetical” scene involving me wearing a skirt and meeting him […]

  • Roller skates

    Date Idea: Movie and Skating

    My boyfriend took me to a movie and then we decided to go rollerblading. It was really cute and romantic because we went to the college campus in our town and since school was out no one was there so it was just the two of us and we had a blast skating!! It was […]

  • Vintage Car Model

    Inexpensive Date Ideas: Moonlight Picnic

    Last January I asked my boyfriend to come pick me up at home, and drive us to a scenic spot near our my home. I instructed him to just drive and not ask any questions at all. When we got there, it was almost sunset, so we parked his car in this nice park and […]

  • Minivan Picnic trip

    Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Date: Mini Van Picnic

    For Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend did the sweetest thing. It was very inexpensive, but super romantic. He took showed up in his Mom’s minivan (weird I know, but just wait) on Valentine’s Day evening. He told me to get in the car and look forward. He then proceeded to give me an appetizer (strawberries and […]

  • Memory Lane road sign

    Getaway Date Idea: Memory Lane

    My fiancé did the sweetest thing for me the other night. He drove me to where he grew up and took me for a tour of the little town. He showed me the house he lived in, the park he played in, even the laundromat he could remember going to with his mom. He shared […]

  • Stars at night kaleidoscope

    Valentine’s Day date ideas: I’d Give You the Stars

    My boyfriend and I hadn’t been together for very long on Valentine’s Day this year, but he managed to come up with the most romantic thing that has ever happened to me. We both love the outdoors and the simpler things in life and have wanted to go stargazing for quite some time. However, it […]

  • Horsedrawn Carriage Ride icon

    Date night ideas: Horsedrawn Carriage Ride

    My boyfriend knows that I absolutely love horses. After one of our dates, we were driving home when he took a road that went in the opposite direction. I asked him where we were going, but he told me it was a secret. We pulled up to this farm and he got out and walked […]

  • Private island icon

    Birthday date ideas: His Private Island

    My boyfriend’s birthday was coming up, and I wanted to do something really special. I remembered he had told me that he wanted his own private island, complete with personal chef and masseuse so I though about cool date idea. Well, I looked all over Missouri for an island that was owned by the state, […]

  • Old school soda fountain shop

    Old school date ideas: Back In Time

    Here’s a classical flame that’s just as hot today, as back in the 50’s and 60’s. Take your mate to a soda fountain (small shop that sells Italian sodas) and order 1 soda, and 2 straws for two people. You’ll likely be looking into each other’s eyes, you’ll be close, and if your feeling in […]

  • Volunteers

    Unique date ideas: Volunteer

    Volunteer for your favorite charities together. Spend a Saturday building homes for Habitat for Humanity or cleaning up the city you live in. If you both love a hobby together ask a local Boy or Girl Scout group if you can do a demonstration or activity with all the kids. Doing things for others while […]

  • Empty Fishbowl

    Date Ideas: Fishbowl Romance

    I’ve used this with almost every boyfriend and it works wonderfully! Any time you have a cute or romantic idea, maybe a fun date you’d like to go on or something, write it on a little slip of paper and put in a fishbowl, (I call mine, “The Bowl of Luv”). Then, if you’re ever […]

  • John Travolta General's Daughter movie poster

    Cheap Date Idea: First Date All Over Again

    The first time my boyfriend and I met was 2 years ago. He invited me over his house to hang out and watch a movie. I remember the very first thing we ate together was Dijorno pizza and the very first movie we watched was the Generals Daughter. So, for a cheap date idea, it […]

  • Couple sitting on tree

    Date Ideas: Climbing Trees

    One summer day a bunch of my friends, my boyfriend, and I all went to a conservation park. My boyfriend and I were able to steal away for a romantic walk. We found a really big tree, perfect for climbing. Since he is an excellent climber, he was up there in seconds and helped me […]

  • Rainbow over field

    Date Ideas: Chasing Rainbows

    Often a sunny sunday drive isn’t bad for a date, but on a rainy day there is still something interesting to do. Here is my date idea: grab a camera, and on that rainy day, go for a casual drive. If the sun is in the east, search for where the rain will be on […]

  • Books in bookstore

    First date ideas: Book Lovers Romance

    The girl I had asked out on a first date is quite a bookworm. Reading is one of her favorite activities and she is especially fond of the classics (Jane Austen, Victor Hugo, etc.). I am not quite as versed in the classics as she is but I also enjoy reading. So, for our first […]

  • Traces of paint

    An Art Date Night

    I love my boyfriend so much and I love to surprise him with fun dates. One evening when he got off work I told him instead of picking me up to go to his house. He should take a shower and meet me at a local coffee shop. When he arrived I had blank canvas […]

  • Indoor empty pool

    Boating Date

    I sent an invitation to my husband saying that he had been invited for the christening of the yacht „Eternity” and that I would know all the details just be ready to go at a certain time and date. We dressed up and had a candle light dinner by ourselves in the kitchen. Then I […]

  • Pac man look a like board

    An Arcade Romance

    Last year for Valentine’s Day my husband took me to an arcade in our area. „Oh yeah this will be fun,” I thought sarcastically as we pulled up into the parking lot. But actually it ended by being one of the greatest dates we have ever had. So great that I will never forget it. […]

  • Handcuffs

    First date idea: Surprise kidnapping!

    My first date idea was to showed up at his work and told him he was being kidnapped (we had planned to go to a dance club). I said „Get in the car, keep your eyes forward and don’t ask questions”. I drove him to a floating dock by the side of a river where I […]

  • Young woman covering her eyes

    Romantic Hike!

    I love to hike, and my boyfriend and I would find the places that had big rocks to climb up onto. We play hide and seek in the rocky terrain, and I pack a lunch for us. One day he surprised me and brought champagne. We toasted to a sunset while sitting on the rocks and overlooking […]

  • Poker full house

    Romantic Combination

    After reading ideas4love.com I combined three ideas with a little twist involved. I started evening with a game consisted of little notes placed all through my house that led her back to me to. So she find out how the evening would start, but I wanted to do it with a little twist. I read […]

  • Empty swings on playground

    Night at the park

    When weather is nice we often go over to the park around in the evening, when no one is there. In park we swing on the swings and play basketball, later we grab a blanket and watch the stars talking and holding each other. It’s our most favorite thing now. submitted by Laura

  • Just married wedding car

    Dinner Adventure

    It take some pre-planning, but is well worth the effort. Visit the best restaurant in your town and ask the manager for help with a special event. Select your table, pre-order your food and drinks, request special music and pay for everything in advance. This way all your attention will be on her. Choose a small table so […]

  • Indoor shooting range

    Date at the range

    This might sound crazy but taking date to a rifle range is very romantic! Don’t let her know where you are going, but better ask if she’s afraid of guns in advanced, because it could ruin the date all together if she is. Bring or rent a variety of guns. It’s a different experience and something […]

  • Circus

    Date At The Circus

    A date to remember would be to take your date out to dinner and talk over an enjoyable meal. Then go the circus and enjoy the show and sitting next to each other. On the ride back home, talk about all the funny and enjoyable parts of the show. Things like this may seem kiddy […]

  • Alphabet Letters

    Anticipation of the Day

    My other half is presently 500 km away in school and we see each other every 3-4 weeks so we try to make the most of it. I wanted to try something a little different when visiting him this time. I planned a day of events that would blow his mind: rock climbing, horseback riding […]

  • Singing gondolier

    An Italian Day Date

    My guy is very creative and romantic… and he loves all things old or Italian (go figure)! For our one-year dating anniversary, he surprised me with dinner at an Italian restaurant in Dana Point, Ca., and then after dinner we drove to an oddly built dock. We got out and walked down a ramp where […]

  • White Envelope

    An All-Inclusive Romantic Evening

    I tried this on my girlfriend and she cried! On a Wednesday, I gave her a letter opener as a surprise gift. She had no idea what was next. I told her that it was „her ticket to Friday’s night of fun and romance„. Then on Friday, I picked her up and had her bring […]

  • Amusement park

    Amusement Park Date

    If you’re looking for a date idea go to amusement park! I was never on a rollercoaster before, so I was extremely scared when I went with my boyfriend, but he reassured me. We had a lot of fun together, and made beautiful romantic memories. submitted by Anonymous  

  • Chuck e Cheese

    Acting Like A Kid

    One day I wanted to cheer up my boyfriend because he was so upset. So i decided to took him to Chuck E. Cheese’s. We do all the things playing games eating pizza and simply acting like a kid. It came out even better than I thought and lifted my boyfriend’s spirits immediately. submitted by Anonymous  

  • 2 roses

    A Romantic Day

    Last saturday, my boyfriend did five most romantic things ever done for me, all in a single day! He begin with giving me two roses. White to show how much he missed me and red one for all of his love to me. We went out to eat and he announced that he loved me so much and that […]

  • Pickup at the sunset

    A Night Under The Stars Date

    This one only works with a truck . Find a nice field of lost country road. Load the back of the truck up with a few pillows and a ice thick blanket and stay out under the stars. It was one of the best nights of my life. submitted by Jimmy

  • sailing boat

    Sailing Date

    Being the owner of a sailboat I can tell you that asking a girl out for a day of sailing is always a sure bet. Sailing small boats is very easy and a few tips from an instructor will bring impressive results. It’s a great day on the water, your both learning new skills and […]

  • Restaurant at the beach

    Surprise Date Night

    One night I took my girlfriend out. I told her I had a surprise date night planned. So we’re driving and we pull up to a Mexican restaurant where I knew that she liked the cheese dip so we go in and I told her I would order and I ordered two drinks and cheese […]

  • Three marshmallows

    My 2nd date idea

    My 2nd date idea is to go out and do something like bowling or roller skating. Then go to his house get a big bon fire started and roast marshmallows. Snuggle up in his arms and talk about yourselves. submitted by Kate