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An All-Inclusive Romantic Evening

White Envelope

I tried this on my girlfriend and she cried!

On a Wednesday, I gave her a letter opener as a surprise gift. She had no idea what was next. I told her that it was „her ticket to Friday’s night of fun and romance„.

Then on Friday, I picked her up and had her bring the letter opener. I handed her a letter with the number 1 on the front. She opened it and it said, „And now to get you in the mood, We are going out for Italian food”.

We went to dinner and when we came back to the car, I handed her envelope #2. It had a CD inside. I made her hold it until I drove to a secluded spot where we could see the stars.

Then when I got there, I let her play the CD. It had our song on it. We danced in the middle of the road.

And then she heard my voice come on the CD. I read poetry to her over the radio. That is when she cried. After I stopped her from crying, I gave her a third envelope.

It was a large envelope with a romantic love movie. After the movie was over, I gave her the next envelope.

It said „Now that the night is done, it is time that we have some fun.” I told her to go up into her room and open her window.

When she went to her room she found a dozen roses on her bed (with help from her little sister) and the last envelope. It told her to look out her window. I was there holding the last envelope.

Inside was a piece of paper that said in big red letters „I LOVE YOU!!” That was my idea of a romantic night!
submitted by Anonymous

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