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A Big Valentine’s Day Surprise

White footprint

For my first Valentine’s Day with my current husband I decided to go all out. He had expressed to me how in relationships he was always the one to put out all the effort.

So, it being our first Valentine’s Day together, I wanted to do something special. I purchased some rose petals, Hershey’s kisses and some colored paper.

I traced my feet out on the paper and cut them out. I placed them from the doorway – up the stairs to the bedroom. On each foot sat a Hershey’s kiss.

In the bedroom, I decorated it with the petals scattered around the room, along with a bunch of balloons, flowers, and teddy bears. I also found an inflatable heart that had arms coming out of the side of it. The heart read „I love you this much.”

Well, when he got home from work he was so surprised he nearly cried. He followed the feet upstairs and was blown away. We had to stop at a store on the way home from dinner to get a disposable camera so he could take pictures of it. He wouldn’t even let me clean up the petals or the foot prints. He wanted to save it for as long as he could. 3 years later (over 6 months of those being married) we still have all of it in our scrapbook.

He told me the next day, that if he were to die and could only remember one thing to make him smile it would be that Valentine’s Day. It meant the world to me that he felt that way.
submitted by Olivia

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