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200 Candle Proposal

Many candles

My girlfriend knew I was bound to pop the question sooner or later, so the surprise factor was not on my side. However I still wanted to blow her away with a proposal she would always remember. My idea was fairly inexpensive, but does require the help of a few friends.

What I Used:
1 gazebo after dark
1 white wedding arch
2 strands of icicle Christmas lights
1 small stool or bench
1 white blanket or sheet
200 white tea candles
(I only spent money on the candles, everything else was borrowed.)

First, I took advantage of the local park gazebo. Most parks have them and are available for free use if you clean up after yourself. I placed the wedding arch that I borrowed from ain the center of the gazebo. I ran the Christmas lights around it. Then I placed the small stool under the arch & draped a white blanket over it. Then I placed the 200 candles on the floor of the gazebo and made a short “candle runway” up the ramp to the gazebo. Finally, I placed a few candles on the blanket draped stool with the white ring box in the middle, open and displaying the diamond ring inside.

I had a date to meet her for coffee at a local shop near the park. Some friends stayed at the gazebo. I suggested we take a walk together. Just before we left, I text-messaged my friends to start lighting the candles.
As we walked through the park, she saw through the trees that something was going on. She asked me what I thought it was. I suggested we walk over and check it out. As we got closer, she could see the gazebo lit up by candle and Christmas lights. She still had no idea.

I had a friend sitting in the shadows along our pathway, playing our song on the guitar. (I had made him learn it just hours before.)

As soon as she heard it, she knew what was happening. As we passed the guitarist, he kept a little distance as he followed us towards the gazebo. I also had a friend hiding in the trees, taking pictures of the whole thing.
I walked her up the candlelit runway, up to the arch, where her ring was, gave my little speech, got down on one knee and that was it.

We’ve been happily married for 2 years, but she still talks about it. This does take a lot of effort & organization. But it is fairly inexpensive and she will appreciate the effort.
submitted by Danny

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