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1st Valentine’s Surprise

Two pieces of chocolate cake

I really wanted to do something little on last valentines for my man, though we were not into celebrating it usually.

With all the tight schedules we had, what we both always needed were some good time together, specially to feel the care and warmth of each other and to keep some time to hold each other.

I cooked his favorite meal for lunch and kept chocolate brownies ready for the evening tea. Also enlarged and framed a picture of us, which was taken at a recent important event we celebrated, which we both loved.

Then I wanted to decorate my room. I took black & while print outs of the most memorable 30 pictures of us in A4 sheets (each 3½ x 4½) and cut them separately. I wrote the date and the place where we took it on each picture.
Then I pasted those using tapes, all over my cupboard. Then I did cut hearts from red colored papers and pasted curled red paper ribbon underneath each of them and pasted them on the same cupboard, among the pictures. I used lengthy curled red paper ribbons to decorate the two extreme corners of the cupboard and bit of same decoration in the corners of my dressing table mirror and wrote our names inside a heart on the mirror, using red lip stick. Also wrote the much I love him.

Just as he came to my place I took him to my room, kissed him and let him enjoy the decorations. He loved seeing those pics and having the date and the place written on pictures reminded him the most important days together for the past 2 years. He really loved it. Then I gave him the framed picture which he valued a lot. He enjoyed the lunch I cooked for. Then we both went to bed kept kissing and holding each other for a long time while watching one of the movies we wanted to watch.

It was a great day together. He went home late after spending the day full of care and warmth.
submitted by Kim

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